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  1. MansGame

    1993 Topps Porcelain cards?

    Does anyone have any information regarding this set? Own any? Beckett has added the 1993 Topps Porcelain set to player checklists and I have been trying to do some research on which cards were created (assume all) and how many copies and also the origin of where they were released or...
  2. MansGame

    1997 Donruss Preferred Tins - Fanfest?

    Doing some research on the 1997 Donruss Preferred Tins Fanfest. Do any of you have your player? Can you share pictures? Any hints on where any might be available? I am looking for Albert Belle which I have never scene but assume exists but probably in the bottom of a closet somewhere (or...
  3. MansGame

    Invest? Lets talk stocks!

    Back in the day there was a thread or two about stocks and investment ideas or interesting companies or trades people suggested, etc. I thought I would see if there was any interest in discussing that again here. Any good stock ideas or companies people are following? BYND - This was a name I...
  4. MansGame

    1994 UD Electric Diamond Silver Back?

    Beckett added the Silver Back versions of the 1994 UD Electric Diamond set. Does anyone have any information or intel on this sub-set or why Beckett did this? Does anyone have a card in this set? I feel like this is one of those odd ball type stuff or error cards which have found their way...
  5. MansGame

    Value of Derek Jeter HR ball?

    Simple question, what is a legit Derek Jeter caught HR ball worth today if sold on eBay or elsewhere? Looking for rough guess or thoughts on value. Obviously I know this will come with a zillion comments and stuff about no chance it is legit or it is fake or who knows if anything is real or...
  6. MansGame

    Albert Belle Redemption - What To Do?

    As most of you all know, I collect Albert Belle exclusively and really don't mess around too much with new wax or other cards but sometimes I will open some new stuff for fun, etc. Belle was reintroduced to the hobby back in 2011 after being out of the hobby since 2001. This got me back...
  7. MansGame

    2000 UD Ovation Standing Ovation /50 - What's up?

    2000 Upper Deck Ovation Standing Ovation... what gives? It looks like there are two variations to the cards? Just look at COMC here (http://www.comc.com/Cards/Baseball/2000/Upper_Deck_Ovation_Standing_Ovation,sr,vDetails,i100) and you will see that the Pudge looks like the base card /50 and...
  8. MansGame

    2013 Museum Collection Asia Exclusive Turquoise?

    Beckett just added these to player checklists in the last day or two and I wanted to know if anyone had any information about them? They look like they are all /50? There are a bunch on COMC but no Albert Belle, were all players were made? Were they literally only distributed in Asia? Most...
  9. MansGame

    I need advice on two redemptions - thanks

    Since I am an Albert Belle collector, I do not deal much with redemption cards (thank god) and since Albert Belle was reintroduced to the hobby in 2011 he has been on a handful. I have personally sent in 8 redemption cards of his over the years and have had little trouble except for two which...
  10. MansGame

    Next Few 2015 Baseball Products Coming Out?

    Just curious, what are the next few baseball releases coming out for 2015? If someone has a site or link that they monitor to give them this information that would be helpful as well. Trying to see if Topps is going to continue spraying Albert Belle cards in new product or if they are going...
  11. MansGame

    New/Upgraded Topps Redemption Site Coming Soon?

    Homepage of redeem.topps.com: Upcoming News! We are excited to announce redeem.topps.com is being upgraded! In the coming weeks, you will experience a new user friendly site where you can manage your redemptions. More information to follow. Very interesting. Looks like right now they...
  12. MansGame

    Prisoners serving life-without-parole for crimes committed when they were teenagers

    Watched an interesting documentary on Netflix called Lost for Life - "This powerful documentary shares the stories of prisoners serving life-without-parole sentences for crimes they committed when they were teenagers." It was a very interesting documentary and the discussion about this topic...
  13. MansGame

    Official Clash of Clans Thread

    Updated September 16, 2015: There are more than 8,500,000 people who play Clash of Clans and I figured I would start a thread to see which FCB members have a village or rather how many are addicted yet... Post up your name, current level and Clan (if you have one yet). I thought it would be...
  14. MansGame

    COMC - Sort by 'Most in Stock'

    I've had threads and posts in the past about COMC and how I think they're going to eventually be bombarded with commons and just being a bottomless pit of cardboard that will never sell. It is interesting that now you can search their site by Most in Stock and see what has the most copies, etc...
  15. MansGame

    1994 Upper Deck Silver Back Variations?? Lets discuss!

    Is/was anyone aware of this variation from the 1994 Upper Deck release? A Silver Back variation? I'm sure a lot were but I wasn't but just saw they added it to Albert Belle's checklist and when doing a little digging, there are some on eBay and COMC, so I must have just missed this variation...
  16. MansGame

    WTTF Anyone have 2014 Tek Albert Belle Base Card for trade?

    That simple. Just want to put a simple trade together with someone who has it. I still need it for my PC but would rather just trade with someone.
  17. MansGame

    Interesting thought regarding cards being "packed out" in recent products

    So since I'm a player collector of someone who played in the '90s and the '90s was when I was probably the most heavily involved in the hobby, I had an interesting though today... I sometimes think about Albert Belle cards from pre-2001 and whether or not they are "packed out" because of how...
  18. MansGame

    Jose Canseco accidentally shoots himself in the hand

    Seriously... no joke... http://www.cnn.com/2014/10/28/us/jose-canseco-shooting-accident/index.html?hpt=hp_t2 Got to love Jose!
  19. MansGame

    I don't get sale patterns sometimes - #/50 auto is more than #/25 auto

    I'll just use Albert Belle 2014 Stadium Club "SP" Auto's as an example which just came out. There is a #/50 version and a #/25 version. I have the #/25 version but have not been able to get the #/50 version because sales are higher than what I paid for the #/25?! Here is the pattern by...
  20. MansGame

    Non-serial #'ed Auto's in 2014 Stadium Club?!

    Are all players included in this? Beckett lists Albert Belle for example as having a non-serial numbered auto, one #/50, one #/25 and then the 1/1. It's been a while since the release and not a single non-serial numbered auto of his has surfaced. What gives? Anyone else having this problem...

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