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  1. bongo870

    just found this in my stack of commons!

    is it worth anything????
  2. bongo870

    dont know much about football so I have a ?????

    .Hey all. Im a baseball fan but years back Jon Runyan came to my sisters work (a car dealership) and signed this for me. I just found it in a box in my shed. Is it worth anything?? and yes it is flat and needsto be pumped up... Thanks all Brad
  3. bongo870

    a question on auto ball psa/dna

    Im getting a ball sent to me that was signed by Bryson Stott. I want to send it off to get it authenticated by psa/dna. Does anyone have a link? Or any advice? Thanks
  4. bongo870

    massave props to panini

    I tell you … this compony has not let me down! few months ago I pulled a many Machado auto redemption form home town heroes. now the redemption was about 4 years old but they sent me the exact card! Now about a week and a half ago I got a retail box of leather and lumber and was missing the...
  5. bongo870

    how to fix a signiture pic?

    It seems that my sig pic is now blurry for some strange reason. I tried to change the pic and yet it didn't go. Why not.
  6. bongo870

    can anyone do me a fave?

    I got these stupid panini points instead of a gu or auto. II have to go to http://exchange-paniniamerica.net but I cant seem to get it to load. is it me or is there site down?? Thanks for anyone looking into it Brad
  7. bongo870

    maybe new to the hall lets see your Halladays

    R.I.P. a great pitcher and man. Lets see your cards!
  8. bongo870

    Scott Kingery who?????

    Not too many people talk about this kid. But he is slowly turning around. Only his second year and he worked on his stance and now is batting very well. But not many people talk about him. Why? in 39 games 122 at bats 8 home runs but a .344 average and a OBP of .385.. I think this kid is going...
  9. bongo870

    just pulled this strage but cool McGwire event used card

    topps going crazy with there event used cards...
  10. bongo870

    todays retail find

  11. bongo870

    did anyone else do panini USA?

    I love this stuff. I got a lot last year and did very well so I went for it this year. I bought all retail because my LCS ran out of the hobby. I came out 5 cards short the set and all these:
  12. bongo870

    March pick ups...

    I guess I will start it this month
  13. bongo870

    A nice ozzie smith pull today

    not only is it 1 of 150 but his Jersey number!
  14. bongo870

    contacting panini????

    I was shorted a gu or auto from a pack of Panini elite extra edition and need to send in the wrapper and box. Does anyone know where to send it?? Thanks for nay info Brad
  15. bongo870

    My Carlton absolute TOTT's

    been picking these up here and there and now I just realized I have a few...
  16. bongo870

    im sorry but i find this very ignorant

    people pay you for your auto. Im sure there fans out there that would love his auto so Topps pays him for his auto and you just get 2 letters? I find this very wrong!
  17. bongo870

    I was shorted some topps cards

    I seem to have lost the addy where you send in the upc code and wrappers if you were shorted a gu or auto in a box of topps. Does anyone know the addy? Thanks
  18. bongo870

    happy B-Day Mr. Bunning

    On this date in 1931, Jim Bunning was born. In six seasons with the Phillies, Bunning won 89 games and struck out 1,197 batters in 1,520.2 IP while posting a 2.93 ERA. He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1996. Happy birthday to a legend. Lets see your cards...
  19. bongo870

    I should be able to leave feedback

    I was trying to finish my 2018 topps archives set and bought the last sp's off someone on e-bay. 4 cards for 8 bucks shipped. I only needed 3 of them but sportslots came out to be 12 bucks shipped so I went with the guy on e-bay. A few days goes by and poof its gone. He sent me a message he no...

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