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  1. JVHaste

    For the Mariners Fans, Kyle Seager (Corey's brother) retires

    I have a few posts in the Night Crew showing some of my fave Seager moments... sadly I can't find any links to some of them.
  2. JVHaste

    Probstein on eBay. Some love him, some hate him, but consider this when selling…

    ...and the two buyers in the bidding war were you and the guy who ended up winning? ;) Sounds like a classic Probstein auction!
  3. JVHaste

    RIP John Madden

    "they don't line their defensive lineman up like normal people do" :)
  4. JVHaste

    Roberto Alomar Collector's Thread

    Very cool photo. It looks a lot like Russell Wilson before he bulked up.
  5. JVHaste

    Do 1998 Pacific Online Winners Exist for All Players?

    I always remember that draft bust in NBA from Gonzaga.... terrible stache. I though his name was Brennan so this pic took a while to find, had to search "biggest draft busts moustache" :ROFLMAO:
  6. JVHaste

    Do 1998 Pacific Online Winners Exist for All Players?

    Allen Watson's baseball skills might equal Robbie Alomar's moustache skills. :giggle:
  7. JVHaste

    RIP John Madden

    RIP to a true legend of sport. It seems like he finally lost the battle vs the butter packet.
  8. JVHaste

    *****TUESDAY MORNING THREAD*****12/28

    This is why I don't even bother going in anymore when I get sick. They just make everything worse. Hang in there!
  9. JVHaste

    *****MONDAY MORNING THREAD*****12/27

    BEANS!!!! I am a big fan. I rip about 70 times a day, and I'm not talking about those "dare to tear" jumbo baseball cards. . . . ;)
  10. JVHaste

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    With cheeks that red you know he's been pounding some good whiskey! :love:
  11. JVHaste

    *****THURSDAY MORNING THRAED*****12/23

    So you nibble on peoples toes for sustenance? 😂 This sounds plausible, I'm frantically taking notes! What I ended up doing was buying a cheap Crockpot/slow cooker and just cooking down carrots/celery etc until its mush. ... very easy.
  12. JVHaste

    *****THURSDAY MORNING THRAED*****12/23

    I'm a rookie compared to you guys... I've only had 1 intestinal surgery, although I'm losing the ability to eat many foods. . . down to lentil, split pea, vegetables, olive oil etc. :cautious: If I ate normal people food I'd probably end up in the hospital bed next to yours. How annoyed would...
  13. JVHaste

    *****THURSDAY MORNING THRAED*****12/23

    Damn that's a good streak, and an even better memory! :) At least next time maybe you could switch to smoking some crack, for that "slimming" effect. . . ;) Hardest thing I've ever had to quit was high amounts of morphine. . . not very fun.
  14. JVHaste

    *****THURSDAY MORNING THRAED*****12/23

    Congrats! That's big time. :) Did you try many other times and fail?
  15. JVHaste

    *****THURSDAY MORNING THRAED*****12/23

    Welcome back D!! (y)
  16. JVHaste

    What just happened??

    I'm glad you're here Ishaan! :)
  17. JVHaste

    *****SATURDAY MORNING THREAD*****12/18

    Good luck, don't fall for the same trap that I do: 😂
  18. JVHaste

    December 2021 - New Arrivals Thread

    Trying to hold the load!!🥵

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