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  1. Bob Franklin

    Basketball Relics FT/FS ..... Cheap !!!

    I've decided to get out of Basketball completely. I'll be trading all of my BASKETBALL RELICS (about 350 of 'em) to anybody who is interested. I'd prefer to trade them for PHILLIES and BRAVES that I need. The problem I have is - the cards are posted in my bucket. I've uploaded thousands of...
  2. Bob Franklin

    FS/FT 5" x 7" Cards FT/FS (Suitable for framing).

    If you're interested in a certain team/player, let me know and I'll show you what I have. .
  3. Bob Franklin

    Trade between swish54_99 & Bob Franklin

    Swish gets: Max Fried Finest Refractor Auto Clayton Kershaw Comm. MLB Logo Patch Francisco Lindor Comm. USA Flag Patch Bob gets: Mookie Betts Patch Clayton Kershaw multi-colored Patch .
  4. Bob Franklin

    Sale: WizardofOz1982 & Bob Franklin

    Wizard gets: Topps Super Ozzie Smith /49 and Topps Super Tyler O'Neill /49 Bob F gets: Ten bucks.
  5. Bob Franklin

    Trade between Chippernate & Bob Franklin

    Bob Franklin gets: Base/Inserts 2005 Donruss Champions Andrus Jones Impressions Black 3/5 #331 2008 Bowman Chrome Larry Williams Gold Refractor 37/50 #BCP185 2008 Donruss Threads Jordan Schafer 15/25 #53 2008 UD Premier Premier Stitchings Brian McCann 50/75 PSTI-MC (manufacture patch) 2009...
  6. Bob Franklin

    Trade between swish54_99 & Bob Franklin

    swish54_99 gets: Albert Abreu Bowman Platinum Auto Koby Allard Bowman’s Best Auto Javier Baez 2017 Commemorative Patch Mookie Betts Patch Max Fried Topps Chrome Auto Clayton Kershaw multi-colored Patch Didi Gregorius Topps Chrome Auto Andre Dawson 2016 Topps Blue /199 Oscar...
  7. Bob Franklin

    Let's get some TRADING going.....

    Hello! I joined this board in 2008. For one reason or another, I stopped calling same year (Now, I think I may know why). If new, potential members log in to check out the board and they don't see any trades being made or 2 or 3 posts being made per day, they won't call back...
  8. Bob Franklin

    Am I missing Something?

    I logged in yesterday and I left a few posts for trading some cards. When I logged back in tonight, I checked NEW MESSAGES. There were four messages, since yesterday? Am I doing something wrong? Also, Is there a list of the top traders? And how do I get to see it? Thanks for any help! Bob
  9. Bob Franklin

    FS/FT Topps Supers

    I have about a hundred TOPPS SUPERS for trade ( Trading for Phillies and Braves that I need) or sale. Here are some samples..... If you're interested in a certain team or player, just ask and I'll see what I have available. These "box toppers" are 5" x 7" cards and they look great in a cheap...
  10. Bob Franklin

    FS/FT Topps - 1974 on .....

    I have five or six monster boxes of Topps, from 1974 thru yesterday. If you would like me to search for any set needs that you have, send me a list and I will gladly do so. These cards are for trade or sale. Bob PM if I don't rely within a day or so.
  11. Bob Franklin

    Almost 500 Baseball Autos FT/FS

  12. Bob Franklin

    American League Game Used FT/FS

  13. Bob Franklin

    National League Game Used FT/FS

  14. Bob Franklin

    Football Autos for Baseball

  15. Bob Franklin

    Over 500 Football GU for Baseball

  16. Bob Franklin

    Over 300 Basketball GU for Baseball

  17. Bob Franklin

    Hockey For Trade - for Baseball


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