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  1. All The Hype


    Email sent your way!
  2. All The Hype

    Hot List Nomination Thread

    Arenado for sure AJ Reed is still rising to new heights too
  3. All The Hype

    Grrrrr- today's the day- USPS® TO CHANGE RATES ON MAY 31 (June 1)

    Rising prices are always annoying as a consumer, but this is still the best deal on the planet. Put anything 3oz or less into an envelope and send it anywhere in the country for just over $2, and it'll be there within 2-4 days? How is that not an amazing service? IMO this doesn't really impact...
  4. All The Hype

    The #MiLBDailyThread - 5/21

    Seems like no one can hit this guy. Pretty cheap for having a sub-1.00 ERA too. Absolutely blasting lately.
  5. All The Hype

    Modern $100,000 cards

    Don't believe it has changed hands in some time now, but I'd have to imagine the Trout Superfractor Auto would be close to or over 6 figures. Basically a name your price card at this point.
  6. All The Hype

    The #MiLBDailyThread - 5/19

    Love what this guy brings to the table as a power bat. Advanced approach where he knows how to take a walk, light tower power from the left side, and a respectable hit tool. That's the recipe for a guy who will always be among the league leaders in OPS. His final numbers will be monstrous if he...
  7. All The Hype

    Is it still a big advantage to list and end on Sunday on eBay?

    I think it's not so much that one specific day is best anymore, as much as it is that two days (Friday and Saturday) are notably worse than the rest of the week. I say this because I know for a fact that I've been out with friends or family on these days and completely forgot to set my snipes...
  8. All The Hype

    2013 BDP baseball boxes: 4 jumbo, 4 hobby: 8 box recap-- Meadows! :)

    Holy cow, awesome break! Congrats! Marco rocks and Meadows is $$$
  9. All The Hype

    Surprises in the QBR Rankings

    Probably true. Looking again, even after a big breakout season, he's selling for 60-75% of preseason pricing. I'm not sure I understand that, unless people are only willin to spend on players who make the playoffs. Guess I'll keep snagging a few more here and there and see what happens next...
  10. All The Hype

    Surprises in the QBR Rankings

    Someone talk to me about Ryan Tannehill I have some of his cards and thought he was a good value buy given what some QBs sell for. He has a great breakout season, proves he's deserving of a long term contract, and his cards drop, and then only rebound to 90% of where they were preseason. Seems...
  11. All The Hype

    FS Sale over thanks

    Bump, official release is tomorrow!
  12. All The Hype

    FS Sale over thanks

    Sale over thanks
  13. All The Hype

    BGS Group Submission - October 2014 (Cards Due the 20th)

    Picked them up late last week but was out of town this weekend so I had planned to do them tonight. Should be in the mail tomorrow.
  14. All The Hype

    Topps has pushed me over the edge with this nonsense. I am done with MLB cards

    I guess I understand being pissed, but a redemption card isn't like a gallon of milk...you can't just give it the smell check to make sure it's still usable even after the date. When it expires, it expires.
  15. All The Hype

    2 boxes of Tek

    Awesome stuff. Nice looking design.
  16. All The Hype

    FS Sale over thanks

    Sale over thanks
  17. All The Hype

    Nelson Cruz Signs a 4-Year/$57M Contract With the Mariners

    If you look at Miami's depth chart, it's full of some potent offensive names and a handful of former top prospects (LoMo, Ackley, Zunino, to name a few). Long term I'm not sure this will be a great move, but on paper they look pretty tough for 2015. They have a very good staff as well.
  18. All The Hype

    BGS Group Submission - October 2014 (Cards Due the 20th)

    8427951 2013 Bowman Chrome Draft Draft Pick Autographs Dustin Peterson RELABEL 0.0 NG 8427952 2013 Bowman Chrome Rookie Autographs Blue Refractors Evan Gattis 9 10.0 NG 8427953 2012 Topps Prime Autographed Relics Level 5 Robert Griffin III/300 9.5 10.0 NG 8427954 1998 Bowman's Best Randy...
  19. All The Hype

    BGS Group Submission - October 2014 (Cards Due the 20th)

    Looks like official pop is 11/25...next Tuesday
  20. All The Hype

    BGS Group Submission - October 2014 (Cards Due the 20th)

    cwgross144 Haven't heard officially yet, but I think they're still on for next week. The cards appear to be in the system already, just no grades yet. I'll see if I can get a hold of him today to figure it out.

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