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  1. deadman31

    FS: Various Topps Project 2020

    Selling some Topps Project 2020. I just don’t have time any more. These are #73, 81, 92, 116, 128( all Don C. except McGwire is Jamieson) $75 shipped or please make an offer. Thx
  2. deadman31

    FS: Vlad Jr. collection

    I’m sellling what I have for Vlad for funds. About 19 cards $75 plus shipping
  3. deadman31

    1990 Topps Frank Thomas

    Can someone tell me what is going on with these two cards? Is it some sort of print/coloring error?
  4. deadman31

    WTB or trade Ken Griffey Jr.

    If anyone has an 1994 UD Up Close and Personal gold sig on gold, I am interested. Please contact me and thanks.
  5. deadman31

    Player collections: Is there a player you wish you had collected?

    I started off in the mid 1980's collecting Orel Hershisher back when I was a huge Dodgers fan. Then I moved on to Ken Griffey Jr. which I have been collecting ever since. Is there one player you wish you had started collecting? Mine is probably Nolan Ryan. I love all of his late 80's early 90's...

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