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    Mark McGwire Collector's Thread

    You went from tease to Kaboom with that post @adifran25 :love::love:
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    Would you send it back?

    No I would personally have not returned it OP for multiple reasons. I'd have read the auction and asked questions before I bid, and also pointed out the listing error if indeed it was one. 8000+ transactions on eBay and this is how you decided to conducted yourself ?? REALLY ?? My husband --...
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    Oh Super Sweet 90's Inserts.... #3

    Please explain these reported actions of this bidder on that Jeter auction Changed ID right before, during, after the auction ended then changed back again . Someone please tell me what I as an outsider should have thought. And let's just say my husband did his homework and went thru EVERY...
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    SuperiorSportsInvestments - anyone know them ??

    Anyone know how to contact SuperiorSportsInvestments ?? I want to talk to them about some cards they have Appreciated -looking to buy my husband a XMAS gift ;) Sonj
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    Cal Ripken, Jr. collector's thread

    Any board members ebay ID " westcolumbia" or know who the seller is ?? Sonj
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    Anyone here affected by the Blowout cards data breach? Thankfully we use PayPal--phew! Sonj
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    BGS No Longer Guaranteeing 10, 20 and 45-Day Turnaround

    DISCLAIMER-- The below sorta my husbands take on what they said. I tried wording it best I could-- he mumbled some stuff about making sure the sarcasm wasn't laid on too deep ::facepalm:: "After much discussion, we decided to make a change to one of the things Beckett Grading has always...
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    What is happening with COMC? Anyone have a good contact there?

    Generally I use the email below and get replies fairly quickly. Nathan Richards has been helpful in the past = not sure if he's still there= was as recent as March and solved an order issue I had very quickly. I know their customer service team is small so it takes a few days on emails during...
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    NOVEMBER 2015 BGS & PSA sub- all invited

    Can new people participate? And the first is modern teh second more vintage right? I have many modern but about 7 or 8 vintage is it ok to mix ? Sorry for all my questions Sonj
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    WTB looking to buy DEE MILLINER cards-running thread

    Ones in BLUE he says he just got somewhere So update
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    WTB looking to buy DEE MILLINER cards-running thread

    First hello to any other football collectors :D Wanting to fill in some needs in my guy's DEE MILLINER collection Here is a card list of what is needed ( his list) Please PM if you have any we will discuss getting from you I dont know cards he does so he will decide to buy if he likes the...

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