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    PSA 1 Wagner Goes For Megabuck

    With the ever-rising prices on top-end cards, I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but I actually was. A beat-up copy that earns it's 1 grade but is still attractive in the way only a true vintage card can be. It ended at $974,895 but with a 20% buyer's premium, the final price was $1,169,875.00...
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    Big New Springer Pickup

    I slowed down on Springers as the Astros saga unfolded this winter, but I haven't stopped and will pursue ones I really like. The card in question was listed on ebay for months with a very high BIN and my offers were declined with no counter. Then in June it was listed for auction, and I was...
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    5% Ebay Bucks Delayed Offer

    Apparently this started yesterday but I did not get it. However, this morning I got a notice that my offer on a big card was accepted, and when I opened ebay, I had the offer in a banner across the page. Once I activated it and went to my cart, I saw that it was applied to the offer I had won...
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    Old Supplies

    I've been going through some old cards and reholdering them. I've got a few insert sets from the 90s, like 1993 SP Platinum Power and 1994 SP Holoview, that I put into screwdowns way back then and they have been in there ever since, so I've been taking them out and putting them in new, clean...
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    Ever see a card you used to own as a BGS 10?

    When 2017 Topps came out I started chasing the silver pack promo rainbow set (of which I still need a handful so f you have any, please reach out). I bought one autograph, but decided I couldn't go that far in the project, so I sold it. In doing my searches today, I found this listing for a...
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    How to fit a 32" bat in a 16" box?

    Cut it in half. Longtime collectors know about the Fleer auction, where they sold off tons of inventory for proofs, autographed sticker sheets, and other stuff. But one event that apparently was not publicized at all was Upper Deck's sale of all their game-used material when they lost their...
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    Wow! Prices

    Didn't we used to have a thread for stunningly high (or low) prices? I have one to add. I got back into collecting Heritage a couple years ago and have been gravitating towards the true rarities more and more. One of the most intriguing cards is from 2009, the "Red Sox" Derek Jeter. I hadn't...
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    Could standard card size change?

    Aside from cabinet cards, baseball and other collectible cards were small pretty much throughout the whole history of the hobby. Old Judge, Allen & Ginters, Mayo Cut Plug, T cards, W cards, and so on. Bowman changed slightly each year, but were still on the smaller side. Part of the reason...
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    Did ebay change feedback score?

    I just passed 21 years on ebay, and my primary account had been creeping up to 5000 FB. I don't pay it a lot of attention but recently noticed that I seem to have lost a couple hundred points. I'm virtually certain at some point I was up to 4895 because I started wondering about getting a...
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    2019 Topps Parallels

    Thinking about trying to pull together a rainbow of 2019 Topps main set cards of my current favorite player, George Springer, and I'm wondering if there are any I'm missing from my checklist (haven't really started yet). Numbered versions: Platinum 1 Acetate 10 Camo 25 Father blue 50...
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    Addition Through Subtraction

    I always find it interesting when a team has a star player who seems to be a key piece, probably their best hitter, making them competitive but then he leaves and only after that do they win. Watching the Nats dismantle the Cards the last few days and wondering what Bryce Harper is feeling...
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    1910 > 2010

    If you didn't get excited by the 2010 Exquisite complete set, here's something with real hobby cred: 1909-11 T206 Complete Set of 520. Excluding the Wagner, Plank, Magie, and Doyle, all 520 cards are graded and have a pretty decent average of 3.11. $89K asking price, I have no idea if that's a...
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    Player Runs - Which 3 sets would you collect?

    I've kind of fallen into an Anagonyean vortex of indecisiveness so I'm just writing this to work out my ideas. I've been thinking of collecting runs of favorite players active years and displaying them in a nice 12-pocket binder. My idea is to have 3 brands from a player's career lined up...
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    Interesting Bid History

    Last time I checked on the 2019 Ohtani Heritage Superfractor last night, this sitting comfortably in my snipe range at $700. Woke up this morning and my snipe was apparently aiming at the wrong hemisphere. Turns out my snipe was never going to matter because of the 9/12 bid. On the bright...
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    George Springer Collection

    Just working out how to use my new scanner with a new graphics program, I figured this is a good time to show off my George Springer collection to highlight his first All-Star Game starter selection. I had my eye on George for a long time, and picked up a few things here and there. After being...
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    Tickets for National

    Starting to get excited for the National. Looking at the ticket packages, wife and I are probably going to be there 2 days, so it looks like we need 4 individual day tickets at $19 each. Anyone have a promo code?
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    Fenway Park's right field foul pole is called The Pesky Pole or Pesky's Pole, which came about because, as I always read, low-power mid-century shortstop Johnny Pesky had a talent for hitting balls just past or around it for home runs. Today I learned... Johnny Pesky hit only 17 homers in...
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    Wife Luck Strikes Again

    Popped into the shop yesterday for something to do, and wife bought a Topps S2 hobby box just to keep herself from buying another box of Finest and pulling 2 no-name pitcher autos. She has broken her habit of opening boxes immediately, and letting them ripen on the way home. While I was...
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    Low-Numbered Sets...Progress Being Made

    At the Houston Tristar show a couple weeks ago, I added a big get to my 2014 National Treasures Flawless set when I found a Tony Gwynn. This was one of those sets with a little diamond embedded in the card, with 100 cards in the set numbered to 20 copies. I really liked the cards when they...
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    Massively OC and new BGS info

    I had always been under the impression that there was a hard rule in BGS's grading algorithm that prevented a final grade from being more than 1.0 above the lowest sub. In fact, it's right there in the FAQ, though it actually doesn't state it in absolute terms. In a FB group, I came across an...

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