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    Will Bret Saberhagen ever make the Hall of Fame?

    I was big fan of Saberhagen and have a stack of 1985 Topps somewhere. Unfortunately, he lost all of his age 32 and most of his age 33 years to injury then finished his career with 2 reasonably good seasons with the Red Sox. Without any other info the following stats for a pitcher would say...
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    Anyone have card blanks for sketches?

    I have a stack that I set aside during recent office cleaning. PM your address and they're yours.
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    Best pull I've ever pulled

    Wow! Awesome pull. It's pulls like this that gives me the itch to find some early 2000's boxes to break.
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    Topps Chrome Update Mega Box - 2 Times

    Grabbed two Mega boxes of Topps Chrome Update from a local target. Not too bad. Box 1 Rookie Cup - Bench, Seaver, Murray Auto - Josh Hader Gold Refractor Box 2 Rookie Cup - Carew, McCovey, Votto, Griffey Gold Refractor - Sam Travis Auto - Paul DeJong Auto
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    “Absolute”-ly Incredible Mailday

    This is a little overdue but definitely wanted to share. After winning one of the larger actions I've ever bid on, I received the following in the mail. The "PSA Pre Certified" seemed odd to me given the contents but whatever. In total, the box contained 24 signed baseballs. All 24...
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    2015 Bowman Inception - 2 Boxes / 1 Very Nice Hit

    Recently bought 2 boxes of 2015 Bowman Inception and shared the joy of busting wax with my wife. My "big" hit was an Archie Bradley auto jersey while hers was...
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    Jimmie Foxx Auto - Legit?

    What are your thoughts on this Jimmie Foxx auto? I've reviewed the exemplars that PSA has and wasn't able to find any that a) had the initial upstroke of the J connected to the down stroke (most start to the right and cross) and b) did not have either "i" dotted. Even though there are many...
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    Last Minute Hotel for National - Hotwire Success

    For any of you considering last minute plans to make it to the National, I just booked through Hotwire choosing 4-star hotel in the ORD South area. Depending on the website, there are only 3 or 4 hotels that fit this criteria, including the Hyatt connected to the Donald Stephens Convention...
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    3 Boxes of 2012 Bowman Draft from AIC

    3 Boxes 2012 Bowman Draft from All in Cards. Scans of the nicer cards to be posted later. Box 1 - It was a tease right from the start. 2nd pack had gold but Eric Stamets isn't exactly who you're hoping for when you pull a gold refractor. Silver ice - Austin Chubb Blue paper/500 - Jack...
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    Kevin Love Appearance at Best Buy in Eden Prairie, MN - 10/13 @ Noon

    In the ongoing Twins thread, a reminder about a Ben Revere appearance at Best Buy in Eagan, MN was posted. It looks like Best Buy is having multiple appearances on Saturday with the big one being Kevin Love at the Best Buy in Eden Prairie, MN. Wrist bands at 10:00 am and signing at noon...
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    Leaf History of Baseball Blaster from Target

    Checked out the blaster selection while at a local Target today. Decided to give the Leaf History of Baseball a chance and grabbed a blaster. The blaster contains one cut. And even though these are currently selling at or below the cost of a blaster, I think I did well.
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    2010 Bowman Draft Blasters 40% Off at Meijer

    Heads up for those of you in Michigan or other parts with Meijer stores. Vacationing with the family in Michigan and when at the local Meijer I saw 2010 Bowman Draft blasters marked at 40% off ($11.99 + tax for the math challenged).
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    Unexpected Joy from a Blaster

    Many times when I'm visiting other cities I'll check the local Target/Walmart/etc to see what they have in their cards section. This past week I stopped at a Walmart and ended up with a blaster of Leaf Draft as it advertised 2 autos per box and I've like the look of the cards I've seen online...
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    BIN/BO Completed Listings

    I recently had an offer of $38 on a $45 BIN/BO accepted. I was also following the same card at auction but decided to go the BIN/BO route since the card was limited. Anyway, I decided to check completed ebay sales to see what the card at auction went for and noticed the card I purchased...
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    One more reason why health care costs are so high

    Health Care Fraud As an actuary who works in the health care industry, it's crap like this that is really frustrating. I realize this is only an indictment. But history shows that when the Feds indict in cases of health care fraud, the accused party is almost always guilty.
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    2005 Absolute Memorabilia Special Edition?

    I was looking at a 2005 Absolute Memorabilia Team Trios card and the back is stamped 1/1. It also says "Special Edition". I don't recall seeing any of the Team Trios cards stamped 1/1. Does anyone know about these cards? Is it a trade show stamped card?
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    Mariners Road Games -- Any IP Success Stories?

    Wondering if anyone has any stories good or bad as to how well the Mariners sign as the road team. My office is going to a Twins/Mariners game on a September weekday afternoon. With the Twins out of it, I'm thinking the crowds may be less.
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    Ebay Advice Needed - Problem Buyer

    First off, apologies that it's not baseball related but since it involves buying/selling on ebay I thought I would check in with all of you who have encountered difficult ebayers. I have Michigan football season tickets and while either my family or friends use the tickets for most of the...
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    When Snipes Collide -- Verlander Red Xfractor Auto

    With Verlander a part of this week's hotlist, viewtopic.php?f=2&t=144113, we discussed what the ending price would be for a Topps Chrome Red Xfractor auto, [ebay:vv8n0gpx]190568144884[/ebay:vv8n0gpx]. Two big snipes pushed the final price from $450 to $723. Seller has to be ecstatic. I'm...
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    Signature Placement on a Dual-Signed Ball

    I am planning to get a couple IP autos and one item I'd like to do is a dual signed ball. What would be your preference for how the signatures would appear? Examples of options: Both on the sweet spot [ebay:2spwizl1]310193545419[/ebay:2spwizl1] Sweet spot and above/below sweet spot...

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