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  1. Gwynn545

    One Spot Left on our FCB Fantasy Football League!

    Draft is Sunday 5:30 Pacific time, free league, always a lot of fun for FCB members! Check out the football forum for details!!
  2. Gwynn545

    12 Years Later Finished This Gwynn / Ripken set Finally!

    I pulled my first 5 or 6 straight outta packs in 2007 (1 per box maybe?), and finally finished this 50 Card set today by getting card #41 for a buck plus shipping. Not many Gwynn collectors around, but quite a few Cal Ripken collectors may appreciate!
  3. Gwynn545

    FCB Fantasy Football 2018!!

    ESPN, free league. For FUN!! But we do have Prizes Added!!! Phillyfan0417 has offered the following prize!!! $25 for 1st $15 for 2nd $10 for 3rd Current Teams: 1. Gwynn545 2. MrMet 3. gt2590 4. Letch77 5. @Game****fanatic 6. aarne13 7. trizzo22 8. jszczech 9. JEBJJA 10...
  4. Gwynn545

    Free FCB Fantasy Football League! League Full!

    Let the games begin!! ESPN, free league. For FUN!! Open For any FCB members. New Prizes Added!!! Phillyfan0417 has offered the following prize!!! $25 for 1st $15 for 2nd $10 for 3rd PM me for link! Normal point settings, head-to-head,10 Teams, live draft. Aug. 31, 5:00 PACIFIC, (8:00 EASTERN)
  5. Gwynn545

    Pokémon Go? Who is still playing?

    Pretty happy with some of the new updates, community days, shiny Pokémon, etc. !
  6. Gwynn545

    Old Player Collector Thread = Missing Player Collectors?

    Looking through an old thread and I was getting frustrated with the "Photobucket No Image" thing, so my attention turned to the names who posted from that old thread. I wonder where these people are? Did they even say good bye before they left???? Any of these guys lurking?? If anything it was...
  7. Gwynn545

    Return of the Collectors Showcase?

    One of my favorite things about FCB is the community, so it was just natural that the old Collectors Spotlight type threads were always my favorite reads. As I was reading another one of mouschi 's posts, I was lamenting on how nice it was to get into the mind of a fellow collector, not...
  8. Gwynn545


  9. Gwynn545

    Black Friday Sale Thread

    I remember years ago when there was a lot of traffic on FCB, there was a Black Friday thread where people put in great deals they found either in store ads or online. I found so many great deals that year thanks to some great tips in the thread. So are Black Friday deals gone with the times...
  10. Gwynn545

    Last Night was one of my Favorite Nights of Basketball in my Life!

    Lifelong Lakers Fan (since '75) and huge Kobe fan. I am one of those people that tries to argue that Kobe is better than Jordan, that's how big of a fan I am. I am loving Seth Curry and what the Warriors are doing, so they have been fun to watch, too. I was switching between both games early on...
  11. Gwynn545

    Player Collectors- 2016 Topps Buybacks Stamped Cards

    Okay, I am just going to put it out there to see if there's any interest. Knowing we will never get the answers, I do feel that the knowledge of FCB is amazing, especially when it comes to releases like this. How many out there? Are Silvers really that tough? Is there a Gold, Silver, Blue...
  12. Gwynn545

    Any Good Black Friday Deals Out There?

    Any good links? Online or in-store? Notice any outstanding deals out there and want to share? I see Black Ops 3 for $27 at Walmart, but I hardly deal with discs now that everything is downloadable. I might just hit Value Village and Goodwill this year and avoid big name stores. Post any good...
  13. Gwynn545

    Cheap NFL Jerseys? Anyone know a good place?

    I have bought $20-$25 jerseys from cheap places many times before, and it always works out perfectly fine. Currently, all of my "usual" place are no longer "in business", so I was wondering if anyone had recent experience with someone that's still around. Would love some input or advice before...
  14. Gwynn545

    Anyone have a stash of Blank Decoys they could part with?

    A post on another forum reminded me that I haven't reached out for a while: I teach 6th grade elementary and use sports cards for a lot of reasons in school. I have plenty of cards to last me for years, but I really could use some blank decoys if anyone has a few extras, my students use them...
  15. Gwynn545

    FCB Yahoo Fantasy Football Anyone? Free League! *ONE MORE!! Draft tonight 9 EST!

    Looking for at least 7 more people to play in a Fantasy League on Yahoo. I have done FCB leagues every year, but for this year I am really looking for other FCB members that actively* post on this website, not people that totally disappear. If there is not enough interest, then I don't want to...
  16. Gwynn545

    Any early hunches on how many of each 2015 Ginter Buyback?

    Is it even possible to figure out? Thanks for any info!
  17. Gwynn545

    Washington Members: Factoria Square Show Tomorrow.

    I am going to try and make it early this time! Anyone else planning on going? Factoria Mall 4055 Factoria Mall S.E. Bellevue, Washington Zip:98006 40-Free Ron Oakden Phone:206-533-2009 BBCM,BHK,BSCM Jul 11 2015 Sat 10AM-04PM
  18. Gwynn545

    Las Vegas: Any tips, tricks, must-sees?

    I've gotten advice from everyone I know, but most of them have not been there for many years. Family of five, (two under 21)... Anyone been recently with some good advice? Looking for buffet type places to eat, but where to eat seems to be the biggest disagreement- buffets are expensive, buffets...
  19. Gwynn545

    2015 NBA Draft Thread

    Really looking forward to this draft this year. As Lakers fan, I am split on what they should do with #2 ... Every scenario has good/bad points. I don't want to trade big for Cousins, though. Personally, best case scenario is if they could land Aldridge and draft Russell (and keep Randle)...I'd...
  20. Gwynn545

    Free $5 for Paypal help...**Complete!**

    Thanks Ghumbs!

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