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  1. Logan2500

    FS Tons of Star Rookies for Sale

    Hey all, looking to sell a bunch of different rookies cards that I have. There are autos, numbered cards, and base/inserts rookie cards. Add $1 shipping for 1-5 cards, $3.50 for 6-25 cards, and $7 for anything over 25 cards. However prices can definitely change if you feel you don't want to...
  2. Logan2500

    FS Find Your 2018 Topps Allen & Ginter Set Completion Needs

    Selling a bunch of 2018 Allen & Ginter inserts, minis, and base. If you are looking to complete any sets than hopefully you can find some of the cards you are looking for. No pictures because the cards are all in good condition and there are too many cards in total. Every price is also...
  3. Logan2500

    FS/FT Montee Ball, auto/10, and those two other guys

    Have some cards for sale. All offers welcome and also would trade for some Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson or anything that seems interesting. Thanks. $40 Montee Ball 2 color patch 12/49 $15 Quinton Patton auto 27/99 $10 Ace Sanders auto128 /299 $25 Alfonzo Dennard auto 5/10
  4. Logan2500

    WTB Looking For 2013 Score

    Trying to complete the full set of 2013 Score. All i need is some rookies to complete it. I have plenty of base and rookies from the set to trade for the ones I need. Need List: 338, 343, 344, 347, 354, 357, 358, 360, 370, 372, 373, 381, 383, 385, 386, 394, 404, 405, 406...
  5. Logan2500

    Question on a card

    I was looking through some cards and noticed that the printed topps logo on the card was lower than where it should be. I was wondering if this was an error that increases the value in a card or just still a pretty much worthless card. Ill first post the messed up one an then the normal...
  6. Logan2500

    WTB Looking for Johnny Bench and Andrew McCutchen

    Like the title says I'm looking for Johnny Bench and Andrew McCutchen autographs, relics, numbered cards. Mainly wanting to trade. Pm me with what you have and I'll try and find something to trade.
  7. Logan2500

    FS/FT Pawn Shop Buy

    Went to a pawn shop and had some cool baseball stuff. Had a 2005 All Star game bat numbered to 1,000 I think I might go back to buy for ten bucks. I did buy a Curt Schilling autographed baseball, 1958 Willie Mays and Duke Snider, 1959 Ernie Banks, 1959 Richie Ashburn, 1959 Jim Bunning, and a...
  8. Logan2500

    WTB Looking to buy Johnny Bench GU or AU cards

    Looking for some low-end Johnny Bench GU or AU cards. Want to spend around $50 for a few, although if it really nice i can make exceptions. Will also be willing to trade.
  9. Logan2500

    Need help selling base.

    I was wondering if anyone here knows a place that buys lots of base cards, or would like to buy them. I have around 13,000 that I want to sell and i pulled out all of the rookies and inserts. They aren't organized by year or teams either. Any tips or pointers?
  10. Logan2500

    FS Free 2012 Topps Football Giveaway code

    Don't collect football and got some free packs. So, 1st person to reply to the thread gets the code. I'll send it through pm.
  11. Logan2500

    Thanks to wolfmanalfredo

    I won a contest recently and was very surprised to see what extra card he sent me. I was completely shocked to see a 1965 Steve Carlton rc! I just wanted to say a big thanks to him and as a young collector it is now my favorite card in my collection.
  12. Logan2500

    FS/FT Logan2500 sale/trade thread

    Selling some cards. Will post scans and prices in a minute. Sorry for very lousy pics.
  13. Logan2500

    FS/FT 5 packs Bowman Platinum. Pulled an auto!

    5 packs Bowman Platinum. Pulled Profar Blue refractor and an auto! Haven't pulled a hit in a while so bought a few packs and pulled an auto in the last one. All the cards are for sale or trade. Profar is 121/199.PM me with all offers. Scans below. EDIT: Not in a rush to sell them so the price...
  14. Logan2500

    2012 Topps Gypsy Queen

    Overall happy with the box. Bob Gibson mini sepia 71/99 Mickey Mantle mini SP VAR Adam Jones framed mini relic Evan Longoria jersey card Last 3 packs had these. Albert Pujols blue border 5/599 Aramis Ramirez AU Brandon Belt Au I'll post pictures soon. I will also consider selling them if...
  15. Logan2500

    FS 2010 Blue Rocks Playball Magazine

    Joseph Mahoney and Xavier Avery from Frederick Keys signed on front and has Eric Hosmer "Players to watch" on page 47. Does anyone know if it is worth anything since it talks about Hosmer or if the signatures are anyone good. I'll sell it if anyone wants it.
  16. Logan2500

    FS/FT 2012 Gypsy Queen cards for sale/trade

    Willie Mays mini(Gypsey Queen back)SOLD Jarrod Parker Rc mini(Sepia 90/99)SOLD Ryan Howard mini(SP VAR)SOLD Buster Posey mini(SP VAR) Joe Mauer mini(SP VAR) Cole Hamels mini(SP VAR)SOLD Matt Kemp mini(SP VAR) David Ortiz mini(SP VAR) Victor Martinez mini(SP VAR) Craig Kimbrel mini(SP VAR) Babe...
  17. Logan2500

    FS Need to sell some cards

    I'll post pictures of them in a few minutes. First picture 2003 Upper Deck Patch Collection Josh Willingham Rc $5 2012 Topps Historical Stitches Nolan Ryan Commemorative Patch $13 1988 Donruss Mark Grace In Person Autograph Rc (not in great condition)$15 Second Picture 2008 Topps Moments...
  18. Logan2500

    FS Red Sox stuff for sale

    2011 Topps 60 David Ortiz jersey ($8) 2004 Upper Deck Red Sox Championship Season #'ed to 5,000(x2) ($7 a piece) Or all for $20
  19. Logan2500

    FS/FT Greg Dobbs Au bat for sale

    Thinking $75 for it but it is negotiable, or other au membrobilia

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