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    Who here "invests " in non rookies?

    Does anyone here invest in current veterans or 2nd/3rd/4th yr guys? For the first time last off season, I pretty much threw myself into the above (while still buying true prospects) with some nice results. 1. Scherzer: only went for 2008 SPX 2. Brandon Morrow: didnt pick up anything grand but...
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    1976 Hostess unissued proof set

    Included in a massive purchase at the East Coast National, I found the above. None on ebay, cant find much info on line either. Seems to be many other proofs except 1976. Also, does anyone have a beckett price for the set? thanks
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    Rickey Henderson collectors: Do I have anything here?

    Picked up a massive lot of stuff and was wondering if anything in this pic is "rare" or pricey? The 1988 Disc does have his team and league listed on the back. Also, was that red disc ever corrected and is it from 1984?
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    Crazy finds @ East Coast National NY

    Some of the craziest finds from the show first 2 days: 1998 Retro Alomar Quantum Leap 13/50.....THIRTY THREE CENTS Afficianado McGwire First Pitch Preview......FIFTY CENTS 1993 Finest Cal, 1998 CC Juan Gone 4 star GOLD Superstar Domain (I think, help me out JG collectors please), 2000 Black...
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    What do you all think...real patch or fake?

    Picked this up in a lot, what do you all think? Its numbered to 25
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    FOUR days of National pickups...Much odd ball, prospects

    So I just got home from spending four days at the National. Heres some of the most instering stuff I got. SEVEN 1993 Stadium Club Team Chipper autos w/ Treat coa's....$5 each Cobb, Gray, Asbrubal (first auto) were $5 each or less. The Tolliver (remember his sister posted on FCB?) and James...
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    Stratford Ct. show this Sunday

    from 9-2 off exit 30 on I95 at the Ramada Always nice pick ups to be had, especially from that dealer who sets up with a THOUSAND $1 cards ranging from 90's inserts to autos to Refractors to Heritage SP's and rcs. Anyone here going?
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    Corey Patterson cards: EN FUEGO!

    Assuming its this card $46...ahhhhhh the magic of Heritage.
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    Topps Die Cuts in hand Gehrig, Jeter

    Topps sent the above two players out to Hobby stores (1 set per). The card numbers are 151 and 152 and are exclusive to the stores. They are thick and have a kind of holographic shine to them on the diamond. Theres also a film on them, like Finest from the 90s.
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    What a crazy Hobby

    Sometimes, you just cant figure it out. Tribute is $400 a box Topps....TOPPPSSSSSS.....is $80 '10 Bowman Sterling is $340 a box So Im wondering, WHY are these prices what they are? Whats the REAL reason? Is it: 1. Theres N-O-T-H-I-N-G out there to buy for all the crackalackers 2. Were these...
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    HUGE 400 table show in Philly this weekend, anyone going?

    This Friday to Sunday at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, 400 tables, anyone else going? Free admission Friday and free $20 grading voucher each day to first 500. Theres free autso and Vick is also signing http://www.csashows.com/
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    Stratford Ct. show pickups...more Jeter hotties

    Again, the show was just about sold out of tables although you wouldnt know that. Why? Because one of the dealers sold BOTH OF HIS TABLES (all his inventory) to a customer. How often does that happen? The scan below shows my DJ pickups but I also scored (4) '94 CC A Rod rc's and a bunch of...
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    Bubba Starling's LEAF "Nike Bo" card

    While at the Vegas Summit, I forgot to take a pic of Leafs upcoming FB draft product. The card I was hoping to get was Starlings "retro" card, one picturing him in Bo Jackson's famous Nike B&W photo (and in 1990 Score). If Brian can post it here (if it hasnt been previewed already) I think...
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    Odd ball Jeter, probably a 1/1

    Early last year, a company sent a sales package to dealers promoting their new product. Basically, you sent them any Topps card and they will blow it up to a mega jumbo size. In order to get these cards into dealers stores, they offered a free sample of your choice. I sent in the below (reg...
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    News from the Industry Summit

    In Vegas attending the 2011 Industry Summit. For those who dont know, its a conference where card store owners get together with distributors, companies, leagues etc. over several days. Attendance is almost DOUBLE from last year (about 150) not counting leagues, dist, card companies. Sunday...
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    What is this Jeter/ Tino/ Posada Yankee Subway Series card?

    Before I list it, just making sure that I still remmeber correctly how this card came into the Hobby. Can anyone back up this info, or add to it? From what I remember, it was ONLY issued for a few hours by Topps randomly to people on the street who attended the parade in October 2000 after the...
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    Anyone ever run/promote a small card show?

    For some reason, theres hasnt been a card show of any size near me for years. For a while, Ive been thinking about running a small one (30 tables. maybe a little less), to start (no auto guests). Has anyone here actually run or promoted a show, especially a small one? Any points or tips...
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    Milford Ct. show pick ups: Sexy Jeter, MJ and friends

    First time I was ever at this show. (Paid $35 for this lot) Stadium Pure Gold, Pinnacle Inside Club Edition, 97 Showcase row 0, Gallery PPI...........But it wasnt until I got home that I noticed the Pure Gold is the Members Only version (stated 750 made). (Paid $5 for this lot) 2 206 Mauer...
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    What is a trimmed card worth?

    Customer got back his grades and his 59 Aaron came back trimmed and was wondering if it still had any value? It looks ex but its been trimmed on the bottom
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    Today's SEXXXY Jeter (and others) show pickups

    Well atleast I think they are sexy :lol: 1996 Mining for Gold ($3).......Topps hand out at the 2000 Yankee parade ($1).......Molten Metal "Oh Atlanta" parallel (.25)......Premium Ruby /125....Fanclub Retail Credits /100.....Fleer Tiffany /200 all three for $30 Stadium Club Onyx Die...