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    ‘77 Burger King Lou Pinella card

    It was nice to get a real Reggie Jackson card in the BK set, not the airbrush version from the regular set.
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    Project Topps 2020...

    Print run 13,200 easily the highest so far
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    Project Topps 2020...

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    Project Topps 2020...

    This Trout is pretty cool too
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    Project Topps 2020...

    I don't have it in hand yet but I really like this Jeter. The designs are not for everyone but I dig a lot of them.
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    2001 Upper Deck Series 2- 1971 All-Star Salute Jerseys

    Thanks for the follow-up - OK - maybe eliminate McCovey In the tradingcarddb I see a AS-BR - Brooks Robinson - but I search on ebay and see that it is a bat card, not a jersey card. I think the AS-HA2 Hank Aaron and AS-JB2 Johnny Bench cards in that checklist are bat cards as well. Maybe I...
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    2001 Upper Deck Series 2- 1971 All-Star Salute Jerseys

    It has been a while since I posted here so here goes. I have been looking for a couple years for a 2001 Upper Deck Series 2- 1971 All-Star Salute Jerseys - Thurman Munson and finally found one. I thought I had the complete run but then I looked for a checklist - I found this one on...
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    WTB 2014 Topps Andrew McCutchen Parallels

    Looking to buy 2014 Topps Andrew McCutchen parallels - pink, clear, platinum, and printing plates. Thanks Tom
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    FT 2013 Topps Chrome 1972 Inserts

    Have some for sale or trade, let me know what you need.
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    2002 Upper Deck Yankee Dynasty Memorabilia

    OK, I'm trying to understand this issue and finish it off. They are obviously uniform cards, two jerseys per card. I look at Beckett.com and the two Jeter combos (Jeter/Clemens) (Jeter/Williams) are listed as base cards. Did Upper Deck just not have a Jeter jersey to use? Any examples of...

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