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    FS Trout 09 Sterling Auto Pristine 10, 10 Auto $1300 OBO

    Looking for $1300 OBO. Auto chip is just miscut, it's not really crooked in the case and barely moves. Not really looking to trade, though maybe a PP + trade could work if need be
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    FS: Topps Masterwork Star Wars Silver Frame Autos, Leia, pair of pop 1 9.5's

    Masterwork Silver Frame /28 of the following. Price OBO Carrie Fisher-$450 Mike Quinn-$40 Gerald Home-$55 Caroline Blakiston-$55 Bonnie Piesse-$40 Amy Allen 9.5/10 pop 1-$90 John Ratzenberger 9.5/10 pop 1-$90 $750 OBO for the lot
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    FS Brock Osweiler Contenders Auto BGS 9.5/10 - $125 QTY

    Have two of these available, looking for $125 each or $225 for the pair. Also have a BGS 9.5/9 that I'd move for $110.
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    '14 BDP Jumbo Case Break, Cubbie purple saved the day :) !!!

    So when your second best card is a Bradley Zimmer Blue Ref Auto, it's probably not going to be a great case value wise. That is, unless this little thing shows up in the second to last box :o:o:o:o Holy crap. By far the best card I've ever pulled in a box. That was a Posey BDP Blue Ref Auto...
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    FS 2014 Bowman Mark Appel Gold Auto /50 BGS 10 Pristine, Chrome Base Auto BGS 10 Pristine

    Would like to move these two shortly to put some $ together for 2014 BCDP. $360 for the gold 10/10 $70 for Chrome 10/10 $400 for the pair
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    FS Trio of different Javier Baez Pristine BGS 10's!

    Looking for 40 PP each, trio for 105 dlvd Scratches are from my scanner, nothing major on the case
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    FS Anyone want Anthony Ranaudo? Black Status Auto /1 and others

    So he made his debut for the Sox, and picked up the win with 6 innings vs. the Yankees. Anyone interested? Looking for the following in PP, but am more than open to offers to work something out Black Status Auto /1: 200 Status Auto /50: 40 Aspirations Auto /100: 34 Collegiate Auto /125: 25...
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    FS Peter O'Brien & Rubby De La Rosa

    De La Rosa 2011 Sterling Ref Auto /199 BGS Pristine 10 - $125 2011 Sterling Auto - $9 2011 Sterling Gold Ref Auto /50 9.5 - $65 2011 Sterling Gold Ref Auto /50 x2 - $35 each O'Brien 2010 Bowman Chrome Black Ref Auto /25 BGS 9.5 - $175 2012 EEE Gold Status Auto /5 - $145 2010 Bowman Sterling...
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    FS Rubby De La Rosa Sterling Autographs

    Move much of what I had during his start last night, but a few things remain, so let's give this a go. Shoot me an offer if something interests you 2011 Sterling Auto BGS 9.5 (10 Auto)-$32.5 2011 Sterling Auto BGS 9.5 (8 Auto)-$25 2011 Sterling Ref Auto /199 (Raw)-$25 2011 Sterling Auto x2-$15...
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    FS Tons of Peter O'Brien, NYY prospect, MILB leader in HR

    Have a significant amount of Peter O'Brien for sale. Had the bulk of it sold but the buyer backed out, so hoping to move some of it here now that he continues to hit HR's in AA. Here's what I have. Offer away if a price doesn't work for you. I'll see what I can come up with, especially if you...
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    FS BGS Pristine 10's (Buxton, Correa, Polanco & more)

    Let's try to move some stuff from my latest bulk BGS order. Submitted hundreds upon hundreds of base chromes and these were the best of the best (a very small % pristined) Everything listed below is a BGS Pristine 10. Open to offers, everything is priced PP dlvd 2013 Bowman Buxton Base-$50...
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    FS Rolling BGS Slab Thread (New order of 300+ slabs, Buxton, Correa, Polanco & more)

    Decided to start a rolling thread as I begin to move stuff from my largest BGS order to date, one that ended up with over 300 slabs, including a ton of stuff submitted at MG 10, so there's a bunch of pristine stuff available. I'll switch out stuff listed in the opening post from time to time...
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    FS Top prospects in BGS 10 Form (Buxton, correa, Frazier, Puig & more)

    Massive bulk/MG BGS order just came in, let's cut down some of the cost with some sales, BGS 10 style. Will consider offers on all of them Puig-$40 Buxton Base-$55 Buxton Leaf-$105 Ryu-$90 Polanco Base-$35 Polanco Chrome-$41 Fernandez Chrome-$55 Frazier Base-$40 Marrero Chrome-$50...
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    WTB Henry Owens & Garin Cecchini Chrome Autos

    Title says it all. PP available
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    2005 Topps Finest Box Break (PC guys come in)

    So I cashed in reward points on Etopps and this is the wax they had available so I figured why not since the points aren't worth anything. It's all available Autos Landon Powell Gold 37/49 Eric Nielsen Blue 164/299 Scott Mathieson 83/970 Brian Stavisky 304/970 Ken Griffey Jr. Green Refractor...
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    WTB Henry Owens, Anthony Ranaudo, Garin Cecchini

    Owens: Base Chrome Auto through Orange Ref Auto Ranaudo: EEE Autos, Chrome parallels (Gold and up) Cecchini: Blue/Gold Autographs Have PP and could also trade other sox prospects if that is preferable
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    FS Jackie Bradley Jr, Matt Barnes, Rubby De La Rosa, Allen Webster (Slabs, gems, gold ref autos)

    Wanted to see if anyone was interested in any of these Sox guys as I'm trying to move through some of my inventory. Prices definitely can move if multiple things are bought. Shoot me a PM with any offer on singles or multiple things JBJ Chrome Ref Auto BGS 9--$90 Chrome Auto (Raw) (Multiple...
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    FS 2013 Bowman Carlos Correa Refractor Auto /500

    The lone highlight of my case from last night, and the only one I'm even considering moving now I can have a scan of it after work tonight (west coast, so no earlier than 815 EST) Clean card with no noticeable flaws Looking for $165 OBO shoot me a PM if interested
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    (1 of 3) 2013 Bowman Baseball Jumbo Case-Killed odds, still got smoked

    Ripped a jumbo case late last night. Was fairly disappointed. I smoked the odds on pretty much everything but color autos and insert autos, of course the two parts where there is the most $ to be made Thoughts? 95% leaning toward moving by other two jumbo cases at just below cost at this...
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    FS Slabs, slabs, and more slabs available from Bowman products 10/11/12, 12 Leaf Metal

    Have the following slabs available as I try to raise some funds before Bowman hits. I've got scans of all of them available, so just PM if you want to see anything 2012 Leaf Metal Daniel Corcino Red Auto /5 9.5 Brian Johnson Green Auto /10 9.5 Ty Hensley Green Auto /10 9.5 Deven Marrero Purple...

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