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  1. nevermore

    2021 Topps Preview image released

    Beckett posted Topps 2021 preview. First thought was it looks Donruss-y. I don't understand the purple and blue colors with the Angels. I do like the 70th anniversary logo though. Curious to hear everyone's thoughts? https://www.beckett.com/news/2021-topps-baseball-design-unveiled/
  2. nevermore

    FS 15 diff lots: O'Neill, Rivera, Yankees, Supplies, Ripken, Buyback, Stad Figs, Vint

    Clearing out a few things. Looking for some PayPal to help fund recent purchases. Bigger discounts for multiple lots. Shipping typically $3.00 for smaller lots. Bulk lots and supplies vary. Will try for combined and cheapest option. 1. 1995 Score Rules Jumbo Cal Ripken Jr ($20 + shipping)...
  3. nevermore

    Memorable releases and sets from the last 15 years (post-DLP)

    Cards from the DLP-era from 2000-2005 stick out as some of the most memorable releases for me even to this day. I was most active then. It seems that I blinked and the next 15 years went by and here we are at 2020. I was glancing through the releases from the last 15 years, they all blend...
  4. nevermore

    JSA Stickers on cards

    Picked up this autograph recently. It ended up costing $270. PSA/DNA sales have been ranging $400-450. I would have bought this card even if it wasn't authenticated and I was kinda surprised to see it go for as low as it did since it was an early auto. My question is that does having a sticker...
  5. nevermore

    FT/FS Vintage Yankees 1952-1975 + 90s TTM autos + team lots

    Trading the following. Want similar needs in return, I am not trading down for commons or liquidating these. My goal is to do some PWE trades and cross of some of my vintage needs here. I am happy to accept vintage cards in any condition except missing pieces, scans would be appreciated...
  6. nevermore

    Topps needs to step up their game

    Frustrated with Topps lately, they have been cutting corners on production quality. They got rid of the small authentic stamp on the back of autographs with the black hologram a while ago. Then, I bought a Torre Archives auto to find that the authentic stamp is not a foil stamp but printed on...
  7. nevermore

    FS Cards priced in 'boxes' $1, $0.50, $0.25, $0.10 w/discounts

    Card show style trade list with cards sorted in priced 'boxes.' for Spring Cleaning. If interested in buying my entire 'table' please make offer. Discounts as follows: Dollar Box - 7 for $5 $0.50 Box - 7 for $2.50 Quarter Box - 5 for $1 Dime Box - 15 for $1 Shipping is as follows: $0.75 for...
  8. nevermore

    FS Selling Yankees TTM/IP Autographs, all pictured/priced

    Please click on thumbnails for full-size if not loading below or cut off. Better deals if buying multiple cards. Shipping will $0.75 PWE (for 1-3 at your risk) and $3.00 mailer. 1997 Score PS Posada $25 1998 Fleer Tradition Chili Davis $5 1997 Fleer Jeff Nelson $3 1995 Fleer Paul O'Neill...
  9. nevermore

    FS (36x) Refractor Lot $23.00 shipped (1995-2013)

    Moving the lot listed below for $23 shipped. Includes 36 cards as shown and listed below. Technically speaking, the last few are Archives Reserve cards and aren't true refractors, but are nonetheless desirable (and shiny) base cards. Lot has older refractors from tougher sets of common players...
  10. nevermore

    FS Lot #1: 2016 National VIP Sets (x2) $25 shipped

    Looking to clear out my trading box, will try to move things in $25 lots which includes shipping/fees. Will keep posting additional lots once this is sold. These are priced to move, goes to first person to claim and pay. Lot #1: 2016 NSCC National Convention VIP DOUBLE Lot ($25 shipped) Two...
  11. nevermore

    FS 700 cards in 10¢ 25¢ 50¢ $1 'boxes', bulk/team discounts, sortable list

    Looking to clear out my trade box. Everything is listed by team, price and detailed card information. On this thread, it is by price -- I've sorted cards into to . Lots of nice stuff, all major players, as I've given away all my commons already. If you are looking by team, check my spreadsheet...
  12. nevermore

    Set builder question, which one set to build 1996-2010? Topps? UD? Fleer?

    I enjoy digging through boxes and building team sets at shows, my Yankee pickups have slowed. Now, I am looking to build team sets of the Knicks and working on a checklist. Need input on which sets to include... Prior to 1990 is easy. From 1990-1995, I've included all of them since I was a...
  13. nevermore

    FS Resale lot(s) - inserts, SPs, parallels, numbered, RCs, 2010 Heritage near-set (pic heavy!)

    Looking to make space, need to clear things out. Want to move it in bulk, great lots for dealers/resale/COMC. Not looking to break these up at this time. Better deals if you buy multiple lots. Please ask if you have questions or need specifics. Thanks. Lot #1: 60 Refractors ($25.00 + exact...
  14. nevermore

    FS/FT Updated trade list, new cards, all listed

    Looking to trade/sell, see my list below. There are close to 700 cards thru 2014. Looking to sell slightly below eBay cost, giving better prices for larger lots or entire team lots. Asking for exact postage, PWE okay for smaller sales, but buyer assumes all responsibility. If trading, looking...
  15. nevermore

    Does the seller not see the irony in this?

    Came across this... *palmface*
  16. nevermore

    2004 Greats of the Game Autograph Error?

    I purchased this card in 2004 from an eBay seller who had a sold off box break soon after the set was released. I had a near set, inserts, and this autograph in the lot. I never noticed the back until recently, it wasn't the certified auto back with the authenticity certificate but it had a...
  17. nevermore

    10 Keys to Being a Happier Collector

    Thought this was a great article: http://www.sportscollectorsdaily.com/10-keys-happier-collector/ After nearly 10 years of active collecting online, I've come to many of the same conclusions from my own experiences.
  18. nevermore

    Great Amazon offer for 3" Ultra Pro binders

    Picked up a 5 of these sets as filler items on my Amazon purchase to obtain free shipping. Will organize my Topps team sets in these. A great deal for those who are looking for binders. They have $3.00 team sets for baseball, football, basketball and hockey. This includes the factory sealed team...
  19. nevermore

    Do you have any uncut card sheets and items?

    I feel collectors never valued these highly, they seem to get overlooked and seem undervalued. They are nice items to have since a set will remain hidden in a binder but these can be hung and displayed openly. The bulk of these are from the late 80s and early 90s Tops sheets with a smattering...
  20. nevermore

    FS/FT Over 600 cards listed by team.

    Looking to trade/sell, see my list below. There are over 600 cards including stuff for set collectors, player collectors and team collectors. Looking to sell slightly below eBay cost. Asking for exact postage, PWE okay for smaller sales, but buyer assumes all responsibility. If trading, looking...

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