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    Kenny Powers foam finger

    Does anyone have a line on one of these? Prefer a red HBO one, but will take the aftermarket knockoff if that’s all we can find. Building a Kenny Powers shadow box and the foam finger is a necessity. thanks
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    Kinda warms your heart, doesn't it?

    I know this is a baseball forum, but the basketball forums look prettttty dead, so forgive me. Anyway, like most of you, as a kid I would spend hours sorting baseball cards. I didn't know it at the time, but they helped with my reading, adding, and attention to detail. More importantly for my...
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    Can any of my baseball buddies recommend a BASKETBALL box.

    I know where this belongs, but all the kids over there pick on me and steal my lunch money. Anywho, with this Shelter in Place thing, I’d like to send my friend’s younger son (who recently discovered a crazy passion for basketball) a box (or assortment of packs) of cards to open and sort while...
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    Jeter Guys: help on value of a monster?

    Have a chance to get this 96 Leaf Gold Autograph, but I’m curious what range it would go for. He’s asking quite a bit.
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    Well boys, they finally caught me

    After about 12 years of using the “free trial” of esnipe to bid on auctions for me, without ever buying credits/tokens, they’ve finally suspended me. Apparently, to regain their service I have to pay my negative balance off... which comes to $6,846! I always thought they were the best free...
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    1997 Dodgers — help identifying signatures?

    There’s 3 I just can’t place. Can anyone help? All the other players on the ball were on the 1997 roster, so I’m pretty sure these 3 would be too? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! (The one on the bottom. It extends up into Brett Butler’s)
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    Last minute Ebay-Bucks Promos??

    If I recall, the week after Christmas '18 was pretty big for ebay bucks deals. It seemed like ebay was trying to ramp up sales the last few days of the year. Am I remembering that wrong? Do you think it will happen again? I have a big purchase I am eyeballing that ends on 12/30... and I was...
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    1991 Desert Shield Chipper Jones — real or fake?

    I don’t have much expertise with this set, and I’ve heard about counterfeit ones floating around. Does anyone know if this is the real deal?
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    1997 Donruss Signature - Red SPs???

    Does anyone know how many of the red SPs exist? Mainly curious about Tom Glavine. Any idea what they sell for?
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    Help with 1955 Topps cards — counterfeit?

    Hey all, I usually avoid ungraded vintage but found a pretty good deal (potentially) on a Koufax and Clemente. What are the signs of counterfeits? Any help would be appreciated. I will check them out in person before I purchase but I’m clueless here. Here are some photos the seller provided.
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    Value on DiMaggio/Gehrig dual

    Does anyone have a value estimate on this? 2001 Pinstripes dual jersey /50
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    Can some Bowman Chrome guys shed some light for me?

    Hello, I am by no means an expert on Bowman Chrome, so I’m hoping someone can explain to me what this is. Its a superfractor, but not a 1/1. It’s a certified autograph issue, but with no autograph. Does this card have any value?
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    Identify this autograph?

    I’m told it’s of a recent BoSox player. Any ideas?
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    1975 Topps Mini — now it’s a party!

    Bought a big lot. Forget looking for stars. It’s more fun looking for awesome 70s names.
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    Hey Jeter Auto Experts

    Can you tell if this is legit or not? I have that weird sixth sense, where I can tell if a Griffey Auto is forged. I don’t have it with the other guys though... I know some of you have it with Jeter. Any thoughts?
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    Does A Strasburg RC Auto /25 still have any value?

    Couldn’t find any sold examples, except for the no number/no auto “proof” that ended for ten bucks. Is there still a market for this?
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    Hideo Nomo certified autographs — any clue?

    I’m looking at this 2000 Fleer fresh ink autograph. Wondering if anyone knows what they usually go for?
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    Alright Vintage Autograph Experts — check out this ball

    Ball is an early-mid 50s Spalding baseball. I’m assuming the signatures are from that era. I think I spot a Duke Snider, and Casey Stengel. Can anyone identify any of the other ones?
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    Sealed 1989 Bowman Tiffany set — Bust it or don’t

    Every once in a while, I’ll search local craigslist, letgo, and offerup listings for sports stuff. Most of the time it’s just junk, but recently came across an ad on OfferUp for a “baseball card” for $475. I was excited to see it looked like a 1989 Bowman Tiffany set. Sure enough... It was...
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    Do they make one-touch holders for Mini cards?

    I’ve been trying to find one-touch holders for my mini (A&G) Cards. Looking for ones that are the same-size as normal one-touches but have an area inside designed to hold minis. Do these exist?

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