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    Ripped Rip cards

    As a player collector, I theoretically would have paid a lot for it either way, probably the same amount. It's a 1/1 card and I would have no thought of ripping it, so it wouldn't really matter to me what's inside, I'm never going to see it. I get that it would still hold that potential value...
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    1972 Topps Winners

    There is one on ebay, as far as I can tell, for $500. 1972 is one of those sets that has seriously committed fans, so I wouldn't be surprised if that was the going rate for these things but to a novice it seems pretty high for a niche within a niche.
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    1972 Topps Winners

    That's pretty awesome. Imagine being a kid in 1972 and getting sent a WHOLE BOX of cards, and each pack has your picture in it? I'm insanely envious of those kids retroactively.
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    Penn Emblems

    Are those the ones Dusty Baker wears (of himself)?
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    2020 Topps Update Series Checklist

    Over 200 players made their debuts this year, almost as many as a regular 162-game year. When it became clear MLB/MLBPA was going with the 'call-up' notation instead of RC, I guess because they were sticking with a June cutoff for RC logo, instead of just saying the first 50 games or so, it...
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    Putting together a card database for myself - need your input

    When I design a database intended for an unknown future, I include extra fields just in case so you don't have to modify the structure later. And I'm big on details for individual cards, so I'd add more fields for variations that might not be predictable or standardizable to account for things...
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    Show Off Your Halloween / Orange Cards! - Mine + Customs Inside!

    I've been wanting to learn Italian. I made a couple half-hearted attempts at the Duolingo app, but recently started again. Last month, I bought to sit on my desk as an incentive and reminder. It's an Italian "Demonic Tutor" Magic card. It arrived in the perfect sleeve.
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    127 Year Old Book Purchase - Spalding 1888/89 Baseball World Tour

    Very nice. Would read that.
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    Adding recent pickups to my Frank Thomas spreadsheet, I came across a card that was actually a bit tricky to identify. It's a 1951 Topps style mini with a Topps Heritage logo and a 2005 copyright date. I didn't open any Heritage that year so I didn't have direct knowledge, but had assumed it...
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    Keeping up with Rob Kardasian...

    Wow, he's quite the wordsmith. Also, $250k? Talk about fake news.
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    Turner's consequences???

    I feel it was deeply irresponsible. However, the whole thing goes beyond just Turner. He knew he was positive and apparently left his isolation against orders. That he had already been around his teammates while positive is no excuse. Not everyone who comes in contact with an infected person...
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    Card hunting at Target, Wal-Mart etc

    Locally things have been so barren that they've started reducing and sometimes eliminating the card sections at times. I'm guessing they'd rather have a constant supply of snuggies and other crap on sale than a big section of shelving devoid of anything for 167.5 hours per week. When you can't...
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    I was looking through my Sizemores this weekend and thought about this thread. So many of them I've only seen one time and was lucky enough to obtain them. One that comes to mind is the 2007 Fleer (adjectiveless) mini gold. They made mini versions of the set, one corner die-cut. Most have a...
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    This made me go look. I don't have this one either. I have the Credentials #/57 but not the base. That Flyball one is neat, too. Never saw that one but I had long since stopped being a Frank completist by the time it came out.
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    UD bringing back golf cards!

    That reminds me. In 2018, I finally got a case of 2001 UD Golf. The base set, not the SP set. I opened a box or two back in 2001, have my complete set, built the Tiger Tales set, the common inserts, etc. It's a great product. Not flashy, but beautifully designed and produced, UD really does...
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    Hall of Famer Joe Morgan dies

    Morgan's loss stings. To be the 2x MVP on the Big Red Machine, a team with multiple legit MVPs, is to be truly great. I remember beng excited when my Phils got him in 1983 and though he didn't perform especially well that year, we made it to the WS and played well in it, which cemented his...
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    Any leads on hard to find Mo Vaughn inserts?

    Mo Vaughn was my player magnet in the 90s. If there was a Mo Vaughn in an insert set in whatever pack I was opening, I'd pull him. Actually, if there was an Eric Karros, I'd pull him. But if Karros wasn't in it, there was likely a Vaughn and I'd get him. I didn't open high end stuff, but...
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    Rolling topps.com Exclusives thread: Sapphire Ed 9/30

    I got one, too. Felt greasy paying so much but it's free money.
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    Rolling topps.com Exclusives thread: Sapphire Ed 9/30

    My wife and I entered the drawing yesterday. Nothing showing up yet, but on the Finest drawing I didn't get the email till about 6 in the evening. So we'll see. I feel like it's a must-buy, even just to flip for $100 or so. The $325 price tag after tax is a bummer and at $10 per card, I...
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    Phillies question on a patch

    It seemed like they had the wrong player name but even worse, it was an off-the-rack jersey. Stott was 6 when the Phils wore that patch. A true prodigy, apparently. But it's "player worn" so he just put it on for a second. Not a gamer or anything like that.

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