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  1. fordman

    2012/2013 Prizm Prices

    Is it me or has 2012/2013 Prizm prices skyrocketed? Is Harper & Trout really making these wax/sets/singles that more desirable? Before the virus hit, you could get a wax box for close to cost and singles (not Harper or Trout) for pennies. Are collectors finally figuring out that the team logo...
  2. fordman

    WTB WTB/WTF 2019 Heritage Commons Needed!

    Hi All, I'm a year behind on my sets. I need some commons for 2019 Heritage. Not looking for variations (SP's) or High Number 401-500 cards. Anyone want to sell them to me or trade (doesn't have to be 2019 Heritage) for them? Either way, help me out...
  3. fordman

    Convert from 1-Touch to Toploaders

    Hi All, I have 98% of my PC in 1-touch mag holders. There are around 1500+ of them. I'm running out of room. Plus they're very heavy when placed in a BCW shoebox or 3 row box. Should I just convert all of my PC to Toploaders to eliminate the space and weight issue? OR Just anything that's not...
  4. fordman

    Hobby/Retail wax hording

    I see hobby/retail wax hording is now a thing. Everyone hoping their unopened hobby/retail wax stash will bring big bucks years from now. If wax hording keeps product sealed, certain cards will never see the light of day. Guess that's the strategy? Fordman Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. fordman

    2020 Series 1

    Stopped at Target for unrelated baseball card stuff and see that they had 2020 Series 1 on the shelf. Grabbed 3 blasters. I really like the design. Really digging the rookie card retrospect medallion cards. I pulled the 3 below: The black Mattingly is numbered 193/199. Love that they made...
  6. fordman

    2019 Topps Walgreens Yellow Parallels

    Are these way over priced on eBay or what? Fordman Sent from my LG-LS993 using Freedom Card Board mobile app
  7. fordman

    WTB WTB or WTTF 2019 Topps Series 1 Commons

    Hi all, Will buy of trade for the following 2019 Topps Series 1 Commons: #22 Adalberto Mondesi #43 Nick Burdi #44 Jay Bruce #49 Michael Kopech #64 Ramon Laureano #71 Sun Trust Park #74 Chad Bettis #90 Javier Baez #98 Chance Adams #100 Mike Trout #109 Michael Conforto #124 Jason Kipnis #135...
  8. fordman

    2019 Advanced Stats in Series 1

    How many have overlooked this parallel? I didn't know about them until today. They're numbered to xxx/150. Im guessing quite a few are passing by them not knowing they exist. There are 600+ on ebay listed. With as many that should be out there (150x350 players = 52,300) less than 3% are listed...
  9. fordman

    ***** Morning Thread Feb 1, 2019 *****

    Morning All! 19 degrees (that's 25 degrees warmer than this time yesterday) in the queen city with the winds shifting from out the south west to bring in a much more milder air for the weekend. Saturday's Hi is expected to be 55 degrees and Sunday at around 63 degrees. What a wild weather ride...
  10. fordman

    Crack 'Em and Smile!

    I really don't like graded cards. Sure, the enclosure whether is be BGS or PSA, is probably the ultimate protection for the cards. But the size of them really doesn't fit in to my collection boxes. I know, they make boxes specifically for them but I want all of my boxes to be the same. Besides...
  11. fordman

    ********** Fordman's Virtual Cardshow Table **********

    Cardshow listings format: Pic #XX {picture} 1234 5678 To Claim a card in the thread: Example - reply to thread and choose picture #3 - card #5 If pricing is an issue, PM me and we'll see what we can do! PAYMENT though PayPal Only! I'll PM you and we'll get our PayPal info together and...
  12. fordman

    ********** TUESDAY MORNING 10/17/17 ***********

    Morning All! At work and had the Sprint Network crap out on us which made our lines stop. We now know that our lines are controlled from elsewhere. We always suspected it but now it's confirmed. Enjoy All! Fordman
  13. fordman

    Topps redemption question

    A little over a year ago, Topps revamped their redemption process where you have to 're-sign up' and link your old account to the new account. I thought I did just that. Go today to check on it and nothing. No account made. I tried to make another account with the same email address I used with...
  14. fordman

    Gixen changing the way it does what it does!

    A lot of us use Gixen for snipes. Most use the free version and that's cool. I pay the $6.00 per year because I feel it's worth it and I get two servers sniping for me and not just one. I received an email about a month ago saying that Gixen has be granted an api key from eBay, basically access...
  15. fordman

    Kris Bryant, Thanks for the help!

    First and foremost, I'm not a Kris Bryant or Cubs fan but I do respect he and his game. About a year ago, I bought a blaster of 2015 Topps Chrome at the local Meijer store with the usual 40% off sticker. Inside was this: at the time, no big deal but sleeve/top loader worthy, then into a...
  16. fordman

    Horizontal Sets

    With 2017 Archives having 1960 (my favorite set of the 60's) style cards in them, would a new horizontal designed set blow current collectors minds? They've been looking at 99% vertical for years. What do you think? Fordman
  17. fordman

    Does this make a difference to you?

    Hi All, In a small debate with a friend about memorabilia. My PC guy, Jay Bruce uses Louisville Slugger bats. I see all over eBay and at card shows those Rawlings 'Big Stick' and other brand bats signed by players that dont use those brands. When getting a bat signed, do you feel you should use...
  18. fordman

    WTTF Trade 2017 Heritage Kris Bryant Color Swap for 2017 Heritage Jay Bruce Refractor Gold x/5

    Hi All! I'm willing to trade a 2017 Heritage Kris Bryant Color Swap for a 2017 Heritage Jay Bruce Gold Refractor. The refractor is x/5. Not sure how many of the color swaps were printed per player. If you have the Jay Bruce Gold Refractor x/5 and want to sell it, let me know as well. Thanks...
  19. fordman

    How many eBay sellers check.....

    Just wondering, how many eBay sellers get o.b.o's then check the potential buyers feedback to see what they have bought? If the seller see's that the buyer is only buying PC stuff, couldnt the seller get real stingy in the price or do sellers really think that far in to it like that? For...
  20. fordman

    Perfect Fit One Touch Magnetic Sleeves

    I bought some of these off of eBay looking for a sleeve I didnt have to trim for my one touch holders. Perfect Fit Magnetic Sleeves I highly recommend them to anyone that stores their cards in Ultra Pro/BCW one touch magnetics or screwdowns. They will preserve the front/back of the magnetic...

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