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    Lisu's 2017 Bowman Chrome

    My one case of 2017 Bowman Chrome. https://twitter.com/lisu_bbjunky/status/913759549286260741 I'll start adding what I got from group breaks as they come in. It's going to be like Christmas.
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    Case of Bowman Jumbo and Hobby

    These were the autos from the jumbo case. Hobby coming shortly. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    2016 Bowman Draft

    I've ripped a lot of cases - so far, my biggest pulls have been: Superfractor non-auto of Kyle Lewis Printing Plate auto of Mickey Moniak Yes, I keep things in spreadsheets - a little OCD. These are all the autos I've gotten so far - I haven't updated with about 2 more cases worth of autos...
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    2016 Bowman ongoing breaks

    Placeholder for my breaks. I have 6 jumbo cases and 8 hobby cases. :)
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    MY BGS grades just popped

    I'm picking this order up later from BGS at Tristar SF. very happy! S.No # Set Name Player Name Final Grade Auto Grade JSA Cert # 9151915 2014 Bowman Chrome Draft Silver Wave Refractors Michael Conforto 10 0 NG 9151918 2015 Bowman Chrome Draft Draft Pick Autographs Chris Betts 10 10 NG...
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    Contest - 2nd BGS Order 203 cards

    Guess the number of 9.5's in the order. The best guess without going over the total number will win a 9.5/10 chrome card of my choosing. The last winner got a 9.5/10 of Bowman Chrome Draft of Trent Clark. Good luck!
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    Ebay buyers....

    Do you know how to switch the address you get your purchases sent to? I have been pressured by a Canadian buyer to just ship the card to his US address, even though his payment address keeps showing up as Canada.....
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    Contest - BGS Order

    Hi everyone - I thought I'd have fun with this. I submitted a 222 card order to BGS, and the person who is closest without going over the actual number of cards that come back 9.5 or better will win one of the 2015 Bowman Draft Prospect Autos BGS 9.5 or not of their choice (Ebay value $30 or...
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    My 2015 Bowman Draft breaks

    I am really happy that I switched out 2 jumbos for 2 more hobby so opened 2 jumbo cases and 4 hobby cases. I'll post some scans and also do a summary of my break later. Purple ref auto Kyle Tucker Green ref auto Kyle Tucker Gold ref auto Richie Martin Orange Ref Auto Kolby Allard Orange Ref...
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    Dilemna with a lost package

    So, here's the situation - I bought 2 jumbo and 2 hobby cases of 2015 Bowman Chrome from a friend who is an online breaker. He shipped the cards to me via priority flat rate (just standard $100 insurance). The box is MIA. The tracking shows as delivered but I didn't get the package. I have...
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    6.5 cases of Jumbo & 5 cases of hobby 2015 Bowman Chrome Results

    Here are my results - this is from 6.5 cases of jumbo and 5 cases of hobby. Please PM me if you are interested in anything - Conforto, JD Davis, Brett Phillips, Bobby Bradley, Gleybar Torres, Casey Gillapsie, and Willy Adames are not available. Thanks...
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    Ebay buyer idiocy

    I haven't posted one of these in a while, but for your entertainment value: from the buyer - Got the card and the slab case was busted and cracked! Please Lmk what you plan on doing my response - please send the card back to (my address) and I will refund you in full upon receipt. his...
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    Had an epic week of NT box breaks

    From two cases From ripkings From layton!
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    2014 Bowman Draft Breaks

    I'm just going to keep a standing thread like bmp has since I have opened so many. At the National, I opened 3 jumbo cases. I got: 3 Schwarber base autos Aaron Nola Black Wave Refractor Autograph redemption Ryan Ripken Orange Refractor Autograph redemption (was confused why this was in a jumbo...
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    Wow - bad BGS order

    I'm not wasting any more money grading 2015 Bowman! 8720834 Baseball 2014 Bowman Chrome Draft Draft Pick Autographs Alex Jackson 9 View _ 8720836 Baseball 2014 Bowman Chrome Draft Draft Pick Autographs Bradley Zimmer 9.5 View _ 8720839 Baseball 2014 Bowman Chrome...
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    hm, interesting Ebay Buyer

    First message I get this morning: Dear lisu, You seriously mailed that card in a white envelope?????? My response: No, I did not. I put it in a team bag and put cards around it and then put it in a padded envelope. Did you receive a different card in a white envelope? - lisu It doesn't...
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    BGS grades from Tristar (RCR's but then slabbed 20 days)

    Graded Serial No. Sport Name Set Name Player Name Final Grade View Pop Report Status 8649407 Football 2014 Panini Contenders Championship Ticket Allen Robinson AU/49 0.0 View _ 8649435 Baseball 2013 Bowman Chrome Prospect Autographs Matt Olson 9.5 View _ 8649438 Baseball 2013 Bowman Chrome...
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    Another 10 day BGS order popped today

    Shipping List S.No # Set Name Player Name Final Grade Auto Grade JSA Cert # 8571877 2014 Bowman Chrome Draft Draft Pick Autographs Derek Hill 9 10.0 NG 8571878 2014 Bowman Chrome Draft Draft Pick Autographs Trea Turner 9.5 10.0 NG 8571880 2014 Bowman Chrome Draft Draft Pick Autographs...
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    BGS results

    I needed some good news since my last BGS order got stolen (confirmed by a USPS employee on blowout). Anyways, I sent in a 26 card order via FedEx and got these back as 9.5's. 8525868 Baseball 2014 Bowman Chrome Draft Draft Pick Autographs Nick Gordon 9.5 View 8525869 Baseball 2014 Bowman...
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    USPS lost my BGS order

    There was about 200 cards in the shipment, but this was the most unique card in the order. 2014 Bowman Draft Chrome CHAD SOBOTKA Super 1/1 Auto It was in the order. I think someone at USPS has sticky fingers. I had also sent something out priority mail to Panini and both went out from SF at...