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  1. mouschi

    2010 Upper Deck Exquisite Collector's Thread

    My two favorites in the set! The "base" went for $900 the other day, which is wild, considering 15 years ago, the patch may have gone for that! Where is my time machine?
  2. mouschi

    How do you player collectors view Signature Archives?

    Back in 2015, I remember when the first Canseco hit: 1988 Topps buyback. I couldn't hit the buy it now button fast enough iirc! Then another popped. Then another ... then another. I ended up amassing an unreal amount of 1/1s and other low numbered cards. Then 2016 hit ... then ... year...
  3. mouschi

    Cutting Up Valuable Autographs

    Monk ... as in Adrian Monk? Yes please!!! I just watched the movie they came out with. It was good seeing everyone in action again.
  4. mouschi

    Cutting Up Valuable Autographs

    Hey congratulations man! That's awesome.
  5. mouschi

    Cutting Up Valuable Autographs

    So, I figured maybe I should post some others. Here is one of my latest! It is a Rickey Henderson jumbo (and I mean MASSIVE) 3 panel booklet featuring 9 patches - the patches are not game-worn, but rather commemorative to celebrate all the teams he played for.
  6. mouschi

    Cutting Up Valuable Autographs

    Thank you very much! Thank you! No, but I have collectors reach out to me daily :) Thanks! That green part is actually part of the green monster. You may like this!
  7. mouschi

    Cutting Up Valuable Autographs

    Howdy, FCB! It has been a loooong time. Much too long! So for about 10 years now, I've been creating custom cards for both my and other people's collections, while showing them here. I've had a blast doing it, but 2023 is the year I focused on it more than any year prior. I wanted to show a...
  8. mouschi

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the World's Tiniest Baseball Cards, Ever!

    Here's a video of the project as well!
  9. mouschi

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the World's Tiniest Baseball Cards, Ever!

    So, apparently my latest article is too large to post here. Here is a link to some fun stuff if anyone is interested. Happy NYE, folks! https://tanmanbaseballfan.com/2022/12/teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-and-the-tiniest-baseball-cards-ever.html
  10. mouschi

    109 Pictures of Customs, Nostalgia, Toys, and More! My Year in the Hobby So Far

    Hey guys! It has been a loooooong time since I have posted here. I was going to post my article in, but the site isn't letting me. Apparently there is a 10,000 character and 20 image limit per post. Instead, I'll post a link to my article on my site with a couple pics here of some of my...
  11. mouschi

    Atomic Superfractor! My latest custom utilizes Canseco's 1st ever mini Superfractor

    When Topps revived the Allen & Ginter name, they did a remarkable job staying true to the brand, while introducing some really, and I mean realllly cool cards. Metal, stained glass, silk, wood, glow in the dark, rip, framed/not-framed, etc. It seemed to be only a matter of time when Topps...
  12. mouschi

    1888 Yum Yum Tobacco – The 19th Century Evangelist & The Pirate

    You've probably heard of Old Judge, Gypsy Queen, Allen & Ginter, and Goodwin. But have you heard of Yum Yum Tobacco? If you are not a 19th century baseball card aficionado, the odds are you haven't. They are among the rarest of the rare, and perhaps possess one of the greatest names for a...
  13. mouschi

    Remember when Canseco shot himself in the finger? I created some customs using the bullets!

    “You know, it's funny,” Canseco said. “I didn't realize I had shot my own finger off. ... Canseco then attempted to minimize the blood loss by lifting the hand over his head and squeezing on his wrist. He went to find his fiancée and told her, “Listen, I'm sorry, but I just shot my finger off.”...
  14. mouschi

    Customs of Past & Present - When Wade Boggs Gets Involved, Things Get Interesting!

    I have zero problems chopping up junk wax ip signed cards, but I agree with you that it would have looked "cleaner" if we could have used blank white backed signed pieces. That said, I do think using cards like this adds to the "charm" of it if that makes sense. I have a huge jumbo booklet of...
  15. mouschi

    Customs of Past & Present - When Wade Boggs Gets Involved, Things Get Interesting!

    In that same vein, I just created this one this past week of Kayla. She is an *amazing* player, and the piece below is actually the largest baseball related piece I've ever done! I LOVE the lion face logo. Since Christmas is just around the corner, I thought I'd share once again my custom...
  16. mouschi

    Customs of Past & Present - When Wade Boggs Gets Involved, Things Get Interesting!

    A while back, I was doing some spring cleaning, and ran across these gems - they are believed to be my first ever custom cards! How'd I do? Apparently 12 year old Tanner left 41 year old Tanner an Easter egg that I didn't notice until now. Check the copyright on the Sosa LOL As the years...
  17. mouschi

    Pre-War Showdown: What's the most beautiful Iconic card ever?

    As the graphic states, I've run polls over the past month to determine what the general consensus was for most beautiful pre-war cards in various categories. These are the finalists! What do you consider to be the most beautiful iconic pre-war card ever? Please cast your vote, and feel free to...

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