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  1. deaconblues63

    RIP Lindy McDaniel

    https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/16/sports/baseball/lindy-mcdaniel-dead-coronavirus.amp.html Sent from my iPhone using Freedom Card Board
  2. deaconblues63

    Hall of Famer Joe Morgan dies

  3. deaconblues63

    Lou Brock dies

    We lost another all time great as St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Famer has died at the age of 81. https://www.stltoday.com/sports/baseball/professional/cardinals-legend-lou-brock-dies-sunday-afternoon-at-81/article_1fb0067d-7526-5d8c-b92d-4896a9b91e6b.amp.html Sent from my iPhone using Freedom...
  4. deaconblues63

    80's Music

    A strong case can be made that it is my favorite song. Written by Henley, Tom Campbell, who played with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and the great JD Souther. I created a forum for the 60's and the 80's, but I don't anticipate starting any more, because all my favorite music is from those 3...
  5. deaconblues63

    60's music

    I'm going to start this so I can post some Beatles and Beach Boys and all the other great music of the 1960s.
  6. deaconblues63

    RIP Bob Watson

    First Jimmy Wynn and now Bob Watson. Tough few weeks for the Astros of my youth. I remember when he scored baseball’s one millionth run. https://sports.yahoo.com/amphtml/former-mlb-star-gm-executive-bob-watson-dead-051307291--mlb.html Sent from my iPhone using Freedom Card Board
  7. deaconblues63

    Trouble with the App

    I can get the app to load and the forums to show, but the threads aren't loading in the forums. Is anyone else having trouble with the app on their phone? I realize it could be a problem with the new software, or a problem with the app unrelated to the new software or it could be a problem...
  8. deaconblues63

    Nice addition to my Texas Rangers collection

    I hated the Players Weekend uniforms and I had very low expectations for what the game used card from my Topps Now Players’ Weekend set would look like, but I was very pleasantly surprised. Sent from my iPhone using Freedom Card Board
  9. deaconblues63

    My first experience with grading

    Back in 2009, I won a contest where my prize was a pack of 2009 Bowman Sterling, which was a great prize. I got a Tommy Mendonca autographed card, which I liked since he was a high draft pick by the Rangers that year and a Norichika Aoki refractor relic from the WBC. I also got a Mike Trout...
  10. deaconblues63

    Autographed Cal Ripken Jr. book and some others:

    Barnes and Noble is pre-selling autographed copies of Cal Ripken Jr's latest book Just Show Up: And Other Enduring Values from Baseball's Iron Man: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/books/1129913115?ean=9780062962386#/
  11. deaconblues63

    A new record for me

    I used to do TTM autographs a great deal, but very rarely anymore, so I was a bit surprised to find a SASE in the mail today. It contained Dan Ford on a 1980 Topps card. Mailed it out on March 19, 2001 and received it back January 26, 2019. Just short of 18 years. That’s my new record...
  12. deaconblues63

    Free Hunter Greene autographed Topps card

    Send a (3) pack of reading glasses (any prescription) before Christmas and receive a signed Hunter Greene Topps card. Send a self addressed stamped envelope with your pack of 3 glasses to: “WeSeeYou" 1812 W. Burbank Blvd, #A Burbank, CA. 91506...
  13. deaconblues63

    2017 Topps Now Road to Opening Day Team sets

    These were crazy expensive, which kept the print runs extremely low for some teams. This could make things expensive for team and player collectors. Topps Now team set print runs: 27 Padres 46 Blue Jays 30 Rays 174 Giants 110 Pirates 41 A's 306 Yankees 334 Mets 39 Twins 32 Brewers 54...
  14. deaconblues63

    Autograph identification

    I can't remember whose autograph this is. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Sent from my iPhone using Freedom Card Board
  15. deaconblues63

    Topps Now lawsuit

    Topps is being sued over an incident involving card 264, Josh Harrison. http://www.courthousenews.com/2016/08/31/baseball-card-fan-throws-a-beanball-at-topps.htm Editorial by FCB Staff follows: In probably the most hilarious lawsuit I have seen regarding sports cards. Paul Lesko of...
  16. deaconblues63

    Interesting HOF Baseball autograph

    A 1990 HOF sticker signed by Casey Stengel. You don't see that every day. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Casey-Stengel-signed-autograph-1990-HOF-Sticker-Yankees-Dodgers-Mets-Giants-Phil-/282072854201?hash=item41acda2eb9:g:reUAAOSwbYZXftl4 This guy just has horrible stuff.
  17. deaconblues63

    Former Angels No. 1 pick Ryan Bolden killed

    http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/mlb-big-league-stew/former-angels-no--1-pick-ryan-bolden-killed-in-fight-over-candy-215156197.html It's sad to see that happen to someone so young.
  18. deaconblues63

    Cespedes to Tigers?

    CJ Nitkowski just tweeted that Cespedes is being traded to the Tigers for Rick Porcello.
  19. deaconblues63

    Topps Triple Threads Redemption Mail Day

    It has been a long wait, but worth it. I can't tell you how much I have been scared of receiving the dreaded "we are unable to fulfill this redemption" letter and receiving an Ike Davis replacement autograph card as compensation. This is now one of my most favorite Ranger cards that I own.
  20. deaconblues63

    Charlie Manuel fired

    Phillies Announce Charlie Manuel Is No Longer Manager « CBS Philly Jimy Williams to be named interim manager.

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