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    Walter Payton auto on football

    A guy in my neighborhood found out I have some sports collectible knowledge and asked me about the auto he has. He acquired it at a work conference where Walter Payton was speaking and apparently gave away a couple autographed balls. He was lucky enough to get one. I think he wanted my opinion...
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    Anyone have card blanks for sketches?

    With the shutdown, I have a bit of time on my hands so I've been doing a few sketches, but I don't want to run out of cards. I'm not looking for ones with security tabs on them. If this needs to be moved to the trade section, I'm sorry.
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    My coolest family sports story

    Ok, not baseball, but I hope this is ok to put here as this is the forum I frequent the most. My dad has forever told me of the time he met Muhammed Ali on a plane ride and got his autograph. He recognized him at the end of the flight, just after deplaning. He got up the courage to approach...
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    Can you embed pictures into google drive to organize a collection?

    My collection spreadsheet is here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18cOChLXRVPtei9kCevvikRVmMjZ81vB2g4ZT6D0X6c0/edit?usp=sharing I'd like to add pictures of the cards, but I'm not sure if it's possible or what would be the best service to do it... photobucket, imgur, other? If I can't...
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    Remember when...

    Sketch cards were all the rage and selling for big bucks. Then they came out with 'You Sketch It' and I was dumb enough to make a whole set and send it in to Topps. I wish I knew where these were, but sadly I'll bet they're long since trashed. Sent from my SM-N960U using Freedom Card Board...
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    Long awaited nostalgic pick up, Daryl Strawberry

    I've had '1988 Donruss Strawberry auto' on my Ebay saved searches for years. I'd hoped to find some PSA DNA slabbed card or maybe just an authenticated one that looked good, but nothing ever comes up. Finally the card I've linked pops up and I grabbed it. Sure, it's Leaf, but close enough...
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    Ichiro auto opinions

    So I bought this on card auto from someone on FCB, can't remember who or for how much. They said it was signed in person at the ballpark if my memory serves me. Anyway, was thinking of having it authenticated and encapsulated, but am worried that it won't pass. Is it worth submitting? Should...
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    Baseball card uno

    Saw this on vintage boards and thought it could be interesting here where cards could go from very old to very new. Just post a card from the same set(including parallel) or same player. One pic per post to not get confusing. I'm curious to see where it could go. Starting with this Appling...
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    Can nothing be done about eBay sellers like chupacabrasupreme?

    The dude is clearly selling fake aged reprints with the same lame description about looking old but not sure. People who don't know better are buying them thinking they're getting a deal, but getting taken. Ugh. I hate guys like that. No way he doesn't know what he's doing. Sent from my...
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    eBay app coupon, $15 off $75 purchase, today until 6 pm PST

    don't know if anyone has posted about this yet, but I saw the notification on my app and used this coupon code to get a signed Ripken PSA rookie. You must use the app for the coupon I believe. coupon code is : PSHOPAPP
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    Possibly my best retail break ever - Bowman Platinum blaster + 2 rack packs

    I never have luck, but this seemed good. Pulling an auto /10, an orange /25, and the purple /250 Bellinger seems pretty good to me. No Judge though. Honestly, I have no idea who most of the other players are. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Freedom Card Board mobile app
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    Cowboys signed football

    Might have a chance to bid on a signed football with the current Cowboys roster at a charity auction. I've been assured it's authentic. First I need to verify it's got the biggest name players, Romo, Dez, Whitten, Zeke, Dak, etc. What do you think of what can be seen? This is the only...
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    Thoughts on a potential Mantle autograph?

    Recently got this from a step grandfather in-law who was getting rid of things. Someone mentioned I liked sports stuff and it was passed along to me. That being said, I wasn't told it was an authentic autograph. I assumed it was probably just a facsimile on a print at best. When I finally...
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    Cards I wanted as a kid but only got as an adult

    Went through a card collecting hiatus for a while due to a job/disposable income change. Recently started dabbling again. For some reason I've gravitated towards some nostalgia cards. I always wanted to pull one of these elites as a kid. I dreamed of it. I don't think I ever even saw...
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    FS/FT Ohio State rc auto lot FS/FT

    I apologize for the upside down photo, it's rotated in my photobucket but is showing up wrong here and I have no idea how to fix it. Here's the list: 2009 Upper Deck Draft Marcus Freeman AUTO, 63 2008 SPX Vernon Gholston AUTO, /399, 225 2010 Rookies and Stars Thaddeus Gibson, /100, 242 2007...
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    Cobb Stealing

    The sketch card craze, while still around, is not what it used to be. As such, I haven't done as many of these recently. I did this one quickly a few weeks back and never posted it. One of my favorite baseball pictures ever.
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    IP Autos today on sketch cards

    I know this isn't baseball, but this is where I spend most of my time and where most people I know hang out, so hopefully it's ok to share this here. I apologize if it's not ok. Anywho, I went to the Arnold Sports Festival here in Columbus, OH today. I have a buddy who works for Abbott...
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    Thon Maker - 7'1" HS sophomore that plays like Durant

    ... not my NBA comparison. I saw something on this kid this week on a Yahoo I believe, but I honestly couldn't believe what I saw. Granted, he was playing against HS kids but this dude seems destined for greatness, assuming he matures into that skinny frame. Check out the YouTube vids. You...
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    How to organize, catalog, and share your collection

    There are many ways to do this, but here's one that I've found useful. 1) Get a google account. This is the same thing as a gmail account which can be used for all sorts of fun things. It's very easy to set up with your own password. 2) Go to drive.google.com. In the upper left hand...
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    FS/FT Tip of the Iceberg FT (90s inserts/numbered - current rcs)

    Just starting to catalog what I've been pulling out of a massive collection I bought a few years ago. I plan to keep updating what's available as I can, but this is just the very beginning. Really looking for autographs on my want list and OSU autos on my want list and vintage stuff. Not...

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