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  1. 1st4040

    Will the Red Sox add a slugger by the deadline?

    To keep them a step up in the division they need a power hitter.. not signing Encarnacion in the offseason was a big mistake. They are a good hitting team but with nobody having more than 17 homers they lack getting those one swing RBI's. obviously I don't want to see them mortgage more of the...
  2. 1st4040

    The bittersweet feeling of selling your collection

    Well its official now.. I sold and shipped the last of my Canseco player collection which accomplishes the one goal I had set for 2015 when the selloff began. This last lot of cards took extra time because it was mostly the worthless commons that everyone has or can obtain very easily/cheaply...
  3. 1st4040

    FS FS: GU'ed and insert resale lot many of the top names included

    Looking to do one deal move all of these inserts and GU'ed cards which used to be my tradebait when I was active in the hobby rather than try to sell on COMC. there are refractors, numbered inserts etc Don't have a set price in mind so I will take BRO. PM or reply on here
  4. 1st4040

    ====OFFICIAL 2013 National lookout thread=====

    I haven't seen one posted yet so figured I'd get one going since there are many of us not attending and some that are and will be digging for stuff for their own collections and may run across cards others need during that process. Post up what your looking for but try to keep it within reason...
  5. 1st4040

    FS FS:2003 Prestige Atlantic National Roy Oswalt /5

    2003 Prestige Atlantic City National Roy Oswalt 4/5. These national cards are tough and I'm still in search of any of my players to this day. the national stamping is over his chest on the right side of the card. looking for $15 Dlvd PM me as I don't check the transactions board often
  6. 1st4040

    Upper Deck back in the game!!!

    read on another board MLBPA gave Upper Deck its license to produce baseball cards again!! full article here: Beckett News » MLBPA grants Upper Deck a baseball card license
  7. 1st4040

    Ebay search bar at page top

    if you haven't set it for specific search you really should.. I've bought 3 cards in the last few weeks by seeing them while on here and clicking through the link to the item directly. Anyone else using it successfully? Chris I hope they give you a good kickback for this.. especially for the...
  8. 1st4040

    1999 Pinheads and Pinhead Keychains

    It seems that certain players are very easy to find but I have not been able to find a Canseco of either to this point. There is one on Sportsbuy but the seller is rediculous with the price so no way I would consider buying it. How were these distributed? sold in retail stores or only through...
  9. 1st4040

    ==========GOOD SATURDAY MORNING THREAD=================

    Good Morning men Up early to get ready for the trek to the Shriners Show which is about an hour and a half away from my house. Should meet Keith up there so will be good to put a face to a name with a fellow MT'er!! Have a great day everyone!
  10. 1st4040

    ========= SATURDAY MORNING THREAD =========

    Good Morning Men Just about to head out to the Ryan Center in RI for my daughters cheerleading competition. Figured since I was up I'd get this rolling. Have a great day everyone!
  11. 1st4040

    Time to revisit the 2009 UD 20th anniversary buybacks

    Well its been 3 years and these still remain very elusive. I was looking at prices of wax and they are still pretty high for this years product so I assume that is a big reason why the market doesn't see more of these. There are 3 Canseco's in this and I need them all. I've seen 1 copy of each...
  12. 1st4040

    =================SUNDAY MORNING THREAD==================

    Good Morning men up early (not nearly Dan early).. headed to RI for my daughters cheerleading. NB has its first pee wee football game of the season. Have a great day everyone!
  13. 1st4040

    Will there be anymore sketch cards??

    Brian, any plans for more sketch cards in future releases? please do not get any more of those god aweful Tempy Moore's!! if you need some sketch artists my daughter is looking for some work and I have some art she's done you can look at.
  14. 1st4040

    Any CHIEFS fans on the board?

    They looked good in the first pre-season outing. Seems Charles has come back from his surgery and Hillis adds another dimension in the backfield. If everyone stays healthy it looks as if they will be able to run the ball effectively and maybe that will open up some sort of passing game for...
  15. 1st4040

    2012 Leaf National promo's

    Are they handing out packages like they did last year? if not how are they giving away the promotional cards? I picked up the base version of the Canseco but I noticed an auto /5 hit Ebay already. If anyone happens to either receive or see an auto copy of this card and can either pick it up or...
  16. 1st4040

    Shady Ebay seller: theticketpalace

    Agreed to buy a card from these people paid for it and then 6 hours later a fellow Canseco collector here offers double my accepted and paid for offer and they take that and he has the card 3 days later and currently I'm out the paypal and the card. I wouldn't have even known what was going on...
  17. 1st4040

    ==========Saturday Morning Thread===========

    Good morning men About to head off for the first day of our club tourney so I'll check back later in the day Have a good one everyone!
  18. 1st4040

    Is there a one stop website for all card shop inventories?

    I know there is a dealer network for wax boxes but I was wondering if there was a website which directly connects card shops which have online websites/inventory. When looking for singles for my focused PC it would be nice to be able to either mass email a networked group of sellers or post a...
  19. 1st4040

    Scanning topps chrome or gold bordered cards.. any tips?

    I'm rescanning my whole collection the right way to step up my website and most of the Topps chrome/bowman cards and gold bordered cards just don't show through and just look dark. Is there anything specific setting wise you guys use to make them scan and actually look like they are supposed to...
  20. 1st4040

    FS 2000 Star Ledger Yankees world series set

    I bought a complete set just for my player and have the rest of the Yankees team available. I scanned all of the big names but have the rest of the guys on the roster available as well if you don't see them here. please add $1 for shipping (toploader in PWE) or $2 for bubble mailer. Jeter...

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