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  1. Mozzie22

    When Bigfoot rides a White Whale into your mailbox.

    Long time player collectors may appreciate this because they've been there. Had a card waiting for me today in my mailbox that I've been hunting for nearly 30 years! Sent in a PWE but it made it unscathed. I posted a pic of the description of this set from the 2001 SCD. Photo isn't the best...
  2. Mozzie22

    R.I.P Red Schoendienst.

    Red passed away today at 95. Over 67 years in the Cardinals organization. Sent from my [device_name] using Freedom Card Board mobile app
  3. Mozzie22

    White Whale... only took 20 years!

    Well after 20 years of looking I finally got one of only two remaining Ozzie Smith cards needed. Let me tell you a little bit about this card. It is the 1996 Collectors Choice Gold Signature #404 checklist card. This damn card is impossible! I know of 3 known copies and to my knowldege it...
  4. Mozzie22

    A Bittersweet Mailday... 30 years in the making.

    I started collecting Ozzie Smith cards in 1985. About 15 years ago I decided to focus on the cards from his playing career years only (1978-1996). I did this out of necessity; I couldn't keep up with volume of cards being created every year and with a wife and two kids it just wasn't...
  5. Mozzie22

    Always wanted it... finally bought it... beautiful!

    I've wanted this rookie card for 30 years but it just never found it's way into my collection. Finally pulled the trigger on this underrated (and HOF caliber) player and it arrived today. Absolutely beautiful in person and I couldn't be happier. Didn't care about the grade just thought it had...
  6. Mozzie22

    Size variance on 60's Topps?

    I bought this card recently because I liked the card not the holder. It measures about 1/32 inch short side to side but correct top to bottom. I realize bCCg isn't exactly PSA but are they known for grading trimmed cards? Are Topps cards prior to 1970 known to have variations in size?
  7. Mozzie22

    Your Sportscaster Mount Rushmore

    Who would you have for your baseball sportscaster Mount Rushmore? Mine would be: Jack Buck- just simply the best Vin Scully- sustained excellence forever Ernie Harwell- professionalism Harry Caray- entertaining Jack & Harry
  8. Mozzie22

    19 years between certified autographs but it was worth it! UPDATE 1/1!

    I get very few opportunities for Matheny maildays but this year Topps added him to Tier one. Got the regular /299, Bronze /25, Silver /10, and the Red /5. Red came in today from Taiwan. Very excited to get these! Still looking for the 1/1 so if anybody knows where it's at please let me know.
  9. Mozzie22

    WTB Matheny cards

    Always looking to buy rare Mike Matheny cards I don't have. Also anything game used. Let me know if you have any. Thanks.
  10. Mozzie22

    Beware of Beckett grading.

    Thought I'd share a recent story involving Beckett Grading. First of all I rarely buy graded cards and hardly ever get them graded myself unless they are oversized and I want them protected. So I have this 1978 Ozzie Smith Padres Family Fun card that was graded by SGC as 96 Mint 9. I wanted...
  11. Mozzie22

    Player Collectors - Two generations of mail!

    I so rarely get the chance to add to my Matheny (or Ozzie) collection that I decided to look for another player. The good news is I didn't have to look far... Father and Son on the same day: Been looking for this Topps Black for 11 years! Started picking up the Tate cards a few months...
  12. Mozzie22

    Danbury Mint Figurines

    Wanted to pick up the Ozzie Smith figurine for quite a while now and finally got one at a great price. These things are fantastic. Love to see some of yours.
  13. Mozzie22

    Player Collectors- Desperate times call for desperate measures...

    Being a Mike Matheny collector doesn't offer too much in the way of new cards. In fact, Topps Heritage is the only company producing new cards of him each year. This year Topps Heritage produced the normal card and two variants, the gum stained back and the blue back. Topps also auctioned off...
  14. Mozzie22

    Best Card Binder

    Hey guys. For those of you that store your cards in binders I have a question. Is there a particular brand of binder that you have found that you like better or prefer to others? I know D-ring binders are the way to go but after that is there a brand you like? I remember years ago seeing...
  15. Mozzie22

    Best pen for autograph- card

    If this has been covered a hundred times I apologize but I'm thinking about getting a couple old Topps cards signed and was wondering which pen is the best. I see cards signed in a very thin line and tend to like those the best. I'd love some opinions with scans of signed cards if you guys...
  16. Mozzie22

    2015 Topps Heritage Checklist?

    With this product coming out soon has anybody seen a checklist yet?
  17. Mozzie22

    2014 Topps 1st Edition

    Just wondering if anyone has picked up their player yet. Never heard of this until today. Looks like a set was broken up and they're already starting to sell. Evidently this was a sweepstakes thru Topps and only 10 sets were produced. Link to Topps site...
  18. Mozzie22

    Two rare player collector pick ups.. 80's style.

    I rarely get to add old cards to my Jay Novacek collection but I recently added two very rare cards and they are both rookies. I've been collecting Jay for over twenty years and have seen three of the 88's and two of the 89's 1989 Panini UK sticker (posted with regular Panini sticker so you...
  19. Mozzie22

    Calling out Hullfan...again.

    A big thank you to Hullfan. John pm'd me about a local signing by him and was willing to go and get my photo signed for me. Incredibly generous of him to go out of his way for me like that and by no means is this the first time. A real asset to the collecting community. I was able to add to my...
  20. Mozzie22

    Player collectors- Konami MLB powerful. Anyone seen these?

    So I love it when you come across a card you didn't know existed, especially when it is Japanese. That was the case with this one: Thought it was kind of cool. Anybody have their player? More info at: 2006 Konami MLB Powerful - Blowout Cards Forums

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