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  1. gmarutiak

    Kirby Puckett Collectors Thread

    According to cardboardconnection.com Kirby cards will be included in 2021 Topps Tier One. There’s a picture of a dual material card that looks awesome.
  2. gmarutiak

    Kareem Hunt Video

    Anyone feel like discussing?
  3. gmarutiak

    Donruss Wrapper Redemption Program

    Hopefully, you haven't thrown out your 2018 Donruss baseball wrappers. Details here: https://blog.paniniamerica.net/2018/03/13/panini-america-offers-wrapper-redemption-program-with-2018-donruss-baseball/
  4. gmarutiak

    Who is the "Clubhouse Leader" for your favorite team?

    We all know that every good team has at least one leader in the clubhouse. As a fan of the Pirates, I'd say that McCutchen was the obvious clubhouse leader for the past several seasons. Right now, it will be up to someone for the Bucs to step up to claim that title. I think that Josh...
  5. gmarutiak

    Confirmation That The Pirates Are Really Bad

    While I know that it's not the most reliable ranking of players, I was just checking out MLB Network's list of top 10 players at each position. As a Pirates fan, I was saddened, but not surprised, to see that not a single Pirates player made the list at any position. I think that Josh Bell...
  6. gmarutiak

    Recommendations on what to do in Austin, TX

    I'll be going to Austin, TX later this month for a few days of training for my job. I'll be at training during the day, but my evenings and nights are free. Can anyone recommend any restaurants or bars I should hit, specific foods or beers I should try, or anything else you think I should...
  7. gmarutiak

    Let's see those button cards!

    Three McCutchen buttons A dual And a triple! Sent from my SM-T310 using Freedom Card Board mobile app
  8. gmarutiak

    Legends of Wrestling Signing Before Pirates Game

    I don't know if anyone will be able to go to this, but I figured I'd post it in case anyone was interested: http://m.mlb.com/pirates/tickets/info/legends-of-wrestling
  9. gmarutiak

    CONTEST: Show off a redemption card that will never be fulfilled

    You can call this the "Misery Enjoys Company" contest/thread. Here are the rules: 1. You must show a picture of a redemption card that will never be fulfilled. 2. The card must be yours, not a picture from ebay, etc. (honor system in effect). 3. You must briefly explain why it will never be...
  10. gmarutiak

    One More Reason Not to Like Probstein

    Just saw this on ebay. I know the defenders will say that Probstein does so much business that they can't keep track of all of the fake patches, but this one is a little ridiculous. Enjoy...
  11. gmarutiak

    Anyone remember these?

    Here are pics of the front and back of the Astros set that I own: I own an entire set of all the teams. I will be unavailable this week, but I'm considering selling them here on FCB after that. If anyone wants to see pics of other teams, let me know. I should have time to post them today...
  12. gmarutiak

    Did I just see an ad banner for VAGINAL ODOR here on FCB???

    OK, I know it's late, but I haven't been drinking tonight. Am I the only one who is seeing this ad? Are there really that many females (with the aforementioned problem) who spend time here on FCB? To be clear, the ad wasn't for VAGINAL ODOR, because, you know, who the heck would buy such a...
  13. gmarutiak

    Anyone have a complete (or near) run of those small 80s store boxed sets?

    Also, I have two of the exact same sets from 1985, but in different boxes. The one on the left is mentioned in the article. Sent from my SM-T310 using Freedom Card Board mobile app
  14. gmarutiak

    Anyone have a complete (or near) run of those small 80s store boxed sets?

    1987 Topps Baseball Highlights 1988 Topps/Woolworth Baseball Highlights 1989 Topps/Woolworth Baseball Highlights 1990 Topps/Woolworth Baseball Highlights 1991 Topps/Woolworth Baseball Highlights Sent from my SM-T310 using Freedom Card Board mobile app
  15. gmarutiak

    Anyone have a complete (or near) run of those small 80s store boxed sets?

    I own quite a few sets that aren't mentioned in the article: 1990 Topps/KayBee Kings of Baseball Sent from my SM-T310 using Freedom Card Board mobile app
  16. gmarutiak

    Orioles' Franchise Four: Who Gets Left Off?

    I was wasting some time online, looking at the MLB Franchise Four ballots: http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/events/all_star/y2015/franchise_four.jsp When I looked at the Orioles page, I quickly realized that, while it is fairly easy to knock the provided list of eight down to five, it's almost impossible...
  17. gmarutiak

    What Batman Books Do You Recommend?

    I've seen the Batman movies, and I like the Gotham tv show, so I would like to start reading some Batman-themed books. They can be graphic novels or just plain old novels. They can be about Batman or other characters like the Joker, etc. I don't care if they are new or old. What can you...
  18. gmarutiak

    Dave & Adams Spring Cleaning Sale

    Got an email from dacardworld.com today. There are some pretty good deals on there, under the Spring Cleaning link on their home page. If you order, here's a code for $5.00 off of $50 or more: 752-47SX.
  19. gmarutiak

    Does Tempy Moore work for Zuno Studios?

    I was just looking through some 2015 Leaf Masterworks on ebay, and while most of them look good to me, I noticed that most of the ones that made me laugh come from Zuno Studios. Here are some of my personal favorites (I really hope the links work)...
  20. gmarutiak

    2015 Topps "I Want Buybacks of ________" Thread

    I think we had a thread like this last year. Topps has included buybacks again in their 2015 base product. If there are players that you are interested in, post their names in this thread, and hopefully, other members can help you out. I'll start by saying that I'm interested in Jack Clark...

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