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  1. bigunitcards

    PCers - Used Redemption Card Collection?

    18 RJ redemption cards over the past 4 years, anyone else have more than that? (they were all filled within 6 weeks at the very max iirc, only my new Clearly Authentic is outstanding)
  2. bigunitcards

    eBay Bidder Abbreviations Changed

    Has anyone else noticed this, that the abbreviation on the bidding list is now different from the bidder history page? I battle against i**k a lot, but hadn't seen their name for awhile, but when I checked out this top bidder, that's who it actually was.
  3. bigunitcards

    COMC Black Friday

    Alright player collectors, how are we faring this year. I've grabbed around 20 cards this week, nothing super special. After 3 or so years of this it's becoming slim pickings.
  4. bigunitcards

    4,999 Card Milestone

    because the next card in the mail isn't all that exciting, we'll go ahead & celebrate a card early. #4,999, my 5th Diffractor https://sportscardalbum.com/u/bigunitcards
  5. bigunitcards

    Max Bid vs Final Price - Biggest Difference You've Had

    What auction did you win where the difference between your max bid and what you won it for was the greatest? In other words, what was your greatest steal compared to what you were prepared to pay. Mine, I bid $2000.01 on an RJ card, thinking it would end at ~$1,200 if my competitor was active...
  6. bigunitcards

    Making Custom Relic Cards

    Working on my custom card to get signed at the National this year; what is the best method for cutting out the inset area for a jersey/patch piece on a super-thick blank card?
  7. bigunitcards

    When A Player Collector Finds THE Superfractor...

    ..He takes a lot of pictures and writes a (relatively) short story. In late 2013 I revived my interest in collecting Randy Johnson cards. From 2000-2004 I collected his cards on eBay, Yahoo Auctions and the old Beckett collector-to-collector trading platform whose name I cannot recall. As I...
  8. bigunitcards

    Dynasty - The Illusion of Scarcity

    Not knocking this year's Dynasty at all, I think it turned out far superior to last year's. In fact, I spent more on my '15 Dynasty 1/1 than on any single card I've ever bought. But keeping track of all the cards I came up with a nice visual example of the false scarcity these card companies...
  9. bigunitcards

    2015 Topps TEK Thread

    Alright player collector Tekkers, what's the verdict? My thoughts: - the static background (the 2 color thick bars exploding from the middle) is much better than last year, it's more solid and doesn't blend in/run into the different background patterns. - I don't like that they reused 4...
  10. bigunitcards

    2015 Panini Prizms Rainbows

    Anybody else close/closer? I have everything down to the /50 Tie-Dyed Base - Prizm - Prizm Blue Baseball - Prizm Red Baseball - Prizm Red White & Blue - Prizm Camo /199 Prizm Black & White Checkerboard /149 Prizm Red Power /125 Prizm Purple Flash /99 Prizm Blue /75 Prizm Orange /60 Prizm Tie...
  11. bigunitcards

    A Banner Day for Topps Baseball Cards!

    Definitely a Fortune 50,000 company right here!
  12. bigunitcards

    Gross Margins on Boxes/Cases?

    Just a pure curiosity question because I've never actually known the answer, what are authorized dealers making on full MSRPs on new wax boxes, say from Topps? I work in the grocery industry & we are typically shooting for around 22%GP [ (retail-cost)/retail ]. Can a dealer give me just a basic...
  13. bigunitcards

    eBay Card Bought & Relisted by Buyer - Really??

    Original griffeyfan24 auction for a 1998 Donruss Crusade Randy Johnson RED #9 /25 & PSA 10. He had been listing it for $5K & doing his normal 80% selling tactic, I think the card was always around $1,200 when listed. Well it shows that on 10/06 he SOLD IT for $5,250 straight up, no offer just...
  14. bigunitcards

    Offer Count on eBay Auctions Gone?

    I can no longer see on BINOBO auctions anything saying [2 offers] etc currently and am wondering if I'm in a small rolllout test group or if this change is fully realized? I looked at ever offers-accepted auction on 2014 Supreme and not 1 offer showed. I then made an offer I knew would get...
  15. bigunitcards

    Topps Ring & Trophy "Relic" Cards

    As I watch all the Topps Update 'relic' cards flood eBay, I'm amazed at how coveted these cards are to sellers when setting starting prices. This isn't piece of a game used jersey from an All-Star game. It's not even a jersey from a batting practice photo op at an All-Star game. It's not even a...
  16. bigunitcards

    Player Collectors: 2014 Card Counts?

    I just counted today I have picked up 75 new Randy Johnson cards from 2014 products so far. If he's included in Tek next month I think I can break 100 when all is said & done at year's end. Included are 10 autos & 3 1of1s. This is the first year since 2009 RJ has had a meaningful presence in...
  17. bigunitcards

    Beckett Article on Randy Johnson Supercollector

    http://www.beckett.com/news/2014/08/randy-johnson-supercollector-adds-a-personal-item-to-his-stash/ "In all, Lawrence owns more than 7,700 Johnson cards including more than 3,900 unique cards and more than 700 memorabilia cards of the future Hall of Famer." I have 4,250 uniques, 30,000...
  18. bigunitcards

    17,000 Card Mailday?!

    17,000 Randy Johnson cards, mostly base but also ~500 Rookies and random 98 Teks all over! Got them all for a price I couldnt refuse, let the sorting begin! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Freedom Card Board mobile app
  19. bigunitcards

    Accuracy of PSA/DNA "Authenticated" Autos?

    I have 50+ Randy Johnson autos from 1997 to present and each and everyone of them no more than a standard deviation off if this handwriting style: So when I see an encased auto CERTIFIED by PSA like this one i squint my eyes and have a befuddled look on my face. I am no handwriting expert...
  20. bigunitcards

    5 Star Shipping!

    Had my REDEMPTION CARD not surived it's 2 state journey in a top loader between 2 peices of cardboard in a team bag in a bubble mailer I would have been devistated!!! Just gotta laugh at humanity.