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  1. Austin

    RIP Bob Gibson!

    Amen, brother.
  2. Austin

    1990 Topps Frank Thomas

    You mean the name, right?
  3. Austin

    October - New Arrivals Thread

    Gorgeous Gwynn! That’s one of my favorite sets. Deadman31, what’s that ‘91 Donruss sheet with the unique Griffey photo? Is it a preproduction sample?
  4. Austin

    RIP Bob Gibson!

    A fourth, Al Kaline, died in April.
  5. Austin

    RIP Jay Johnstone, one of baseball's great pranksters and World Series Champions

    ESPN -- LOS ANGELES -- Jay Johnstone, who won World Series championships as a versatile outfielder with the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers while being baseball's merry prankster, has died. He was 74. He died Saturday of complications from COVID-19 and had suffered from dementia in...
  6. Austin

    Seattle area sports card shops (1990's and beyond)

    Wow, I wish I kept business cards of all of the card shops I went to. That’s cool. I can’t even remember a lot of the names of the shops I liked back then. I grew up in a North Dallas suburb as a kid/teenager in the golden era of baseball card shops in the ‘80s and early ‘90s. There were three...
  7. Austin

    What do you do with base cards?

    I love base cards. If you’re a baseball fan, how can you not love looking at the pictures and reading the backs? I’m a set collector too, so all cards have the same fun value to me, regardless of what they’re worth. It’s weird to me that people buy boxes and cast aside the base cards without...
  8. Austin

    Lou Brock dies

    RIP Lou. We've lost three Hall of Famers in the past five months, Brock, Seaver and Kaline.
  9. Austin

    The Passing of a Member...

    That’s sad news. James was a good guy. :cry:
  10. Austin

    Video of Pat Neshek's autograph collection.

    Cool video showing how pitcher Pat Neshek collects autographs. Yeah, the video is sponsored by eBay, but it's still good. Wish it was longer though.
  11. Austin

    Mookie and the Dodgers...

    Another terrible contract for a team with too much money. 13 years is insane. He'll be 40 when it's over. He's an elite fielder and runner, but those skills will diminish significantly 5+ years before the contract ends. Betts is a great player, but inconsistent. One year he hits .346, the...
  12. Austin

    1980 -89 Top 3 rookies each topps set

    1983 is easy: Gwynn Boggs Sandberg Traded Set: Strawberry Julio Franco Tony Phillips
  13. Austin

    Shoeless Joe Jackson is now eligible for the Hall of Fame. Pete Rose will be after he dies.

    A new rule means Shoeless Joe Jackson could be on the Hall of Fame's Early Baseball ballot this December. Pete Rose would also be eligible after he dies. ESPN -- Major League Baseball has shifted its view of deceased players who have been banned for life, a group that includes "Shoeless" Joe...
  14. Austin

    10 Hall of Fame Modern Era candidates announced.

    With Harold Baines being elected last election, it's impossible to predict who will make it this time. Each of the ten candidates is more deserving than Baines in my opinion. ESPN -- A 10-man ballot of candidates who will be eligible for selection to the Baseball Hall of Fame this year though...
  15. Austin

    Major League Baseball proposes eliminating 40 Minor League teams and moving others.

    Hopefully your local Minor League team is not shut down or moved. It actually sounds like Minor League players would benefit from this, including higher salaries and less travel. But I feel bad for small town local fans of the teams that are eliminated or move. ESPN -- Major League Baseball...
  16. Austin

    EDIT: Nevermind, glitch on ESPN's stats page.

    EDIT: Disregard this nonsensical thread. There was a glitch on ESPN's stats page last night when I looked up the league leaders, because it showed the following: I had to do a double take looking at the league stats leaders tonight. Whit Merrifield is leading the AL with a .299 batting...
  17. Austin

    25 years ago today (8/12/94) was a dark day in MLB history. The start of the 1994 strike.

    The 1994 MLB strike began 25 years ago today, leading to the cancellation of the season and World Series. The baseball card hobby was also hit hard by the strike. What are your memories of the strike? Did it affect your collecting? Were you more upset at the players or owners? Did the strike...
  18. Austin

    Yordan Alvarez is incredible.

    I don’t follow prospects anymore, so an article today about Yordan Alvarez surprised me. I knew he’s had a hot start with the Astros, but today he set the MLB record with 35 rbi in his first 30 games, breaking Pujols’ rookie mark. And he’s hitting .342 with 11 home runs. Before he was called...
  19. Austin

    Angels throw No-Hitter on Tyler Skaggs Tribute night.

    How amazing is that? The Angels, all wearing the same Tyler Skaggs 45 jerseys, with Skaggs’ mother throwing a perfect strike for the first pitch, combine for a No-Hitter against the Mariners. It was the Angels’ first home game since Skaggs died. Taylor Cole and Felix Pena were the pitchers...

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