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    FS: Griffey '99 Tek Gold #1/10 Pattern 17

    Number 5B. Pattern 17. As you can see, the numbering bleeds through to the front. Seems to be a problem with all the cards with this pattern. Looking for $400 Dlvd. Feel free to make an offer too...
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    UD bringing back golf cards!

    Been hoping for this for 2-3 years. With the young superstars on Tour, Tiger in sets and overall surge in interest, I think these golf products will do well... https://www.sportscollectorsdaily.com/upper-deck-bringing-golf-cards-back-artifacts-1st-off-the-tee/
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    2022 NCCC back to AC...

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    From Tanner, card memes

    So our local celebrity Tanner, aka @mouschi just posted this one and it is dead on. Feel free to post any memes that are card related. We have two other meme threads on here elsewhere for the others.
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    My recent '98-00 Topps Tek box breaks...

    Wanted to post these because I thought some folks would enjoy seeing them. Pics below. In the last coupla months, I've broken a box each of 1998-2000 Topps Tek. A LCS nearby still had them, and for good prices. Fun rip, and with all the variations, takes a while to sort. 98 box had 3...
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    Lot of 24 different Tatis Jr. 2019 RCs

    Huge lot of 24 different 2019 Tatis RCs. All from last year and thus are TRUE RCs. The ones on the bottom are the more valuable. The Optic on the bottom row is a Prizm version. The Topps "jump" version is the Factory set variant. The Museum Collection is /150. $300 Dlvd w/ sig confirmation...
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    +++++ Daily Morning Thread Sat 10/10 +++++

    Morning all! 11 hour day today then a rainy day off...
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    LF: Matt Chapman 2020 Stadium Club Rainbow foil /25...

    LMK if you got one or know someone that does: Matt Chapman 2020 Stadium Club Rainbow foil /25 Thanks!
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    RIP Gale Sayers

    One of the most exciting RBs in football history, Gale Sayers has passed.
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    1 box of ‘20 SC...

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    FREE MLB.TV for college students

    MLB.TV is FREE for the rest of the season for college students. Details here: https://www.freestufftimes.com/free-mlb-tv-for-college-students?fbclid=IwAR2rNE1gxi8i6ZPgQiJFygh6sEUiWNBUchiWltyLXGUI34Cbrttnc_ISrrE
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    Everyone up for another year of FCB FFL?

    I think we had a great, very competitive league last year. And I'm not just saying that 'cuz I won. LOL But is everyone down for another go-around? I think @Gwynn545 is the Commisioner...
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    Possible $25 off $25.01 eBay purchase coupon...

    Some eBay accounts may have a $25 off any purchase over $25.01 coupon available. It's for their 25th Anniversary. It seems I don't have it available so I'm not sure how it'll show up if you do... https://forums.freestufftimes.com/threads/select-ebay-accounts-coupon-for-25-off-25-01.174272/
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    '60 Yaz RC PSA grading guesses needed...

    Was looking at this one since it's better than mine. I was guessing a PSA 3 or 4 but I'm VERY far from an expert on grades, especially for vintage. A way off-center '61 is also included.
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    Trout SF sets price record...

    The Trout Sterling Superfractor sold yesterday for $3.4 Million. The previous record had been $3.1 for a Honus Wagner...
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    Amazing SW PA '52 Hi attic find...

    Another AWE-some attic find. This time in Southwestern PA: https://www.sportscollectorsdaily.com/new-lotg-sale-includes-forgotten-collection-of-early-topps-cards/?fbclid=IwAR0lTDNQfqBCOExZ-k3NUPTqlcM2Vxi28SyEakmcMlomONb48wrjYjzh0g0
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    Spam postings way up

    What can be done to keep all these spam posts from showing? Can mods somehow delete them? Or just some way of blocking them before they post?
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    Rolling topps.com Exclusives thread: Sapphire Ed 9/30

    Is the release for the 2020 Topps Finest Flashback (Topps.com exclusive) still supposed to be 7/15? And if so, what time? TIA!
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    Redskins name change seems confirmed

    Multiple sources say the Washington Redskins are going to announce a name “retirement” tomorrow. No word yet on name replacement. Owner Daniel Snyder has previously said he’d never change it but was under increased pressure from sponsors and players. IMO, it’s way past overdue...
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    Small Prizm purple lot w/ Bichette, Belly, Xander $22 Dlvd

    From 20 Prizm blasters. Purple is retail only. $22 Dlvd.

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