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  1. K34PuckettAddict

    Anyone here buy the 1989 Fleer Error Cards Blank Fronts Lot of 4 Bo Ripken lot on eBay last night?

    The lot contained 4 blank front cards from the 1989 Fleer release of Cal Ripken Jr, Randy Johnson, Bo Jackson and Kirby Puckett. I really want the Kirby from the lot and will be happy to split the auction with the winning bidder however they see fit. I was second highest bidder and was going...
  2. K34PuckettAddict

    1996 Topps Gallery Photo Gallery/Expressionists Errors

    I LOVE error cards and I saw a sheet of them listed on eBay recently that had 1996 Topps Gallery - Photo Gallery Fronts and Expressionists Backs. The Photo Gallery fronts are missing the foil printing while the expressionists backs look complete to me. There are some light surface scratches...
  3. K34PuckettAddict

    Identification Help Needed - 1988 Topps Paper Items.

    There's a ton of knowledge through the collective masses on this site and I'm hoping someone can help identify a couple of items for a fellow collector. He has what appears to be two 1988 Topps wrong back cards. Both items measure a standard 2.5" x 3.5", but are printed on paper instead of...
  4. K34PuckettAddict

    1992 Ace Prototype

    I'd love to see pictures of these cards if you have them. These cards have always fascinated me and it's been awesome seeing new ones surface on eBay recently. It took me a very long time to finally find all four confirmed Puckett's. I'm missing the blank front/back cards, but am not holding...
  5. K34PuckettAddict

    2016 Panini Pantheon & Prime Cuts Material Variations

    I was wondering if anyone else noticed material variations in the 2016 Panini Pantheon and Prime Cuts releases? Kirby Puckett has several different material variations available from the Pantheon Nobel Timber and Metropolis Monuments and the Prime Cuts Combo Players w/ Harmon Killebrew. I'm...
  6. K34PuckettAddict

    WTB Wanted 1996 topps mystery unpeeled Puckett, Gwynn and Ripken

    I'm hoping to buy the following 1996 Topps Mystery unpeeled cards. These cards had the black film on the fronts of the card which is where the mystery came from. Most were probably peeled, at any rate, you should be able to tell who's on front by the outline of the player. I'm searching for...

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