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    Cooperstown hotel suggestions?

    Planning a trip for soon and would like to hear some suggestions and advice. Thanks in advance.
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    Braun gets a standing O 1st AB after lying and cheating

    Because you know he needs one. I mean after all think of all hes been through. Poor guy. Stay classy.
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    How to add value to a Jeter rookie card.

    Forge an autograph. Ebay seller redcorn81 is selling a comical forgery. Not saying they forged it but they sure are selling it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Derek-Jeter-1993-SP-Foil-Rookie-Autographed-/321326015645?pt=US_Baseball&hash=item4ad085e49d
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    I often wondered about this being a game used collector

    Being a game used collector of Yankees memorabilia I often wondered if this has happened with any of stuff in the past. While this is a football story I hope for high end specific moment collectors (historic at bat, hit etc) this is an isolated case, but I assume it isn't...
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    Star wars action figure question for a young kid

    When I was younger as many did I had the Darth Vader head action figure case. My nephew is very into Star Wars now and I would love to get him one of these. Now I have no problem buying him a great condition vintage one but my question is simple. Did they re-release these at any point? And did...
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    Rackrs cards ? Fake Jeter autograph

    This is a real bad forgery I seen pop up on ebay. Seems this rackrs company claims this was signed in 2012, which is a lie. This is what happens when everyone now thinks they are a card company. Grab bags, fly by nighters and greed is what's killing the hobby. http://rackrs.com/
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    XBOX one is pretty damn good, so far

    I picked up a few last night and just sold off the 4 extra I had and finally had a chance to check it out. The TV integrated into the console is pretty damn awesome not sure how I feel about leaving the console on every time I want to watch TV but with the Kinect and voice recognition I can just...
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    Baseball video of the day

    Here is a great video of Mickey Mantles 500 homerun.
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    Favorite baseball photograph?

    What's yours?
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    Saint Pete FL people you see this news?

    This would be impressive to see in person! Huge Autographed Baseball Collection to Have New Home as Part of St. Pete Baseball Exhibit | Sports Collectors Daily | Sports collecting news
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    Your thoughts? Got a promo one a few weeks back and hooked it up today. Seems like a cool gadget for 35 bucks. What do you think? Any tricks/hacks?
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    Anyone interested in a BK Cyclones SGA Daniel Murphy POT O'GOLD bobble head?

    I may have 1 or 2 extra PM me if interested. Here is what they look like...
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    Anyone here tried DDP yoga?

    Good ? Bad? Snake oil?
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    Just wanted an autograph WAHHHHHH

    An adult none the less crying about not getting free stuff. Entitlement at its finest. Redskins training camp- Devastated - YouTube
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    Griffey Jr. fans check this out

    Not too bad of a price IMO https://giveto.seattlechildrens.org/ken-griffey-jr-bat-sales
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    Classy autograph hounds here in NYC

    As always the IP hounds keeping it classy. Calling a child a brat and a B*tch cause her mother wouldnt sign. Yes everyone line up and buy from their ebay stores because remember they are doing this all for you and your money and their "love" of the hobby. Just to save you the rant it was...
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    RIP Chi Cheng (Deftones Bass player)

    I was fortunate enough to work with this band for a few years when they were on the label I worked for. There were not many like Chi he always went above and beyond for the fans. While he was in a coma now for years, according to his mother he was improving greatly in the past few months. Sadly...
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    Breaking Bad screen used item!

    So I go yesterday to hang with a few old friends and one notices my breaking bad shirt and he goes "oh XXXX you watch that show you need to swing by my place I have something cool for you" as he proceeds to pull out his cell phone and show me pictures of Brian Cranston with some guy, I ask who...
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    Just a friendly heads up

    But be careful with any autographed items from over seas mostly photographs from Japan, China, Taiwan etc. In the last 3 months or so thousands of fake items with fake PSA and JSA stickers have been surfacing. The autographs look decent so the forgeries are not too obvious but there is no doubt...
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    Musician autograph collectors check it out!

    Legendary blues guitar player Buddy Guy is selling pretty nice signed item through his bar on ebay for a decent price some for $20.00 shipped. Figured I would put the word out there for you collectors, its a pretty good price I picked myself 2 last night for my office. buddy_guys_legends | eBay

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