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  1. nevermore

    October - New Arrivals Thread

    One of the iconic autograph sets in my opinion, such a classic design after all these years.
  2. nevermore

    Card hunting at Target, Wal-Mart etc

    That has been my experience as well. I stop by Walgreens next to work for snacks/soda maybe once a week. I've never seen Topps Baseball there. Last time I found something was one pack of 2019 Series I (?Jumbo).
  3. nevermore


    Those are definitely some of the tougher oddballs to find. The Star Ledger took me a while. I also have the Sportzcubz O'Neill which had been quite tough to track down. One finally came up for auction after many, many years. I still need many of the mainstream releases as well: Aficionado...
  4. nevermore

    2022 NCCC back to AC...

    Yes! Glad it will be back on the East Coast. Will try to go as well.
  5. nevermore

    October - New Arrivals Thread

    @linuxabuser Nice Ryan! 2000 Subway Token, finally picked up this one. One of my favorite designs. 1998 Tek lot, needed 2 of these. Brings me to the 50% mark for O'Neill. Now have 5 to trade if anyone is seeking to swap.
  6. nevermore

    Ny Yankee in season thread

    Game 5 was the first game I've watched on TV all season. (I've kept the radio on for some others.) I've always enjoyed a low scoring pitchers' duel. It was nice to finally see a Cole pitch in pinstripes. Congratulations to the Rays. One has to respect teams that can win despite such a low payroll.
  7. nevermore

    October - New Arrivals Thread

    This effectively completes 2001-2011 Heritage Yankee base sets for me. A bit higher than I would have wanted, but the eBay Bucks helped. 2005 Topps Heritage Hawaii Promo #5 Alex Rodriguez /100
  8. nevermore

    Ny Yankee in season thread

    None of the contestants were Yankee fans...
  9. nevermore

    What do you do with base cards?

    For newer base cards, I give them out during Halloween in team bags along with candy for those that want on a typical, non-Covid, year.
  10. nevermore

    Obscure player collections?

    Cool thread, loved seeing everyone's response. One of the players I recently followed to collect is George Mogridge since he was a Rochester native. Famous for being thr first Yankee pitcher to throw a no hitter. He did it at Fenway. Unfortunately not many cards, and no Yankee cards. Seeking...
  11. nevermore


    Nowadays, there are better ways to preserve cards/autographs making lamination unnecessary. If it was discounted enough, I wouldn't mind buying vintage autographs/cards at the right price. I would factor it into the price like any other flaw... creases, rips, tears, etc.
  12. nevermore

    September pick ups/pulls

    Pardon the non-baseball, but quite excited about this BIN that popped up this morning. Figured $325 was a decent price for three Federer autographs. Gold is /10, Silver is /25, Bronze is non numbered.
  13. nevermore

    Rolling topps.com Exclusives thread: Sapphire Ed 9/30

    Topps has grown their online offerings the last few years...Topps Now, Living Set, Project 2020, Montgomery, 1993 Finest and then now these. Collectors seem to be eating it up. I am like you guys here, I only stick to my narrow collecting focus shying away from these types of sets. The amount...
  14. nevermore

    The 1998 Topps Tek Thread

    Congrats on completing the Bernie set! 5 years is very quick for a set that was released over 20 years ago. El Duque has to be even more challenging since it is his rookie year
  15. nevermore

    September pick ups/pulls

  16. nevermore

    Possible $25 off $25.01 eBay purchase coupon...

    Don't have it on my account. I can't recall my second account, I created it 15 years ago.
  17. nevermore

    August pick up/pulls

    Nice additions everyone!
  18. nevermore

    What do you store your cards in?

    The safe is stellar! My collection fits in 7-8 binders and one shoebox for toploaders. And one 700 count box of trade/supplies. I have thinned things out a lot this year. I have been looking into quality binders, was actually researching that last night. MJ Roops are popular but they are out...
  19. nevermore

    2021 Topps Preview image released

    Beckett posted Topps 2021 preview. First thought was it looks Donruss-y. I don't understand the purple and blue colors with the Angels. I do like the 70th anniversary logo though. Curious to hear everyone's thoughts? https://www.beckett.com/news/2021-topps-baseball-design-unveiled/
  20. nevermore

    August pick up/pulls

    This is a variation subset from 2010 Topps Series 2. All SSPs, one from each of the walk off wins from the Yankees wins.

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