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    March Madness Contest?

    Anyone putting together a March Madness Contest this year?
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    FS Frank "Big Hurt" Thomas Signed Baseball FS

    I really need the paypal so Im selling this Frank Thomas signed baseball for $45 shipped. The ball is signed in gold ink and comes with a COA from Meridian and is guaranteed authentic or your money back. I will also throw in the Frank Thomas rookie card with the purchase. Im looking for someone...
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    FS Packers Lot FS (Driver, Nelson, etc.)

    Have this Green Bay Packers lot FS for $60 shipped OBO. I really need the paypal funds so if anyone could take this lot off my hands it would be greatly appreciated! The lot consists of... Donald Driver premier auto /75 Jordy Nelson Leaf Rookies & Stars shoe /20 Greg Jennings Bowman...
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    Fantasy Football League?

    Is anyone doing a fantasy football prize league this year?
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    **Packers Training Camp**

    Went up to Green Bay for two days for Packers Training Camp and came away with solid quality to go along with quantity. Went Friday and Saturday so it was obviously crowded being the second and third days of camp, but there were spots during the day where you could get solid autographs and the...
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    WTTF Looking for 2014 & 2015 Packers RC'S

    Im going to Packers training camp this year and looking for 2014 & 2015 Packers rc's to get signed. If anyone has anything please let me know. Im really only looking to trade right now. I dont have a whole lot to trade but I do have this nice Colt lot that I would be willing to trade...
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    Card Storage Boxes?

    I'm looking to buy those big storage boxes to help organize my collection and I was wondering where the best place to buy them for cheap would be? Also if anyone has any they aren't using or looking to get rid of let me know! Thanks
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    WTB Looking for Chicago Blackhawks Base Cards

    With it being playoff season and being a big Blackhawks fan I'm looking to grow my Chicago Blackhawks collection! If you guys have any Blackhawks base I would be happy to take them off your hands! Let me know Thanks
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    WTB Wanted: 14-15 UD AHL Base

    I'm looking to either trade for or buy 14-15 UD AHL base as I'm going to work on the set TTM. If anyone has any please let me know! Thanks
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    March Maddness Bracket Contest

    I think it would be a lot of fun to do a March Maddness bracket contest as a forum, maybe have a prize for the winner?
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    FS Really need paypal! Rodgers, Luck, Hilton FS!

    I really need some paypal for the holidays so I'm selling a couple of cards. Only looking to sell right now so if your interested in buying anything please let me know. Aaron Rodgers RC's Turkey Red-15 Score-8 Heritage-10 Andrew Luck Sterling Jumbo Patch /99-55 TY Hilton platinum RC...
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    Packers Training Camp

    Just thought I would put my recap of my visit to Packers training camp. I was planning on going the 4-6th but something came up. It was basically just 1 full day of getting autographs which I will explain later... Unfortunately, I couldn't stay for day 3, something came up. Here's the...
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    WTB LF: Current Packers Base, RC's, etc

    I'm looking to buy current Packers base,rc's, etc to get signed this year at training camp. Not really looking for big names(Rodgers, Matthews, Nelson, etc.) I'm more so looking for the lesser name guys that actually sign on a regular basis. If you guys have anything please lmk!
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    FS Really Need PayPal! Any Packers, Jordy Nelson, or Eddie Lacy Fans?

    I'm really in the need of PayPal so I'm selling a couple of Packers cards, don't want to but have to. I'm not looking to trade only sell, I'm open to offers! I'll ship the day after a deal is confirmed! Jordy Nelson contenders rc auto-27 dlvd Eddie Lacy XFractor rc-10 dlvd...
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    ConRyl's TTM Thread

    I'm a member of some other forums and love showing off my TTM successes and when I saw the TTM section on here I though I would finally share them on here. Here is the successes I have gotten in the past and I look forward to showing them off here...