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  1. mrmopar

    Early Brett Hull national appearance

    Saw this and thought it was neat so I bid on it and won. Who knew then that Brett would become as famous as his dad some day. I think it was advertised as 1974. May be one of the earliest appearances for Brett in the national spotlight, unless this particular ad had run before as well.
  2. mrmopar

    Team Specific Autograph Collections - Tracking & Trading Central Database

    I know that there are several publicly noted team autograph collectors. Off the top of my head, the main one's I recall seeing frequently and/or recently are: Astros, Braves, Brewers, Dodgers (myself), Mets and Yankees. Forgive me if I left anyone out who is equally passionate about team...
  3. mrmopar

    Oddball Mailday

    A friend sent me an assorted package of odds and ends. Thiks stood out as one of the neater items. I tried ebay and google, but no hits. I can't believe this is all that scarce. Any Mets/Gooden fans have one?
  4. mrmopar

    Birthday and date of death

    I happened upon this guy and thought, he got burned twice with his birth/death dates. First, he was born Christmas day. I am guessing any kid with that birthday would tell you it sucks! Then the poor guy dies on April Fools Day!
  5. mrmopar

    Any diehard Padres collectors or player collectors of anyone who was on the 1991 team? - Coke Cards

    These are not for sale or trade at this time. I do a number of daily searches and a lot of various Padre memorabilia showed up in a lot that caught my eye. Most of it was random stuff, some scorecard/magazines (a few with cards) and some other vaguely cool stuff, but I really was only...
  6. mrmopar

    1970'S RC Cola Johnny Bench Transistor Radio & ball cap

    I have been a bit of a fan of the food issues throughout the years. When I first got into baseball in the late 70s, RC Cola was selling cans with current ball players on them and I remember buying several. Over the years, I have added more cans, a few iron-on/transfers and other things. Can't...
  7. mrmopar

    Ebay seller to avoid - Northford, Connecticut, United States Seller: marin1102

    Seller cancelled our transaction after I paid and relisted the item (at the same opening bid price no less, which happened to be final bid price - I was the only bidder). When I questioned why and bid on the new listing, suddenly the new listing was removed and still no answer from the seller...
  8. mrmopar

    MAIL THEFT and a somewhat disappointing mail day in general.

    First off, got an envelope from a seller I buy from a fair amount. Never had any issues. The envelope looked odd and when I hgeld it up, I could see that it was empty. No holes or damage, but the corner of the flap appeared to have been messed with. Sure enough, someone opened the flap, took...
  9. mrmopar

    Ebay Watchers & Seller Offers

    I have seen a number of posts about the various habits of both sellers and buyers when it comes to watching. Some sellers wonder why buyers watch low dollar items, for example (Just buy it already!). Sometimes people watch something just to see if it will sell (I have done this). A lot of...
  10. mrmopar

    Do you save scans?

    I have a pretty large collection of online images I have captured over the years. I wish I had taken the time to name the files when I pulled them, but sometimes aI was a click and drag fool and grabbed dozens and dozens at a time. I eventually want to go through them all, rename them as...
  11. mrmopar

    Buyers get jerked around too!

    Work day winding down from home and I am a little bored, so thought I would rant a little. I know that it is a common subject, talking about all the scamming that happens to sellers. To make matters worse, although it is almost meaningless anyways, there is no satisfaction of the feedback...
  12. mrmopar

    Willie Mays Halloween Card

    Years ago I recalled reading a small bit in Beckett about Donruss announcing they were making a special card for Willie Mays. I believe it was meant to be handed out at Halloween and seem to recall talk of this being limited to 500 copies. I don't recall if this was a one time thing or if...
  13. mrmopar

    Defunct Websites - Leads on a new location or are they just gone now?

    I had been in the process of updating my favorites from safari to chrome and finally had time to finish today. I found a couple sites I had bookmarked were no longer active. I was wondering if anyone is part of or knew what became of the sites. is there a new domain for example? Mark Brunell...
  14. mrmopar

    Curious pack of Blue Jays Jumbo cards

    I won this on ebay and it arrived today. This is some sort of season ticket holder incentives that appears to have been given away. The pack came in a flimsy paper "holder" and included the letter from GM Gillick. Feels like there may even be a stick of gum inside. I really want to see...
  15. mrmopar

    COMC Non-Black Friday Ship times

    I'll start this out by saying that I do enjoy COMC and the advantages they provide the buyer of singles. In fact, this is the 10th consecutive year that I am requesting at least 1 shipment from their site. Interesting, it seems 2016 was the big year for me. Either I was too impatient to wait...
  16. mrmopar

    Susan Rini Original Painting - Carl Furillo/Roy White

    A long time ago, I was fortunate to win this original art that was used to make one of those Z silk first day cachets. I don't know if there are undated copies or different dates as well, but the images I borrowed from online shows Oct 8 & 9, 1988 and references a Nassau card show that I...
  17. mrmopar

    Custom Card Makers - Questions about cost?

    I am hoping to get some feedback from anyone or several folks proficient in making custom cards. The type I am thinking of would be s fairly simple design (image/logo/name and maybe some sort of border, script or other item to jazz it up), perhaps the same design across a run of different...
  18. mrmopar

    2020 Heritage Real One Autos

    Just saw the checklist. I am happy for 3 otherwise very common players. I will likely grab them on ebay once the stuff drops, but if anyone opens any and feels cheated by their autograph hit, let me know. I will be looking for: Tommy Dean (Padres) Al Ferrara (Padres) Joe Moeller (Dodgers)...
  19. mrmopar

    Best & Favorite Hostess Panels (1975-1979)

    They could be one in the same, but I was wondering what everyone thought about this. Pictures of any I didn't share are a plus. (1) What is the BEST Hostess panel of all time, meaning the one that has the best player combination, in your opinion? (2) What is YOUR favorite Hostess panel...

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