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    Gorgeous Error Cards

    I’ve been sitting on these beauties, but was inspired to post them. 1990 Wonder Stars Offset Backs
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    1992 Fleer Wrong Back - Andre Dawson

    I bought some cards on eBay and there was a stack of Dawson used as filler packing material. I was getting ready to set them aside for a certain Dawson collector that loves commons when I noticed the back didn't look like Dawson. Instead it was Cedric Landrum and the entire stack was Andrew...
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    Jordan Upper Deck SP1 - Yellow Squiggle

    I just scanned in this lot and noticed that the Jordan in the middle has a small yellow squiggle on the top right border. Is this a known corrected error or did someone write on it? @jacksoncoupage
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    Supercollector Websites

    I added a new section on my website to link to Supercollector Websites. http://www.supercollectorcatalog.com/supercollector-sites.html Post your website here if you would like yours included.
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    $1,000,000 gets you 800 Sheets!

    Who's bidding? https://www.ebay.com/itm/5000-uncut-800-sheets-sets-1928-Babe-Ruth-party-for-orphans-1970s-find/274326688573?hash=item3fdf25133d:g:vooAAOSwBfhb9HQj
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    Nelson Cruz 500 HR?

    Sitting at 401 for his career after hitting 41 HR in 454 AB last year at age 38. Pretty amazing to be at 401 career HRs considering he never had 500+ at-bats in a season until he was 30 years old. Last year was probably his best season as he hit .311/.392/.639 but I imagine many players had...
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    Manny, Ortiz, Sheffield Hall of Fame

    500+ HR was always a lock for the HOF, but now we have some players that have passed that threshold, but aren't in. 555 - Manny Ramirez 541 - David Ortiz 509 - Gary Sheffield Manny was definitely the best hitter of the three. Ortiz performed best in the post-season and had the best peak years...
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    Newfield Sports Pages

    This is a multi-sport oversized mail order issue from the mid 1990s that has various subsets and covers all sports. These were released yearly from 1989 through 1996, but the variations can be difficult to catalog since the catalog numbering system seemed to change over time and the copyrights...
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    2005 Venezuelan Sticker Albums

    Has anyone seen these before? This first one has 180 stickers of MLB players. I can’t see the backs because they are all adhered to the pages. No manufacturer listed in the books. Sent from my iPhone using Freedom Card Board mobile app
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    1986-2004 Sports & Soaps Checklist

    I'm missing a ton of these as there had to be six per year as it looks like the dates on them are every two months. I've long suspected it, and finally verified, that there are variations of the pamphlets. I thought it would just be location information, but this example from 1991, shows fairly...
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    Belichek Rookie?

    1991 Newfield Sports Pages - Behind the Scenes #5290-08 Sent from my iPhone using Freedom Card Board mobile app
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    Shh..Gio Gonzalez No-No Through 6 IP

    Sitting at 76 pitches.
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    What Happened in Baseball the Day You Were Born?

    You winter babies are out of luck, but for everyone else, here is a link to every box score for every day since 1913. https://www.baseball-reference.com/boxes/?month=7&day=15&year=1968 Willie Mays Sac Fly Hank Aaron 2 for 3 with SB Mickey Mantle 1 for 3 with SB Yaz Sac Fly Al Kaline 3 for 4...
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    Can anyone ID this Griffey Item?

    It looks like a slide used in the printing of the cereal box or is it something else? Any idea on value? Sent from my iPhone using Freedom Card Board mobile app
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    Happy Bobby Bonilla Day!

    Mets send him his million dollar check today. Well played Bobby Bonilla's agent.
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    Hardest hit balls of the Stacast Era. #1 on the list was a doubleplay grounder. 166 balls have been hit with an exit speed of 115 MPH or greater. launch_speed player_name game_date 123.4 David Freese 4/12/2016 123.2 Eric Hosmer 4/21/2016 120.3 Giancarlo Stanton 5/12/2015 120.1 Giancarlo Stanton...
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    Nick Wittgren Made Me Chuckle

    This is his pic on MLB.com Sent from my iPhone using Freedom Card Board mobile app
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    Twins Chasing Record

    28 hits so far, record for a 9 inning game is 31.
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    Greatest Pitching Draft in MLB History?

    Was it 2006 with Kershaw, Scherzer and Lincecum? 7 Cy Young's and a total WAR of 118.4 1965 had Seaver and Nolan Ryan. They totaled 3 Cy Young's and WAR totaling 192.3 1984 had Maddux, Glavine and Jack McDowell. 7 Cy Young's and WAR totaling 216.5 There may be others great years, but as of...
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    Rick Monday - 40 Years Ago Today


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