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  1. finestkind

    New Beckett grading standards?

    Will Beckett do anything just to make buck ?
  2. finestkind

    *****FRIDAY MORNING THREAD***** 3/31

    For the past few days, my sister has been going through all boxes of my mother's things with all kind of stuff that was in the attic and all other places. She found 10 baggies of old and newer coins. Some were original $2.00 bills and silver dollar coins from the late 1880's. I kept some coins...
  3. finestkind

    Babe Ruth's personal spoon on Ebay

  4. finestkind

    *****SUNDAY MORNING THREAD***** 3 /36

    No beaver tail to eat ?
  5. finestkind

    *****SATURDAY MORNING THREAD***** 3/18

    Things that make you go hmm in Boston. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/realestate/boston-s-skinniest-home-which-was-built-out-of-spite-sold-for-1-25-million-take-a-look-inside/ss-AA18MUeE?ocid=msedgdhp&pc=U531&cvid=714a85d4faf940b2cc2ede76b352c89e&ei=31
  6. finestkind

    *****SUNDAY MORNING THREAD***** 3/12

    We want pictures. ;)
  7. finestkind

    *****FRIDAY MORNING THREAD***** 3/10

    Only in Canada Canadian judge declares giving middle-finger ‘God-given right’ after man was arrested for gesture...
  8. finestkind


    Are you going to spring break in Florida or Arizona and do this kind of stuff ? https://news.yahoo.com/university-massachusetts-warning-students-viral-231007786.html
  9. finestkind

    Vintage Pick Up Thread

    Very cool. No wonder they called Zimmer the ferret. Look at his cheeks are full of tobacco. :LOL: And then this by Zimmer was the best.
  10. finestkind

    *****MONDAY MORNING THREAD***** 3/6

    Barry, that's almost summer weather in New England. ;)
  11. finestkind

    *****SUNDAY MORNING THREAD***** 3/5

    I have jelly beans ! Who wants the black ones ? I don't like licorish. :poop:
  12. finestkind

    *****FRIDAY MORNING THREAD***** 3/3

    Chinese balloon sighted over Boston.
  13. finestkind

    Vintage Pick Up Thread

    Nice !
  14. finestkind


    Pancakes ? ;)
  15. finestkind


    Us too. :eek: ;)
  16. finestkind

    ****GOOD MORNING THREAD**** 2/28

    A snowplow on a $100,000 Ferrari ? Idiots with too much money. https://fun107.com/westport-man-makes-history-turning-ferrari-into-snowplow/?fbclid=IwAR1d9LFG9S0fSwlfAYWqGrMAyPJYdeW-kFYCJMsB4aVMV19a8lc5IIlyJas
  17. finestkind

    ****GOOD MORNING THREAD**** 2/28

    We got about 3"s of snow here in central Massachusetts. I just finished shoveling. It's starting to snow again. :confused:
  18. finestkind

    ****GOOD MORNING THREAD***** 2/27

    I too received a thank you note from a 4 years old girl who's grandfather is a member of another sports card trading site. She loves receiving cards with pink backgrounds. Hopefully she's a future collector. :)
  19. finestkind

    *****SATURDAY MORING THREAD***** 2/25

    Hi Dave ! :)

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