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  1. Topnotchsy

    Best pull I've ever pulled

    I don't often open packs anymore, after 2 decades of not pulling anything nice. Recently though, maybe because of being home for a month or otherwise, I've started taking part in a couple of breaks. Figure it's a low-cost way to engage in a break, and the results are the same since I don't...
  2. Topnotchsy

    Cool Negro League/Barnstorming pickup

    Hope everyone is doing okay with all the craziness going on. Until the mid-50's or so, barnstorming was a pretty common occurence for MLB ballplayers. At that time, players weren't paid enough during the season to just do nothing during the off-season, so they were looking for something...
  3. Topnotchsy

    Arenado question

    Edit: Figured it out. The lineup and opponent match up perfectly to who they played in 2011 on this date. Have 2 different games of these and they both show 2010 but match up with 2011. Funny that they didn't realize. It is hard to tell from the picture but is says "April 9, 2010." The...
  4. Topnotchsy

    FS Lineup cards available at very reasonable prices

    Hey all, I recently picked up over 1,000 lineup cards from legendary Dodgers manager and Hall-of-Famer Tommy Lasorda from 1989-1996. Due to the sheer volume, I am willing to move them for very reasonable prices. For basic Dodgers lineup cards I am looking for $25 for a copy signed by Lasorda...
  5. Topnotchsy

    Collection Centerpiece Acquired

    As some of you may know, the primary focus of my collection (ok, one of two primary focuses, along with lineup cards) is baseball's integration, and its central figures. Some of the major figures are Jackie Robinson, Roy Campanella and Don Newcombe. Jackie obviously broke the color barrier...
  6. Topnotchsy

    Question about 2004 Bowman Chrome

    Over the years of collecting I've seen my share of cards that were a bit small, and might have been suspect for trimming. One of the things I've noticed is that (unlike any other set), a pretty significant percentage of the 2004 Bowman Chrome card I have had was a drop small. Back when I was...
  7. Topnotchsy

    Will Mauer be the first player with a Rookie Auto to make the Hall of Fame?

    With Mauer's retirement, I was wondering whether he might be the first player with a rookie autograph to make the Hall of Fame? If I had to guess, the first player who had an insert autographed card in their rookie season to make the Hall will be Roy Halladay (1997 Bowman Auto), and depending...
  8. Topnotchsy

    WTB 2014 Topps Chrome Jose Ramirez Auto's

    Looking for buy copies of 2014 Topps Chrome Jose Ramirez Auto's. Base or parallels. Thanks!
  9. Topnotchsy

    Mystery Solved! 1955 Yankees US Tour lineup card

    Hey all, super pumped to finally get a vintage Yankees lineup card from the Stengel era. Doesn’t have Mantle in the lineup but features Berra and is from the heart of the Yankees dynasty. Here’s the issue though - the lineup shown doesn’t match any game from 1955 or 1956. This leads me to...
  10. Topnotchsy

    BC Red Refractor sales are crazy

    I was looking through completed sales on red refractors and the numbers blew my mind: 2018 Shohei Ohtani - $35,100 2018 Shohei Ohtani - $30,300 2010 Manny Machado BGS 8.5/10 (auto looks a bit faded though) - $30,000 2016 Juan Soto BGS 9.5/10 - $25,000 2008 Giancarlo Stanton PSA 9 - $25,000...
  11. Topnotchsy

    What is the appropriate feedback in this situation

    I recently bought a 2010 Chris Sale BC Gold Ref BGS 9.5. It cost $1000+ so definitely not a cheap piece. When I got the card in the mail I was really surprised to see the BGS case completely beaten up as the pictures below show. I went back to the listing and these were the pictures in...
  12. Topnotchsy

    Interesting Juan Soto (4th teenager with multiple 2 homerun games) memorabilia pickups

    Not sure what compelled me to go for this, but picked up a few interesting items tied to Juan Soto's 6/29/2018 2-homerun game. In that game he had 4 hits and 5 RBI and became the 4th teenager ever to have multiple 2 homeruns game before age 20. Items are all from the 6/29/2018 game Game-Used...
  13. Topnotchsy

    What do you think a Jose Altuve BC RC Auto would be worth if it existed today?

    Let's play what if: If Jose Altuve had a Bowman Chrome Auto what do you think the value would me My guesses: Base - $400 Blue Ref - $1500 Gold Ref - $2500 Orange Ref - $3500
  14. Topnotchsy

    15% off 1-time use coupon on eBay today "PRIMOSALE"

    Hey all, Just saw ebay has a 15% off coupon up today. (Min $25 item, Max $100 savings) I used it to knock $100 off the price of this:
  15. Topnotchsy

    Anyone knowledgeable about Japanese baseball (particularly vintage)

    I picked up a lot of signed pictures from the 1931 US Tour of Japan. Most had American players (Grove, Simmons etc) but a few were signed by Japanese players including a number of players in the Japanese HOF. I know in the US market, HOF autographs are a very popular category to collect...
  16. Topnotchsy

    eBay 20% off coupon for today. Post BIN's up to $500

    It looks like eBay has a 20% off coupon for Father's Day running today (code: PICKDADSGIFT) up to $100 in savings. This is obviously a pretty significant discount. eBates also appears to be up to 8%, so a pretty sweet combination for savings on 1 item. I was thinking it would be nice to...
  17. Topnotchsy

    FS Higher end lineup cards for sale (World Series, major RC etc)

    1) 10/16/1993 Phillies World Series Game 1 carbon copy - $400 2) 8/30/1972 Texas Ranger Ted Williams carbon copy auto - $200 3) 4/7/1999 Toronto Blue Jays -Jim Fregosi auto - Roy Halladay 3rd career game and only career save - $350 4) 6/28/2007 Toronto Blue Jays - Frank Thomas 500 home run game...
  18. Topnotchsy

    Just found a pretty cool lineup card in my collection - Any Blue Jays fans?

    Hey, Over the years I have picked up hundreds of lineup cards. I've been fortunate to be able to pick up a few collections that came from managers or umpires, and when picking up 100+ at a time, it's not always obvious which ones are important. Looking through some lineup cards tonight I...
  19. Topnotchsy

    Justin Upton

    Just took a look at Justin Upton's stats and had a few thoughts: 1) Anything think Upton could be the next Adrian Beltre? Top prospect who started at a really young age, that was somewhat underwhelming for years and then put it together. Upton is just 30 but already has 1,488 hits and 260...
  20. Topnotchsy

    What boxes would you want to open for nostalgia?

    Over the last couple of years I've built up a bit of a collection of wax of sets from early 2000's; boxes that when they came out were out of my price range and boxes that have become somewhat difficult to find. At the same time I've definitely given some thought to which boxes I think will go...

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