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    WTB 2005 Auburn Baseball Legends & 2007 Kellogg's Charlotte Knights Lenticular Frank Thomas

    I'm looking for multiple copies of the cards in the title; please let me know if you have any of either available. Thanks, Ross
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    WTB 2013 Panini USA Baseball Champions Mirror Blue Die Cut Frank Thomas

    If anyone has the above card available for sale, please shoot me a price. Thanks, Ross
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    With the HOF announcement coming up, I wanted to share my website.

    My hope was to be a lot further a long by this time, but time is short and life gets in the way. I have high hopes that Big Frank will be in the HOF in a few short days, so now is the time to share. The most important part of the site, the actual "Hall of Fame" is written, but the collection...
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    BJ Surhoff Collector?

    PM me.
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    2010 Allen & Ginter Stephen Strasburg RC

    Thanks to Greg at Odyssey Comics and Cards (Katy, TX) for always having boxes for me on opening day. Pulled this in his shop. Scans Coming...
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    Baseball Look-alikes

    I've been wondering who Strasburg reminds me of...then it clicked...Wallace.
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    Low Grade 1977 Topps Football PSA Graded lot, $40 delivered.

    Everything, less the 1973 Topps Baseball Common.
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    Sosa graded card market

    Can anyone share any insight on Sosa's early cards in the graded market? I have a BGS 10 1989 Donruss Baseball's Best Sosa card I plan to list, but have no clue as to how to accurately price it.
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    SIX (6) Box Break of 2009 Allen & Ginter's

    Starting now.
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    2 Boxes of 2009 Allen & Ginter

    The highlights: 24 base SP, including Jason Wong (code breaker) and Porcello RC 6 Black Border Minis, Utley, Van Gogh, Custer 18 regular minis 4 regular SP minis 11 A&G back minis 2 A&G back SP minis 4 National Hero minis, including G. Washington 4 Hoodwinks minis 1 Creatures of Legend...
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    Pujols Collectors...seems like a sweet deal over on UD.com

    Original Artwork for '06 SP Authentic Card On further inspection they have a lot more... Pujols and Miggy Original Art Store Front
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    Stopped by the local watering hole...(08 BC)

    for a few supplies and snagged four (4) packs of 2008 Bowman Chrome...pack number 3 yielded these beauties: Pack 4 had a Pence refractor.
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    For the set collector who likes a little something extra...

    2007 Allen & Ginter
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    Show off your low grade vintage with good eye appeal.

    I really enjoy finding low grade stuff that is nice to look at. I was scanning some vintage today and found this beauty sitting in a drawer. It may only grade PSA 2, but it actually looks pretty nice in hand. Share them if you've got them.
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    Official Player Collector Threads

    I'm starting this thread to get a running compilation of the player collector threads that are present on the board. If we have enough response, it'll be added to the sticky thread so that new members can be quickly directed to their respective PC interests. If you're a frequent poster in a PC...
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    Famed "First" Baseball Card to be Auctioned by Memory Lane

    So much for auctioning it on eBay...but this is the smart thing to do, for both Bernice and Memory Lane. ---------------------------- THE HISTORIC FIND We at Memory Lane Inc. are proud to be chosen to offer Bernice Gallego's amazing find of one of the most important pieces of Baseball...

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