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    COMC Redeem Store Credit Question

    Anyone ever cash in their credit for Blowout credit? I am looking to do this and wanted to know if it is a transferable certificate. It looks like they email you an electronic gift certificate? As much as I would like to spend the money on a case or towards a case-I do need to be a...
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    A Gentleman AND a Scholar

    A huge thank you, thumbs up, props, 3 cheers, a pat on a back and even a golf clap to Greg Cleveland! I am not able to make it on these boards very often. So little in fact I lose track of Andrews Group breaks. Recently, I received a mailer that I did not recognize who it was from or that I...
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    10 day order in

    Here is the first part of my set that went in. I am doing a master set of the 2004 Pristine baseball. I have all but one card for the refractors graded and took a big step forwar with the base set that is in now for a 45 day order. All the inserts have been in and graded except the minis and...

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