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    FS 2 19-20 panini basketball boxes select and impeccable

    Would like to move both as a lot 1500/bo Sealed box prism Sealed box impeccable Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    For the life of me, can ANYONE get Bob Uecker?

    I've had his RC signed by all 3, now looking for the elusive "funny man". Just a bit curmudgeonly I've heard. he was set to sign at Wakausha and declined at the last moment, I've been in touch with his assistant as well! I realize CV aside, any help appreciated!
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    any 1952 topps collectors on here

    I've always been fascinated with all things 1952 topps. As a kid in the 80s, the old timers really took a liking to a young collector picking up vintage cards. Sadly, It wouldn't last as the modern "investments" started piling up, aka my retirement plan. Anyhow, when I "grew up", my retirement...

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