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  1. bigunitcards

    The 2014 Topps (High) Tek Thread

    5 YEARS for this blue #/5 parallel to show up, 5 YEARS. 2 or 3 of the blue autographs have been for sale and I got the first one, but this unnumbered version has never been for sale.
  2. bigunitcards

    Oh Super Sweet 90's Inserts.... #3

    This was the first '98 Topps Stars N Steel Gold I have seen for sale in the past 5 years, still haven't seen a Holo Gold. It's always weird when cards like this never come up and no one is really interested in them & they sell for the minimum. I guess because this is an 'oddball' release as far...
  3. bigunitcards

    The Great 1996 Select Certified Mirror Gold Auctions Of 2019 From PWCC

    Golds are rolling in. If anyone else won their guy please do show off.
  4. bigunitcards

    Oh Super Sweet 90's Inserts.... #3

    A year later & finally found another one that wasn't $80. My 5,300th Randy Johnson card:
  5. bigunitcards

    Oh Super Sweet 90's Inserts.... #3

    Was finally able to unite these 2 unreleased brothers
  6. bigunitcards

    Player Collectors: how do you store/display?

    Binders by year, although some years are actually in 2. There are 3 more binders that won't fit on the shelf. Binders have parallels together like so, my favorite cards are at the front. I don't leave holes for needed cards, I rearrange things on the rare occasion I find something new. 4...
  7. bigunitcards

    The Super Sweet Early 00's Thread

    Over a year later and a Black #/199 finally came up for sale (I'm not counting the one on Beckett that nut Card Gallery has for $36 that will be there until inflation makes the $7 I paid worth $36 in 2055 money). I get as much enjoyment finding these type cards as I do 1/1s. #/199 and takes...
  8. bigunitcards

    Official Randy Johnson Collectors Thread

    If poker is characterized as hours of boredom and moments of sheer terror, then hardcore player collecting is weeks/months of sheer boredom and text messages/maildays of sheer exhilaration. 1998 Pinnacle Certified Prototypes/Unreleased Rainbow 1998 Select Jersey Number Parallels...
  9. bigunitcards

    How much 90's product was dumped?

    Eckerds, I haven't heard that name in years
  10. bigunitcards

    The Super Sweet Early 00's Thread

    I got the #/100 Game Ball with the amazing lettering on it way back in 2000, it was the first 'big' RJ card I ever bought where I spent a good amount of money (for a 16 year old). The #/25 Auto version I just got in today, it's the first one I've seen in the past 4 years, and I have absolutely...
  11. bigunitcards

    Official Randy Johnson Collectors Thread

    Such a nice reprint set, still can't believe I got the Superfractor for what it went for.
  12. bigunitcards

    Official Randy Johnson Collectors Thread

    Presented without comment 2017 Topps Transcendent Randy Johnson & Curt Schilling Dual Wood Autograph 1/1 - no parallels
  13. bigunitcards

    Oh Super Sweet 90's Inserts.... #3

    some pics on worthpoint https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/1998-pinnacle-certified-gold-destiny-849993651
  14. bigunitcards

    Uninterested Adam Meme Contest- Open until final pitch of World Series

    could't really find a pic of BG looking in that direction
  15. bigunitcards

    Official Randy Johnson Collectors Thread

    White whale acquired! The last game used card type I've been seeking for awhile now is a MLB Logoman patch card. I missed out on some 2009 Unique cards a few years back & finally a few new logoman autos starting appearing in 2015 products, but none ever came up for sale. Then last week this...
  16. bigunitcards

    1999 & 2000 Topps Tek Thread

    Snagged 2 more 2000 Golds for $20 each at auction (and a '99 gold for $26). Up to 9 out the 20 now. Still can't believe I got them that low, I had been doing BOs for $40-$50. My main competitor seems to concentrate on overpriced patch cards & sticker auto 1/1s while I focus on 90s inserts &...

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