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    Greg Maddux autograph - is he still elusive? Need a little help.

    I have a friend who named her son Maddux. She is looking for a way to get a personalized Greg Maddux autograph for him. I always remembered Maddux as being coy and never really wanting to sign. Anyone have any hints/tips as to where I should go to find out the best way for her to accomplish...
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    Went and saw the PSA 10 Mantle card today. Lots of pics of his other cool items!

    Fogel has some really nice memorabilia in his collection, very much a lifetime labor of love. Some very cool items including the program from Jackie Robinson's MLB debut, an unopened box of 1954 Bowman, the shovel used to break ground for Coors Field, and a FTD floral order from Joe Dimaggio for...
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    Documenting and photoing team sets - any input is appreciated!

    So I've been slowly taking pictures of my Rockies team sets, here are a few if any of you are interested: 2018 Topps Series 1 Independence Day /76: 2018 Topps Series 1 Father's Day Blue /50: 2015 Topps Series 1 & 2 Pink /50: 2015 Topps Update Pink /50: Any comments on how to better...
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    WTB 2017 Topps Black John Jaso #615 serial #ed/66

    Anyone have one for sale? $10 shipped if you do. Thanks!
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    Charlie Blackmon Topps Chrome Gold Refractors

    So Charlie Blackmon was late to the Topps Chrome product. His first Topps Chrome card wasn't until 2015, and he only has 3 Topps Chrome cards total. I've picked up his Gold Refractors each year and just now noticed that I have the serial #19/50 (jersey #) of each copy! Anyone else out there have...
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    WTB 2003 - 2018 Colorado Rockies Topps Blacks wantlist (& 2013-2018 Pink/Blue/Camo/Vintage wants)

    2003 - 2018 Colorado Rockies Topps Blacks wantlist (& 2013-2018 Pink/Blue/Camo/Vintage wants) prices are negotiable: 2003 Topps Black /52 - Complete! 2004 Topps Black /53 - Complete! 2005 Topps Black /54 Preston Wilson #53 - paying $15 2005 Topps Black /54 Jason Jennings #184 - paying $15 2005...
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    2010 Bowman Chrome Orange Refractor Nolan Arenado serial #01/25 PSA 10 sells for $7,207.00!

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    2012 Bowman Draft David Dahl #BDPP104 4 printing plates are united!

    NFS / NFT So I completed my first set of printing plates. It's of 2012 Bowman Draft David Dahl #BDPP104. Has anyone else ever been able to do this (unite 4 plates)? I was shocked when the black plate hit eBay last week - I'd been sitting on the other 3 for the past 2+ years! Now I need to buy...
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    2016 Topps High Tek observation

    I've noticed a lot of the best cards are being pulled from this product in Asia. I've won numerous items from Korea, Hong Kong, and Japan. Anyone else notice this as well?
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    any FCBers still playing Beat The Streak?

    I whipped off a 23 game hit streak thanks to David Dahl earlier in the season. Anybody else left around here still playing? I just noticed there's still a FreedomCardboard link for the game: http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/fantasy/bts/y2016/#t=leaders&gid=17852
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    David Dahl - he's good!

    16 game hit streak to start his career. Tied Juan Pierre tonight for Rockies team lead of hit streak to start a career. One more game ties him with the lead MLB hit streak to start a career (Chuck Aleno, 1941). Rockies probably aren't gonna do anything this year but the future is looking...
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    quick 2011 USA Alex Bregman autograph question

    I have a 2011 Topps gold USA autograph of Alex Bregman serial #17 /25 plus a 2011 Topps USA game jersey / auto. of Bregman serial #135 /214. I've got a good sense of what the /214 sells for but haven't seen any pricing for the gold. Any help? Thanks guys!
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    Need some help from you all. eBay shipping question.

    So I was looking through my collection and found a gem - 2004 Donruss Black Press Proof #115 Omar Vizquel serial #08 /10. Put it up for sale last night on eBay with a BIN of $750. Woke up this morning and it sold! Guess the Omar collector didn't have this one! The card is already paid for...
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    Rockies designate Kyle Parker for assignment

    I'm kinda sad about this, I always liked him as a player. http://m.rockies.mlb.com/news/article/162346292/rockies-part-ways-with-kyle-parker
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    WTB 2013 / 2014 Topps Pink / Black / Camo Colorado Rockies needs

    Hoping to find the following cards to complete my 2013 / 2014 Topps Pink Colorado Rockies team sets: 2013 Topps Series 2 #380 Juan Nicasio serial #ed /50 2013 Topps Update #US201 Adam Ottavino serial #ed /50 2014 Topps Series 1 #25 3 Helton retires CL serial #ed /50 2014 Topps Series 2 #520...
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    Corey Dickerson jacks #20 into McCovey Cove

    Where's all the Corey Dickerson love? Dude has been a monster this year and hardly anybody has noticed. Oh wait, he plays for the Rockies - Strike One. The Rockies stink this year - Strike Two. No one cares about the Rockies - Strike Three. Anyway, here's his stat line on the season through...
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    Upper Deck SP Authentic By The Letter autographs purchase!

    I made the set from 2006 SP By The Letter autos. of Matt Holliday, got it professionally framed and it's hanging on my wall. I just purchased the 2007 By The Letter autos. of Tulowitzki: Looking forward to getting these in hand and framed.
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    The rip card dilemma and why it pains me...

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/TULOWITZKI-GON-wbr-ZALEZ-2014-Topps-Allen-amp-Ginter-RIPPED-DUAL-RIP-CARD-02-25-Opened-/380947828181?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276 I would have paid $150-$200 (since 2 is Tulowitzki's jersey #) for this unripped and kept it in my collection unripped. However I've never seen...
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    Would like to know how this Kris Bryant autograph is a 10

    I thought the autograph grade was downgraded if it wasn't contained inside the autograph area.
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    Troy Tulowitzki collects career hit #1000 tonight

    He added #1001 as well. Hitting an even .400 w/7 hr and 25 rbi after tonight's game. Was a fun one to watch. Nolan Arenado grand slam to extend his hitting streak to 23 games, and Charlie Culberson pitch hit 2 run walk off home run to win it.

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