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    ***********SUNDAY MORNING THREAD 10/25*************

    Happy Sunday. Hope everyone is doing well.
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    My recent '98-00 Topps Tek box breaks...

    Definitely...pm sent earlier (I think). Hopefully it went through.
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    MLB Showdown Collectors/Collections?

    I'd appreciate it. I'll send you a message a bit later tonight. I'm a Strat-o-Matic player, so this game is a bit different, but I'm always looking to pick up new cards for my team. I've just never really explored these much before. Sounds good.
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    MLB Showdown Collectors/Collections?

    It's interesting to see that laid out. I'm not familiar with the mechanics of the game or that they had a "player" and then "strategy" card for each year. I probably have a half dozen of these between Konerko and Buehrle and Magglio in my collection, but never really looked into trying to do...
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    My recent '98-00 Topps Tek box breaks...

    Hey there- Would you be willing to move your Venturas or Frank Thomas cards?
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    MLB Showdown Collectors/Collections?

    How many cards are in this 2000-2005 run?
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    **********SUNDAY MORNING THREAD 10/11************

    Morning all. Hope everyone is well.
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    *****SUNDAY MORNING THREAD 9/27***************

    Everyone have a safe day.
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    *****SUNDAY MORNING THREAD********* 9/20

    Morning everyone.
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    ********SATURDAY MORNING THREAD 9/19**************

    LOL, I was going to say, first time I've awakened and the house was chilly! Can't turn the heat on quite yet, but Fall is indeed almost here.
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    **********SATURDAY MORNING 9/12*********

    Rainy here!
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    **********SATURDAY MORNING 9/12*********

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    Possible $25 off $25.01 eBay purchase coupon...

    It worked. Had been watching a certain 2019 parallel card for months that the seller wouldn't budge on. Turned down several requests. Sent him an offer, he accepted, took off the $25, ended up being $12.xx. Just to note, I had added it to my cart before I sent offer and tested the coupon...
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    Possible $25 off $25.01 eBay purchase coupon...

    I've been on Ebay with the same account since August 1999. Let's see if it works....
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    *********SUNDAY MORNING THREAD 8/30**************

    Morning. Hopefully a day of rest. I spent most of yesterday de-thatching the back yard, overseeding, fertilizing, and then doing some more intense lawn repairs in the front in a couple of smaller areas where some fungus had killed off the grass earlier this year. Looks like temps will be cool...
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    *********SUNDAY MORNING THREAD 8/23************

    Morning everyone!
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    *********SUNDAY MORNING THREAD 8/23************

    How many days a week are you allowed or do you choose to water?
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    ****** SUNDAY MORNING THREAD 8/9***************

    Morning everyone!!
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    **********SUNDAY MORNING THREAD 8/2************

    Prayers. Hang in there.

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