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  1. HPC

    See no Evil 2

    Downloaded and watching it now. Since it's Halloween I figured I'd watch some scary movies Holy fuck is it bad I mean, I didn't expect Oscar worthy stuff but the acting is so horrendous At least the chicks are hot
  2. HPC

    HIAC thread

    Might have to re subscribe to see Rollins vs Ambrose
  3. HPC

    WWEN to have ads during/before shows now

    They're hemorrhaging money on the network so I guess they're resorting to selling ad space Bullshit man. I hate the ads on Hulu but tolerate them since I don't have satellite or cable anymore Why should I have to watch ads on a premium subscription? Just one more reason I'm glad I...
  4. HPC

    The Flash

    Who else watched? I did and although it was a little cheesy at times, I was very happy A lot of Easter eggs like Gorilla Grodd and Ferris Air Cool Arrow cameo too! Love the Professor Zoom set up
  5. HPC

    Why does everyone hate Windows 8?

    With the reveal of Windows 10, every article mentions how bad 8 is. I don't mind 8, personally. I think it sports a nice UI and the Metro screen is cool, even though I rarely use it. My biggest issue is when my cursor ends up on the right side of the screen, the menu bar seems to always...
  6. HPC

    "Destroy the scorpion" - Bray Wyatt's tweet

    "it exists in us all we are the ants destroy the scorpion Be Heard" ...I'd mark hard for Wyatt vs Sting feud
  7. HPC

    The Blacklist returns. My theory ... (Spoilers)

    (Long read...go to bottom for TL;DR) Which of you guys watch? I heard about Netflix paying $2m per episode to stream,so it piqued my curiosity. I was hooked fast and spent about 12 hours finishing season 1 this weekend. So, the big reveal at the end of the show was that Red has severe burn...
  8. HPC

    According to Tim Brown of Yahoo, it's okay for umpires to put their hands on players...

    if said umpire is cleaning up the game of varmints like Jon Papelbon. :facepalm: Umpire Joe West could be fined for snatching up a handful of Jonathan Papelbon’s jersey – while Papelbon was still in it – so that West could rid himself of the puerile Phillies reliever and return to his position...
  9. HPC

    Why am I expected to tip everywhere I go?

    http://finance.yahoo.com/news/envelopes-marriott-hotels-invite-tips-maids-063418867--finance.html There are other businesses and people trying to guilt me into doing it and it's starting to piss me off. My opinion: As a business - screw you. stop trying to make me tip someone to justify you...
  10. HPC

    The WWEN could go back to cable altogether

    In an odd twist, Vince McMahon is considering putting the WWE Network on cable TV, which would seemingly defy the very reason the company created the streaming service in the first place. It’s also claimed that George Barrios, WWE’s chief strategy and financial officer, says the company is...
  11. HPC

    "Donkey Kong Suh"

    Since Danny Ferry is getting heat all over for racist comments, this needs more attention. Cam Newton said it five times at his press conference in reference to Ndamukong Suh. The sports media is saying "well gee golly is Cam saying this to make fun of his name because it sounds like 'Donkey...
  12. HPC

    iPhone guys: I'm running IOS8

    Shows I'm on 8.0 New chathead feature Keypad is a little different for calls Battery use percentage section ...i'm still learning all it has new
  13. HPC

    iPhone guys: I'm running IOS8

    Downloaded the gold master version (which is the version that will come preloaded on the iphone 6) for my 5c The os' look has not changed drastically, but there are a lot of new features. Downside is my battery is draining quick it looks like I am sure on the 6 and 6+, that battery life will...
  14. HPC

    Rumor: Sting will have his first match with returning Punk

    "There are numerous speculations from fans as to how Sting will make his entrance in the promo…. Rumors of The Undertaker being his first fight excites the fans even more. However, it is reported that the undertaker is on leave from the franchise for what seems to be forever for his fans, so it...
  15. HPC

    Ever had a moment your brain just said "screw you lol"

    I forgot how to spell "George" It took me about 45 seconds and I still could not remember, so I spelled it "Jorge" :facepalm:
  16. HPC

    How many are playing Madden?

    Or attempting to The glitches have me wondering how a game that makes a billion dollars every year can be so shitty Online: servers booted me off during a game I was dominating; lag is sooooo excessive Offline: offline franchise freezes after nearly every game; lag seems even worse offline I...
  17. HPC

    Stock photos always amaze me

    When talking about hackers, news sites always publish one that looks like this: When the reality is this
  18. HPC

    Rock to play Black Adam in Shazam movie

    He confirmed it on his twitter account Best casting decision DC has made yet, IMO. They can use Rock in Justice League movies, and stand alones for a long time They found the one actor (that can actually act) that looks like a larger than life supervillain and got him. (For anyone who...
  19. HPC

    Triple H is Jericho's next guest on his podcast

    This should be a great interview! HHH doesn't do many radio interviews Batista was on last week I think
  20. HPC

    HBK is on RAW tonight

    I'll watch on Hulu tomorrow since i'll be at work when it starts

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