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  1. scotty216brs

    Home Run Catch?

    Anyone watching the Red Sox/Indians game just see this? Hanley Ramirez just hit a bomb to CF, and Austin Jackson ran back to the wall up against the bullpen and caught the ball 2ft over the wall [robbed him of a HR] and fell over the wall into the bullpen (held onto the ball). It was ruled an...
  2. scotty216brs

    Just need 49 more for my free jump rope!

    Got arguably my rarest card in my collection in the mail today. It's of one of my favorite all-time Red Sox players, Forrest "Hick" Cady. Forrest Cady was a backup catcher for several seasons for the Red Sox, who played on 3 of their World Championship teams. He was the preferred catcher of the...
  3. scotty216brs

    One card mailday & showing off my Red Sox vintage catcher PC!

    Have had my eye on this one for a long time, decided to throw in an offer with the 10% eBay bucks promotion, he countered and I felt like it was a fair price. From one of the most beautiful sets ever produced: :) Probably the nicest '2' I've ever seen. Surface grade might be what knocked it...
  4. scotty216brs

    (((>>>===---Saturday Morning Thread 2/25---===<<<)))

    Morning all! So who here got to see the #1 golfer in the world at work yesterday? Oh, no one?....Just me? :cool: Hope everyone has a great day!
  5. scotty216brs

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>Monday Morning Thread 2/20<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>Monday Morning Thread 2/20<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Off to work in a few. Have a good day everyone!
  6. scotty216brs

    T206 Red Sox team set progress thread....UPDATE! 3/25

    Nice to be getting some maildays again.....wallet be damned! The first two I bought from PWCC's ebay auctions, they had a ton of nice cards for sale with prices to match. Got outbid on a handful but won a couple nice one's for the Red Sox PC: Couldn't pass this up for $21, don't have many...
  7. scotty216brs

    Scotty is back!!! Huge mailday......team set finally complete, T3 style!

    ...but not back for long, out of monies now. ;) This mail is from the past month...I'll start with the 'smallest' pickup, both literally and figuratively. This is arguably my favorite set of all time, 1909 E90-1 American Caramel. This one doesn't come up for sale too often so I had to have...
  8. scotty216brs

    Rick Porcello is the first 20 game winner in 2016

    I think he has to strongly be considered for the AL Cy Young. I never thought I'd be saying that after last year. He's been extremely impressive this year (currently 9 straight QS) finally living up to his potential. Ben Cherington actually now looks smart by signing him to that 4/$80m...
  9. scotty216brs

    If you thought it couldn't get any worse for the Angels....

    Andrelton Simmons to have surgery on his thumb. Like they say, if it weren't for bad luck then they would have no luck at all....:|
  10. scotty216brs

    Happy 98th Birthday, Mr. Robert Pershing Doerr!

    The oldest living HOFer....here's to 98 more!!! :grouphug:
  11. scotty216brs

    David Ortiz is the newest member of the 500 HR club!

    2 HRs tonight to get him to 500. Huge congrats to him! Wish he could have done it at Fenway Park, but you can't pick and choose where and when you hit your HRs.
  12. scotty216brs

    Lucroy and Brantley both setting records over the weekend

    Jonathan Lucroy passes Ivan Rodriguez with his 46th double as a catcher, setting the all time record. His 53 overall doubles make him tied for 30th all time in a single season. (Tied with the likes of Musial, Speaker, Mattingly, Waner, Simmons, etc..) Michael Brantley who is having a career...
  13. scotty216brs

    Am I crazy to trade Joey Votto for Ian Kinsler?

    I'm in an 18 team Dynasty league (points league, weekly lineup changes), currently in 1st place [8-2] and Neil Walker (what has been having a GREAT season) just went on the DL for appendix surgery. My backup 2B is Brandon Hicks so that's not a guy I really want in my starting lineup for as long...
  14. scotty216brs

    Hey uh Michael, you got some DIRT on your neck....

    Pineda ejected in the 2nd inning because of pine tar on his neck. Never seen that before. Why he doesn't do a better job of hiding it I have no idea, especially after last start against us.
  15. scotty216brs

    New addition to the Red Sox M116 family!!

    Snagged this puppy for $31 dlvd....can't beat that price! I was willing to a lot higher :o It's in kind of rough shape with the crease and some markings, but the corners are still fairly sharp and it looks decent in person. Heck, at this stage I'll take any card I can get for under $50!! :D...
  16. scotty216brs

    First mailday in YEARS...M116 Red Sox team set additions

    I don't believe I have had a proper mailday in at least a couple years. Been a while. :) I took a bit of a break from collecting mainly so I could save up some money but at the same time not too much interested me for my collection. A couple weeks ago I was browsing eBay and saw a couple cards...
  17. scotty216brs

    Ryan Dempster will not pitch in 2014

    Not too often Ryan Dempster makes a headline but he decided due to physical issues and wanting to spend more time with family he will sit out the 2014 season. He leaves a little over $13m on the table. LINK That's too bad. Even though he didn't pitch great last year, I really liked him as...
  18. scotty216brs

    What current ML pitchers could become full time hitters?

    So I was daydreaming about baseball this morning and thought of that question. Essentially if any pitcher in baseball was to never pitch again and only focus on hitting, which pitcher do you think could make a big league club as a hitter? (Let's assume their defensive ability has no bearing on...
  19. scotty216brs

    Boston Red Sox are the 2013 ALDS Champions!!!

    Congrats to them, well deserved!!! SO happy right now :D :D :D
  20. scotty216brs

    Red Sox with 2 walk off wins in the same day

    Lead MLB with 11 walk-off wins. Last night they came back from a 5 run defecit in the 9th to win the game. Has it been done before with two walk-off wins in the same day? I'd think so, but I can't say for sure. Awesome game to watch, you don't have to be a Red Sox fan to appreciate those types...

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