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    Looking for a Verizon cell phone

    Looking for something nice with some cool features. lmk
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    2009 X Men Origins: Wolverine Ps2 Game for sale

    The game has only been played once. $17.00 dlvd If you need additional info just pm me Thanks mikieward10
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    If the Cardinals traded pujols?

    I was just on mlbtraderumors.com and was reading an article about the cardinals. And the idea of trading pujols was brought up. Even though it would never happen. However out of curiousity i cant help but to think what they could get for him. So lets here what yall think the best deal the...
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    Has anyone busted any 2007 Upper Deck SP Rookie?

    I was thinkin about picking up a box sound like a decent product from what ive read, What do you all think? Also what is too much to pay for a box??? Thanks
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    Pumped for the Maynard fight!!!!

    I cant wait, it seems weird to me to be amped for a fight that isn't even on PPV, but The Bully is the man!!!
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    Carp is the man!!!!

    Just thought i would throw that out there
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    ebay question

    I have a Garrett Jones Rc auto 1/5 on ebay and i guy messaged me and said that the card bv is $100 correct me if im wrong but there is no bv on a print run of 5. Is this guy full of it or is there a way to bv a card numbered that low
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    OT: Any Cardinal fans out there have tickets to the 6-16-09

    I would be willing to buy or trade
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    Thoughts on my Fantasy Team

    12 team league head to head C Chris Iannetta (Col - C) 1B Miguel Cabrera (Det - 1B,3B) 2B Dan Uggla (Fla - 2B) 3B Garrett Atkins (Col - 1B,3B) SS Stephen Drew (Ari - SS) OF B.J. Upton (TB - OF) OF Vladimir Guerrero (LAA - OF) OF Rick Ankiel (StL -...
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    Gray Maynard vs Jim Miller

    Is anyone else excited about this fight. I think Gray will KO him in the first round
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    Anyone on here from Colorado, or have Rockies season tickets

    Me and my GF are goin to colorado this summer to visit her family, and since i've never been to Colorado i figured i better hit up Coors Field. Any help with some tickets would be greatly appreciated. Thanks mikieward10
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    1 box of 2008 UD Heroes! SCANS!

    I really like this product. Good quality cards. I thought I did pretty good lmk what you think! GU Also pulled an Arod gu but gave it to my little bro Auto and as an extra
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    Looking to trade or sell this palko auto!!!

    Looking for baseball or $$$ only.

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