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  1. jszczech

    FS Progressive: Minnesota Twins Lot New Cards Added 3/27/18

    I'll do my best to add to this daily. Starting it at $75 with this card. 2008 Upper Deck A Piece of History Justin Morneau Button Card #'d 2/5 New card added 3/26/18 2004 Legendary Cuts Kirby Puckett Bat New cards added 3/27/18 2009 SPX Winning Materials Triple Jersey 2005 Trilogy Joe...
  2. jszczech

    Bargin Box Bonanza!! 25 cent, 50 cent and Dollar boxes. Plus HOF GU, other autos/GU

    Shipping is a flat $3. PayPal payments please. Please make any claims in thread. Quarter Box 1 2015 Prizm Refractor Yasiel Puig 2 2015 Prizm Refractor Ryne Sandberg 3 2015 Prizm Refractor Matt Szczur 4 2015 Prizm Refractor Javier Baez 5 2015 Prizm Refractor...
  3. jszczech


    Does anyone collect old wrestling magazines? I have a bunch from when I was a kid if anyone is looking good for any. I will have to get them from my parents house but I'm heading that way this weekend so I'll have specifics then. I know there is a bunch of PWI, WoW, WWF, and probably a few...
  4. jszczech

    Kirby Puckett Collectors Thread

    There are a few active Kirby Puckett collectors on the board now so its time we have our own thread. Post all things Puckett related. I will try to post random things from my collection and new pickups at least weekly to keep the thread going. I'll start out by posting of a couple of cards I...
  5. jszczech

    2017 Topps Rediscover Buybacks Thread

    Any player collectors adding these? I have a few more incoming but this is the first one I have in so far. I'll add more as the come in. Feel free to post up some pick-ups. 1990 Topps All-Star Gold Buyback
  6. jszczech

    Player Collectors: 1988 T&M Sports oddball

    I recently picked this 1988 T&M Sports Kirby Puckett card up. I had never seen it before but I have seen it on a few checklists. Is it just another unlicensed "Broder Type" card?
  7. jszczech

    Uncut Sheets

    I am thinking about buying some uncut sheets with the idea of getting them cut up. Has anyone ever done this and what type of place would I need to go to to get them cut properly? thanks
  8. jszczech

    FS 2015 Panini Prizm Autos Degrom, Pederson, Judge etc

    Trying to move a few of my 2015 Panini Prizm autos. I have a bunch more besides this so if you are looking for autos or colored parallels of anybody let me know. Prices are OBO. Please add $2.50 for shipping if below $40. Jacob Degrom Blue Prizm $25 #74 /75 Joc Pederson Base Prizm $15 Luis...
  9. jszczech

    WTB 2015 panini prizm Kirby Puckett cards

    I have a few so far but still need a lot of them. Let me know if you have anything from this set or anything else of Kirby Puckett. Current Needs(as of 6/5/15): Blue Baseball Prizm Red Baseball Prizm Red, White, Blue Mojo Prizm Red Power Prizm/125 Purple Flash Prizm/99 Blue Prizms/75 Gold...
  10. jszczech

    2015 Donruss Retail

    Does anyone know if 2015 Donruss will be release in retail form? Either blaster boxes or packs?
  11. jszczech

    WTB Any Kirby Puckett 2015 Donruss cards

    Just saw that Puckett was in 2015 Donruss. If anyone opens any of it and would be interested in any Puckett cards. \ Have: Base card Donruss Preferred Bronze Donruss Preferred Cut to the Chase Gold/25 All time Diamond kings Base Incoming: Career Stat Line/360
  12. jszczech

    1996 Fleer Tiffany Gold variation

    I am sure that this is just a simple printing error but does anyone know much about them. Anyone have there guy? Here is the link to the one I picked up of Puckett...
  13. jszczech

    Player Collectors: Topps Dou-Tang Sport Shots Folders

    I have been picking up school folders for my Kirby Puckett collection and so far I have found a lot of versions. I have seen the Dou-Tang folders for 1988(Have),1989(Have) and 1990(Need) Topps and the 1991 All-Star folder(White Border)(Need) but I also but add sheets and I found this one for...
  14. jszczech

    WTTF Kirby Puckett cards/oddballs/magazines etc.

    Looking for any Kirby Puckett stuff I don't have. If you have anything shoot me a pm or post it here and I will get back to you. I am also willing to buy. Josh Here is a small wantlist of cards people may have. 1996 Donruss Checklist Press Proof 1990 Topps Gallery of Champions...
  15. jszczech

    WTB 2004 Leaf Baseball boxes and exhibits

    I am looking to pick up some un-opened boxes of 2004 Leaf baseball first and second edition. I am also looking for any Kirby Puckett exhibits cards and I have tons of other exhibits to trade or sell if anyone is looking for particular players.
  16. jszczech

    Any Pool Players on FCB

    I love to play pool. I play league two nights a week over the winter in MN and one night a week in the summer. I also play at least one tourney a month too. Anybody else play pool either just for fun or play in a league?
  17. jszczech

    My Kirby Puckett PC

    I was bored so I decided to scan some items from my Kirby Puckett pc. I have always like the 2005 Upper Deck Hall of Fame set so I usually target them when they pop up. Sorry for the scans not all being the same. I not the best when it comes to scanning so I usually just do everything the...
  18. jszczech

    Latest Kirby Puckett promo pick up

    I was finally able to pick up the green verison to go along with the purple that I already have. Here is a pick of the newest card to go along with the other one.
  19. jszczech

    Sale between jszczech and BiggioBrooks755

    BiggioBrooks recieves: 1994 Upper Deck Jumbo All-Star Gold Bagwell/Biggio Jszczech recieves: $10 paypal
  20. jszczech

    New Kirby Puckett additions: Promos and proofs

    I had a really nice mailday today with a couple of very hard to find promo's coming in to my collection. The first new additions are 3 1994 printing proofs/errors. They are Black/White, Blue, and Blue/Red versions. I don't really know much about them other than I thought they were cool and...

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