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  1. JoshHamilton

    Carter Stewart

    Someone explain this to me. For those who don’t know, Stewart was the 8th overall pick in the 2018 draft out of high school. The Braves offered him less than slot value due to an injury so he didn’t sign. Went to a community college in hopes of being drafted this year. Instead, he signed with...
  2. JoshHamilton

    FT 2013 Aaron Judge Blue Wave FT

    Sorry for the crap pic, but it’s perfectly centered with no scratches. Would probably gem. I’m looking for non-autographed RC logo cards from 2006-present. Base, parallel, whatever. Don’t care about condition as long as it’s centered. And I don’t really trade based on book/sell value. I think...
  3. JoshHamilton

    First new pickup in 3 years

    Due to life events and losing interest in cards, I haven't bought one since February 2016. I never check Ebay and rarely even look at message boards anymore, so I had to go through a few years of release calendars to see what's available. This was the only set that interested me. I was...
  4. JoshHamilton

    So, uhh, what happened?

    I’ve been out of the hobby for a few years and haven’t been paying that close of attention. What on earth happened to the price of BC autos? Looks like they’ve gone up between 3-5x price wise. Star autos typically topped out between $100 and $200, now they’re $500-$800 all of a sudden? I get...
  5. JoshHamilton

    WTB Looking for a 2017 Heritage Stanton '68 3-D

    Dunno what they're called, but they're based on the 1968 3-D test set. Holla if you got one and how much you want for it
  6. JoshHamilton

    5x Ebay bucks today and tomorrow

    Not sure if anyone else got this, because according to eBay it's "just for me" But damn, this is the best offer I've gotten. Is this for auctions or only BIN?
  7. JoshHamilton

    Contest for Yankees fans

    Last year I built this set, but my girlfriend's cat decided to jump up on the bookcase and knock them off. I ended up selling the set, but didn't want to deal with the hassle of a chargeback on this one. It's not destroyed, and still presents well in a case, so I figured I'd have a contest...
  8. JoshHamilton

    February pickup thread

    This completes the dumbest rainbow ever: the base and refractor /10, issued in 2013 Finest; I have two 10x14 metal signs from 2015 (one being a 1/1), and then this one is regular sized. The Club version (1:7 packs), which took two years to find. Down to 9 for 100% completion This is the...
  9. JoshHamilton

    1986-87 Fleer

    I've started slowly collecting the rookies from this set and I'm getting confused. Every list - PSA, Cardboard Connection, SGC, Beckett, etc - has a slightly different list, but around 60 names are consistent. Ruling out everyone who had Topps rookies before Star came around is a given, but...
  10. JoshHamilton

    Show off some multi-product rainbows

    Rainbows. Love em or hate em, depending on your political preference. Wait. Wrong Rainbows. *AHEM* Rainbows. Love em or hate em, depending on whether or not you like 15 versions of the same card. I personally love em. Nothing looks cooler than a dozen shiny chrome cards, all in different...
  11. JoshHamilton

    Some questions for Team Collectors

    As most know, I collect Marlins cards. Before a few months ago, I didn't really have a direction for my collection. Sure, I had some player collections, high end inserts and team sets, but I didn't really pay attention to how I was collecting. I recently got a new laptop and I've gone crazy...
  12. JoshHamilton

    This has got to be a scam, right?

    A buyer from Taiwan hit the BIN on a card I had for sale last night. Nevermind the fact that my auction states no international bidders, it's nice to know that regardless of whether you click "US bidders only," eBay doesn't care. Card has not been paid for yet, but this morning I get a message...
  13. JoshHamilton

    HUGE shoutout and thanks to Nate Colbert 17

    A few weeks ago I started a thread showing off cards I liked as a kid. It actually started out as more of a type set, since I was trying to get one card from as many different sets as possible. Scott sent me a message asking for my address, as he had some graded cards to send me. I didn't know...
  14. JoshHamilton

    Reliving my childhood

    It's no secret that one of the main reasons I collect cards is because they remind me of my childhood. Let's be honest, life was a helluva lot easier when I didn't have to worry about bills, rent, car payments, etc. Recently, I've started to collect some of the cards I grew up always wanting...
  15. JoshHamilton

    Now this is a rad custom

  16. JoshHamilton

    Waited 18 years for this, and I'm utterly disappointed

    Ever since 1997 Flair Showcase came out, I've wanted a true 1/1 of my favorite player, Jeff Conine. I haven't seen any of the Masterpieces show up, and I think he only has two others in a Marlins uniform. Imagine my excitement when I saw he was in 2015 Archives, as an auto no less! I knew there...
  17. JoshHamilton

    Why did people like DLP so much?

    I know I'm treading on sacred ground here, but why did everyone like DLP so much? I loved Donruss back in the 90's when Pinnacle owned them. Great designs, fun insert sets, decent price point, etc. In my opinion, they went to hell when Playoff bought them and restarted the D/L lines in...
  18. JoshHamilton

    2015 Topps Archives discussion

    Releases in a few weeks. I've always enjoyed Archives, but it kinda sucks because I'm a Marlins fan. Their "archives" started around the time Nirvana was the biggest band in the world. http://www.cardboardconnection.com/2015-topps-archives-baseball-cards Here's the checklist. I doubt Topps...
  19. JoshHamilton

    Douche ebay sellers are now trolling themselves

    One of my biggest pet peeves is going to, say, my "Five Star 1/1" notification and seeing crap like this: http://m.ebay.com/itm/261904511616 Blatant keyword spamming. This is why I've reported probably 500 auctions in 2015 alone. I highly doubt any were removed, but at least it gives me...
  20. JoshHamilton

    2014 Five Star auto patch set...complete!

    Took me a good while. Even with a relatively high print run, finding em all was somewhat of a challenge. I'm still annoyed that the set size doesn't display properly, but what can you do. I might upgrade a few of them down the line