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  1. gradedeflator

    WTB: 2005 Absolute Tools of the Trade Jumbos

    I have a Pedro Martinez that I think is numbered to 100, assume you have, but LMK if you need
  2. gradedeflator

    WTB: Chase Utley 2001-2003 cards and minor leage

    looking for graded base or rarer/higher end color parallels thank you in advance!
  3. gradedeflator

    Oh Super Sweet 90's Inserts.... #3

  4. gradedeflator

    Oh Super Sweet 90's Inserts.... #3

    It’s pricey too
  5. gradedeflator

    Roberto Alomar Collector's Thread

    is anyone here looking for BGS 9.5 Alomar rookies? i have some from a small PC i started years ago and am looking to streamline and move. LMK
  6. gradedeflator

    Oh Super Sweet 90's Inserts.... #3

    What do folks of these cards? part of the 1998 Pinnacle inserts that hit the market in late 2018 / early 2019
  7. gradedeflator


    From that famous COMC Crusade Day!
  8. gradedeflator


    From George_Calfas
  9. gradedeflator


    From BunchOBull
  10. gradedeflator


    man where to start? i love so many of the 90s cards i've picked up over the years, including Crusades (nice red @Sonic311)...also cards that other members like George and Ross sold to me or helped me find...but i'd have to say my favorite for sentimental reasons are the sample Crusades that...
  11. gradedeflator

    Oh Super Sweet 90's Inserts.... #3

    ^amazing card! interesting to see these continue to come out of the woodwork. seller says there were 5 made of each, I had always heard there were only 1...
  12. gradedeflator

    Oh Super Sweet 90's Inserts.... #3

    Very nice!! that Crusade red is new to you?
  13. gradedeflator

    WTB WTB: Trevor Bauer 2012 topps update black and red

    Looking for Black or Target Red of his #US212 or 213 cards
  14. gradedeflator

    Official SWEET Minor League card thread

    Hi all - happy new year! I've spent the last few months trying to rescan my collection (how many things I didn't know about scanning when I first started this process)..mostly this was inspired by Photobucket changing their terms of service for linking photos, and I used the need to move my...
  15. gradedeflator

    FS Adrian Beltre 99-00 insert lot 2 cards priced to move future HOF

    Looking to sell two-card lot for $33 delivered both cards Adrian Beltre 1999 Topps MVP Promotion card #369 (foil stamp on front, print run 100) 2000 Finest Gold Refractors card #223 (hobby odds 1:240) uploading photos is annoying cuz PB links don't work anymore but if anyone is interested hit...
  16. gradedeflator

    FS FS: Mariners 90's inserts (Griffey Jr. and Edgar Martinez)

    Hi - have for sale the following two cards 1998 Ultra Win Now Ken Griffey Jr. - asking $22 dlvd 1998 Donruss Crusade Prototype Green Edgar Martinez (future HOFer!) - asking $125 dlvd if interested, please "claim" by posting in this thread and also PM me. happy holidays!
  17. gradedeflator

    Photobucket and new terms of service

    I did a quick search for another thread on this topic but could not find one...wondering how others are dealing with new terms of service from Photobucket. for me, the biggest one so far is that their free account no longer offers image linking so all the photos I have linked to FCB are now...
  18. gradedeflator

    WTB 90s inserts Mike Piazza and Pedro Martinez

    Mostly looking for 1996-1999 inserts or low numbered parallels I'm lucky to have a lot of good stuff and was helped by FCBboard members Any 1/1 would be of interest Specific cards im looking for: Pedro 1998 bowman chrome golden anniversary refractor /5 Pedro 1998 donruss crusade red...
  19. gradedeflator

    FS FS: Mark McGwire 1990s +2000s insert lot for sale

    Looking to move all 4 of the following cards together - asking $100 delivered 1999 UD Ionix HoloGRFX that are 1:1,500 odds 1999 SPx Finite Radiance home run #67 serial #d 53/100 2000 Bowman Chrome Retro/Future Refractors that are 1:60 odds but tough to find 2000 Topps HD Platinum serial #d 55/99
  20. gradedeflator

    anyone recommend any iphone scanning apps?

    i use a Canon dedicated scanner mostly to scan cards...but some, especially shinier card or ones with foil or occasionally things slabbed in very think BGS slabs, don't scan that well. i'd like to use a photo instead, but the challenge I have with photos is that, because i don't have a special...

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