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  1. Super Mario

    My sincere apologies to Brian Gray and Leaf Trading Cards

    I recently made comments on Twitter claiming an autographed Babe Ruth baseball card that was manufactured by Leaf Trading Cards was fake. I would like to take this time to publicly retract my statement, and personally apologize to Brian Gray and Leaf Trading Cards for my false statement, and...
  2. Super Mario

    Joe Ricketts exposed as a racist?!

  3. Super Mario

    You have $33 to build your all-time St. Louis Cardinals team, who do you choose?!

    This is extremely difficult. For me, Pujols, Yadi, Gibson, Brock and Ozzie are all must-have, but with the $33 limit it’s impossible to include them all. C. Yadi - $5 1B. Hernandez - $2 2B. Herr - $2 SS. Renteria - $2 3B. Rolen - $4 LF. Coleman - $2 CF. Lankford - $2 RF. Musial -...
  4. Super Mario

    Cardinals sign Andrew Miller.

    Two years, $25 million. Vesting option for a third year at $12.
  5. Super Mario

    MLB, Cuba agree to deal on baseball players.

  6. Super Mario

    R.I.P. Penny Marshall

    Apparently Penny Marshall has died from diabetes complications. She’s probably most well-known for her role on Lavern and Shirley, but I’ll always remember her for directing one of my favorite (and one of the best baseball) movies. I’ve been able to go to two ballparks where parts of the...
  7. Super Mario

    Luis Valbuena and José Castillo have died in a car accident.

    Per MLB. We are saddened by the tragic news that Luis Valbuena and former major leaguer José Castillo have died in a car accident. Sent from my iPhone using Freedom Card Board mobile app
  8. Super Mario

    December - Night Crewstmas Thread

    Anybody watch Jaspy’s live YouTube breaks? I tune in quite a bit, and have participated several times. The other day they pulled a deca Cubs auto booklet and Ozzie Smith bat knob in the same break. Amazing cards.
  9. Super Mario

    How would you book Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Bryan at Survivor Series?

    This is how I would book Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam. After the ring entrances are made, and the wrestlers are are standing in opposite corners, the referee calls them to the middle of the ring for the start of the match. Lesnar is hopping around doing his usual thing, while...
  10. Super Mario

    eBay question

    Bought something on eBay through the ‘Best Offer’ option. Went to pay, eBay told me the seller wasn’t accepting payments right now. Messaged the seller, told them about it, they said they’d look into it. Messages me back and said they had a PayPal issue and would let me know when it was...
  11. Super Mario

    Favorite year collecting?

    Mine, 2005.
  12. Super Mario

    Rick Ankiel returns to the mound....

    Holy 💩! https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/rick-ankiel-returns-to-mound-strikes-out-a-batter-in-bluegrass-world-series/
  13. Super Mario

    Night Crew * August 2018 * The Dog Days of Summer *

    Trade, trade, trade! Shake up those rosters!
  14. Super Mario

    Old social media posts resurfacing.....

    How do you think teams should handle situations like have happened with Josh Hader, Trea Turner and Sean Newcomb? My first thought when the Josh Hader situation surfaced was mistakenly assuming talent agencies would go through all their clients social media accounts either before signing them...
  15. Super Mario

    Matt Carpenter.....

    I can’t believe the show he’s put on this past week. It’s insane.
  16. Super Mario

    Top 5 Current WWE Entrance Themes

    On a recent episode of The Taz Show current WWE entrance music was discussed. Taz chose his top 10 favorite current themes. Instead of choosing 10, I’ve decided to limit my list to 5 just because I feel 10 is too many. I would be able to choose all the cool ones if I chose 10, and anyone...
  17. Super Mario

    Prospecting panning out....

    Okay, so a lot of us have been members of this community is some way since BMB and before. Prospecting has been a huge part of the hobby for as long as I’ve been paying attention to these message boards. Thousands and thousands of dollars have been spent on prospect cards by many...
  18. Super Mario

    NiGhT cReW ~ jUlY 2018 - fCb BbQ eDiTiOn...

    Happy 4th of July to everyone! R.I.P. mouschi’s Jose Canseco collecting career, but good for him for realizing what’s most important for him in life. 🙏🏻 http://www.freedomcardboard.com/forum/showthread.php/157518-Exit-Interview-I-m-Retiring-from-Collecting-Canseco-and-Selling-Out
  19. Super Mario

    On this day 16 years ago we lost Darryl Kile.

    16 years ago today, Chicago Cubs manager Joe Girardi tearfully announced to a packed Wrigley Field that the game had been postponed due to a death in the Cardinals family. That death, less than a week removed from losing legendary St. Louis announcer Jack Buck, was Cardinals starting pitcher...

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