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    WTTF WTB WTTF 2019 Topps Update (small list)

    Thought I would try to put this one away before the 2020 sets starting dropping. Here are my remaining needs for 2019 Topps Update. Appreciate any help: 10, 50, 78 I have a stack of doubles for trade, some of the insert cards, a few rainbow foils, etc. Let me know if you're collecting...
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    Anyone make labels for card boxes?

    This is probably a unique request. I know I’ve seen labels for binders. The Heritage guys have always been great about those. Anyone make downloadable labels for standard card boxes? These would go on the ends and ideally would maybe show the year and the card manufacturer’s design for that...
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    WTTF WTTF 2018 Topps Update Baseball

    Snagged some more update packs this weekend. Not caught up in the hot rookies craze. Just want to complete my set. Needs: Set 1: 5, 9, 22, 29, 45, 53, 59, 67, 74, 89, 127, 128, 146, 150, 156, 163, 164, 185, 191, 210, 215, 226, 233, 236, 250, 255, 273, 276, 282, 299. Set 2: 5, 8, 9, 22, 23...
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    WTTF WTB/WTTF 2006 Turkey Red Baseball

    No idea why, but I thought I'd finally finish my 2006 Turkey Red set. Not going for the reds or whites, but I still need a decent chunk of the base cards. I had opened three or four blasters way back. If anyone has doubles or would like to trade for some reds or whites I have, let me know...
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    Topps Chrome Design Question (Historical) "bubble effect"

    Really enjoying this year's Topps Chrome design for some reason. I was looking through some old cards and noticed the 2011 Chrome design did not have the (this is going to be hard to describe) sort of "bubble" effect or "outline" effect around the player. Did Topps stop using that design...
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    Quick (Probably Dumb) Question on Topps Gold cards

    I assume Topps does not make gold cards (#/2017, /2018, etc) for their recent year variations or short prints. Is this a correct assumption? The gold cards would only be associated with the base Topps cards and none of the other SPs, photo variations, sparkles, etc? Thanks!
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    Resource for Topps Team Checklists by Year?

    This is such a simple question that it probably is right under my nose. I previously used teamsets4u.com, but it appears that hasn't really been updated seriously in the last few years. I'm looking for a way to check team checklists for Topps flagship and Update for the past 20 years. Need...
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    Difference between 2018 Topps Series 1 and Opening Day sets

    Hi, Quick question - hope this isn't silly. Other than the opening day "banner" logo, what are the other differences between the Opening Day set and Topps Flagship? In the past, the border has sometimes been a different color on Opening Day, but I'm not seeing that this year since there are...
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    Anyone here ever try to put together the Topps Flagship gold set?

    #/2018, 2017, 2016, etc? Seems like this would be a decently tough endeavor, but kinda fun. You'd likely never make your money back if you had to sell, but that's not why we collect. Anyone put this set together EVERY year? That would be quite the fun quest.
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    Ebay Seller Dispute - Help me on this

    I purchased a 2017 Archives master set of my favorite team. The auction clearly include the base set, two minis and a rookie card. The last three cards are inserts. I paid, waited a considerable time, and the package arrived on Saturday. Opened it, and only the base set was there. I logged...
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    I'm almost certain these are NOT 1993 Finest Refractors....

    Am I crazy, or are these just base Finest cards? I'm not seeing the refractor prism effect on these at all: http://www.ebay.com/sch/sammysfinest/m.html?item=222433895489&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
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    Topps '51 Heritage Question re: Red and Blue backs

    Quick question about this set. I know the total checklist has 104 cards. I notice some are blue backs and some are red backs. I know the minis have both colors, and it is possible to put together an entire red or blue-back set. Does the standard size base set have both back colors also, or...
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    WTB WTB 2015 Topps Baseball Base Set Singles - Series 1 or 2

    Working on putting this set together with the kiddo. Have about 20% of the set just from pack rips so far. If anyone has decent lots of singles that they wouldn't mind getting rid of cheaply, shoot me a note. Thanks
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    Quick Paypal Question-

    Did Paypal change its fee structure recently? Just received a payment for $14.99. Paypal took 88 cents, so I received $14.11. Trying to figure out what I'm missing here. Using 2.9% and a 30 cent transaction fee, I'm calculating an expected total of $14.26. I know it's only an extra 15...
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    Very Annoyed with 2016 Topps Factory Set Purchase...

    We were at Target last night and dropped $50 on the new 2016 Topps retail factory set. They had two or three versions, one having the All-Star Game on the outside of the box. Nowhere on the box does it say that each card comes with a giant 2016 All-Star Stamp on it. I thought simply the box...
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    Quick Question- Which Years Has Heritage Done a High/Update set?

    Trying to go back and remember- 2008 was the first year if memory serves me correctly, and this included 35 of the green/black back variations. 2009 Did they skip 2010 and 2011? 2012 was the online 100-card exclusive with Harper that is impossible to find now, right? 2013 and 2014 - 100-card...
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    Beckett.Com Marketplace shipping

    There are a couple of cards I was looking to buy on Beckett, price in the $3-4 buck range before shipping. I added one of them to my cart. The CHEAPEST option to ship, using uninsured first class mail, was $4.82. What is going on? How is that even possible? All of a sudden it's almost a $9...
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    Can anyone list all of the 2015 Topps Variations with Chrome, Colors, etc

    I asked this last year and the year before, and you guys came through. What are all of the variations this year including different borders and refractors? I know there is chrome, refractor, purple refractor, sepia refractor, prism refractor.... There's gold, Toys R Us purple..... What else...
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    Paypal Shipping Changes?

    Anyone notice odd changes to Paypal shipping? Tried to print a couple of labels tonight for Ebay, and lots of changes. The item description and number do not show up on the label "receipt" portion anymore. I wasn't sure I saw the Ebay discount either. Also, the funds automatically came off...
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    1980 & 1982 Topps Needs

    Been meaning to finish off these two sets forever and haven't had a chance to post. Can anyone help me out with these? 1982 Topps Needs: 315 (Hooton), 620 (Griffey) 1980 Topps Needs: 283, 322, 361, 431, 440, 510, and 607.

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